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Aug 02

Posts: 5980

tazzer says:

Would you stop of you ran over a dog

I know you would if you were on a bike as you'd probably be on the road too :tongue:

Some twat ran over my parents collie dog and didn't even have the decency to inform anyone, just left it there for dead. Our neighbour found it a while later dead :upset:

Arseholes :mad:

Parents were wondering where it was as it hadn't home for lunch or tea, their other other dog keeps looking for her.

The one on the left is no more.

Humans eh !

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  • Posted 5 years ago (26 November 2009 16:34)

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Aug 09

Posts: 214

zx12rbadass says:


of my favourite past times is rabbit shooting,but i dont leave them wer i shoot them i pick up the carcass and use it to trap foxes you see its all about recycling these days:biggrin:

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Apr 08

Posts: 3042

AdieR says:

sorry to hear it mate

Any CCTV cameras in the locality that may have recorded it? possible that someone's seen a vehicle that's been recently damaged?

One case here recently, a 17 year old admitted to running over sleeping ducks "for a laugh", originally was sentenced to 4 months in a YOI, later reduced to a community sentence ordered to work with animals.

There are some sick barstewards out there.


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Jul 09

Posts: 445

kayaksteph says:


have never hit anything other than a rabbit and a bird. But if i did hit an animal i would call a vet. I just could not bring myself to drive away.

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Apr 08

Posts: 1036

geoffart says:


I would for a dog, because I would imagine the owner was nearby and easy to find; but for a cat, I wouldnt know where to find the owner... but yes I'd stop to see if it was still moving, and if it was, I'd call the RSPCA - sure. Also check to see if it had any tags on it.

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Apr 09

Posts: 676

suzukisaluki says:


sure if you have to stop legally but even i the police did show they wouldnt do owt. local to us some kids sprayed aerosol into two calves eyes causing them to rupture. sick as fuck, they got an asbo a 60 quid fine.  and then there is that family that left all those horses some 40 odd if i rememeber. just locked um up to die. many did some got rescued but they have him a 3 year sentence and a ban on animals for 5 years. he served 3 and a half days.

lucky i have no power because i would have sat and watched as i made him saw his own cock and balls off with a butter knife then made him watch while i put um thru the blender.:mad:.


and breath.....offme soap box now-sorry bout that!

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Feb 04

Posts: 194


i belive the law is you have to report an accident with a dog but from personal experiance i would stop had a bird hit my helmet i even stopped for that  plus have a sigh of relief  that it could have been worse

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Jun 08

Posts: 573

BIKER6F says:

As a dog lover

may i offer my deepest sympathies for their loss......If you hit a dog you must stop  and  phone the police, also offer any and all assistance... If however you run over a cat then you don't have to stop as they are considered feral, as they are free roaming animals.:upset:

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Aug 02

Posts: 5980

tazzer says:

thanks all

for your kindly words :smile

Still a bit sad about it as she won't be there to greet me when I go up to visit next month.

I guess my parents will have to do :lol:

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Jun 08

Posts: 459

Father_Jack says:


feckin twats.. pisses me off these sort of people.. sorry to hear your news..

one question for everyone else though, if you ran someone over and discovered it was Gizza, what would you do?

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Mar 09

Posts: 4548

smoto5 says:

Gizza? Sew his fingers

to his lips so he couldn't  type or tell anyone his opinion, and then call the ambulance. :smile

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