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MCN  says:

Norton Commando 961 SE review now online!

Read the world’s first and so far only riding review of Norton’s new Commando 961 SE on! Executive Editor Phil West was granted a world exclusive first ride of the British-built machine at Donington Park last month and  was hugely impressed with the all-new, limited edition, £16,000 machine. Read his full review here He said: “This test was never going to...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (04 December 2009 16:21)

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Nov 09

Posts: 22

johncrosby says:

Lovely weekend bike

If we had a better climate this would be a cool weekend bike for pottering around on. Would be a pleasure to ride and keep clean. Love it.

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Apr 08

Posts: 295

forklift says:


16 grand is alot of money, probably buy 2 good bikes for that but each to their own eH!

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Dec 08

Posts: 1291

boybilly1967 says:

Vintage technology!

They have certainly had their moneys worth out of the Norton engine in this bike, it's a re-engineered and larger capacity version of the 1970's Norton Commando engine which itself was a development of the 1940'd Norton Dominator engine designed by the late great Doug Hele.

Suprised that that has never been mentioned during all the storys that have been printed about this bike, and little has been mentioned about Kenny Dreer who had the original prototype designed...hmmm

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Aug 02

Posts: 2

Laverda says:

Norton Commando

Having seen the bike at the NEC it's certainly appears well engineered & Norton has to be applauded for that. However unless you've got pots of cash & bugger all else to spend it on I really struggle to see the logic in buying one. There are, in my opinion, more exotic bikes out there that cost a lot less & have a proven track record. Buying the Norton would be a big gamble.

It's great to see the name back on a production motorcycle though & I do wish them every success. It would great to see them produce something completely new that appeals to a wider audience & moves away from history regurgitated in a modern format!

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Nov 02

Posts: 1338

norris says:


Saw (and sat on) the Norton at the NEC, and it looks a well engineered bike..But price wise it should be around £8000 tops to be viable, but for me as a 6FT 2" guy it was too small..

Best of luck to them..

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May 08

Posts: 5

leebikes says:


seems only the rich can afford new bikes these days norton £16000 vfr £12000 whats going on second morgage for bikes these days.the few people that will buy these bikes will probably be the type of people that only ride them above 25c on a sunday,then sell it saying never seen rain (well dont they wash it).i ride a bike all year round in rain sleet -1c who cares but at these prices even i cant justife it.

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Agent Z


May 08

Posts: 41

Agent Z says:

Yes boybilly1967

You ever wonder why the British Bike industry went down the pan!! This kind of navel gazing. This is a 15 year old bike based on a 40 year old bike, with a few mods. Is that it, is that how forward looking the UK bike industry is. Is that all we have to talk about. Is there not a single entrepreneur in the UK with the balls or the vision to create a Norton for the 21st Century. Last year, Chinese bought 21 million e-bikes. Hello yes 21 MILLION. There is another eastern motorcycling revolution happening and no one in the UK appears to have noticed, let alone reports it or talk about it. Yeh sure most of these bikes are slow and dull, just as Honda C50's were, but they are getting faster and with longer ranges all the time. Is this just lazy journalism, report the easy stories, not the big news?! How many people will be saying in 5 years time, "who would have thought they would ever catch on!?" Come on Norton, Triumph, Alan Sugar! stop clinging to the past, look to the future, a future where Britain is a world leader not a historic relic. BTW It does look like a tasty bit of kit.

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Aug 02

Posts: 28

mattof says:

I want the Manx paintjob version

People are missing the point. Yes, if you ride to work and want the best performance/practicality/price ratio, then of course the Norton is not going to fit the bill. If you're like me, 47 and whose commuting days are over, then this is the perfect bike to ride at weekends and cherish. I've done my all-weather dues when I had a bike-only licence when younger, but I now have businesses and a family and my riding is now restricted to weekends and holidays. I started out on British bikes, and love the "machined from metal" feel of them. I love the way the Norton is just tubes, engine and the spaces in between, without plastic panels in every gap, and clips everywhere instead of bolts. My current Speed Triple is wasted on modern camera-ridden roads and I'm going to enjoy getting the most out of 80 horses by leaning the Commando on its ear and getting on the gas early. Yes there will be plenty of sitting in the garage with a cuppa, polishing and admiring it and yes, I'll be proud to be part of what will hopefully become a British manufacturing success story. The bike is aimed at people like me, and it's completely hit the mark.

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May 05

Posts: 144

cardiology says:

It's a beautiful bike. It'll be great fun to ride. The average rider will be in late 40's-50's and 60's. It'll mainly be ridden on Sundays. It's pricey.

Voila. That's your Norton. And this bike will help build a defunct British brand back to being a serious manufacturer again, a la Triumph. What's not to celebrate? It'll be wildly popular and I toast their success.

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Oct 07

Posts: 12

Norton 961commando

The  1949 Norton Model 7 Was Design By Burt Hopwood And  Jack E Moore  . Doug Hele Had thing to do with Norton At This Time  He Was Working at Douglas motorcycles under Freddie Dixon chef Designer For Douglas Motorcycles Bristol  He Was trained By Freddie Dixon  He Was a Genius  In the Engineering field he was the man who designed the four wheel drive and four wheel steering .he has holds many patients for engineering designs and one of them is Allen key screws . And The Disc Brake 1923 .the first man to get 200 Bhp out of a 1.5 Riley and that was in 1932 and the first man to have pit crews timed for wheel changes . He built a race body car out of oil drums And called it The red mongrel and it won many Brookland races and the Northwest200 back in the 1930s .And the Man to give all he knows about engineering and frame design   to Rex McCandles  The Featherbed frame builder .  And the reson that the Norton Twin Design has Been Redesigned about 4 time now , its Because it a good looking engine and very powerful too .its won many races over the years its like the frame its fitted you just can kill it off .it just keeps coming back for more  .  your  Anna J Dixon   
Norton Owners Club :smile

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