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Jan 08

Posts: 1316

fastasfox says:

have you ever out run the cops?

Im not advocating what i did and i aint proud but years ago i had a gpz500s (it would only do 125mph) and i used to do a night shift in my local town, that finished at 2am and as there was no cars about i would nail it back down the A52 home.I did this for months but one night i had the throttle on the stops when i passed a car, it then turned round and came after me,o shit it was the fuzz. my first thought was to stop and take it on the chin but then i thought the fuzz would throw the book at me and as i had a head start i thought sod it make a run for home.I never speed through built up villages but that night i come full pelt into my village pulled up outside my house and rode it round the side and hid me and me bike behind a fence.I was shit scared.I heard the volvo slowly cruising into the village it was so quite that time in the morning except that is my bikes exhaust making i clink clink sound as it cooled down, honest i thought the fuzz would have clocked it as he had his window open as he drove past.I must of spent 30 mins behind that fence before i dare come out. Things you do in your youth!.
I cant be the only one that has got away, lets have ya tales but only if they are true like mine. If im honest i do feel like smokey and the bandit and a small part of me is glad....ride safe! :tongue:

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  • Posted 5 years ago (07 December 2009 21:51)

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Oct 06

Posts: 1536

BaldE35 says:

Out running the cops

Had a trike once brother was crap at runnig & loved to dress up so I regulary out run the the cop !

And he's still a raving shirt lifter now...   

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Apr 09

Posts: 676

suzukisaluki says:


your very naughty.:tongue:


i couldnt out run the cops if i tried, so i wouldnt bother!

my wee brother tried it on his 125cc when he was 16. didnt go well, the coppers just pure laughed in his face!

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Nov 09

Posts: 171

monobloc says:


pretty much same thing with me 20 odd years ago on a gpz1100 ran him in a ford capri 2.8 injection and hid in the middle of some privets could see the plod looking at the bike tink ,tink ,tinking but it was in the days of the old county police he was out of manchester and at the time was living in lancashire he was out of his area ,and the little village i lived in only had a bobby on a push iron ,by the time he arrived id slipped in the house and answered the door looking convincingly like id just got out of my bed ,it wouldnt happen nowadays though ,they are all linked now so best idea is to stop and try to charm the miserable gits with some proper arse licking /boot shining bullshit.

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Apr 06

Posts: 2673

parapanfan says:

Did it on foot once.

Well, didn't actually outrun them but successfully evaded capture with thanks to the heavy fog and a better local knowledge.

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Dec 02

Posts: 417

Mickly says:

Did it once as a kid

Got a head start on my x7 (indicated 110mph, probably actually 80mph in a 40 limit), I turned down a side road, killed my lights, nipped up a drive and behind my mates house, killed engine & sanctuary:smile

Only to find out thay had excavated footings for an extension, I didn't notice until the last minute (no lights you see)..........I fell in with hot bike on top of me.:shock:

Lay there for a while waiting for the cops to go, next thing I saw was my mates Dad peering down to me pissing himself laughing telling me that the cops had buggered off & was I going to stay down there all night, he helped me and the bike out (no damage as the ground was soft just very muddy), however he thought it was so funny he told every f*cker on the estate including my Dad.:upset:

Still you live and learn hey?


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Aug 02

Posts: 2746

spondonste says:

A fairy tale

Once upon a time there was a motorcyclist that used to do club racing. He was using an RG500 with cut slicks, race ignition/ exhausts and due to limited funds occasionally rode the bike to the track and back.

 One day when returning from a local track a police vehicle was observed at the side of the road. The rider felt that their speed must easily be within the limit but on inspection realised the speed was something over 90mph on a national speed limit and cut slicks and race exhaust on their stead wouldn't endear them with the police. Quick analysis suggested that a roadside 'safety' inspection might not be a good idea (thoughts of vehcile confiscation were rife) so the rider dropped a couple of cogs and floored it. Two strokes are known to have a narrow power band and dropping down 2 cogs and flooring it put the bike right in to its meaty bit of the rev range. The front lifted unexplectedly as the bike went sailing past the plod car at a rapidly increasing rate of knots with the rider hanging on with limited control. The front came down prior to the oncoming right hander and the rider kept it pinned for around 5 miles then pulled in to a wooded area on the side of the road expecting blues and two to appear very soon. Nothing happened and obviously plod just thought 'not a chance of catching them' as the bike went wheeliing past. 

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Apr 09

Posts: 11

RKILLY67 says:


wouldnt normally speed but about half a year ago, after i had just broke my bike in decided to give it a top speed run down a long straight near where i live just to see what it could do, an indicated 123mph was clocked up when 2 kind policemen hiding in the ditch jumped out with his speed gun. to say a shit myself was an understatement as they would have thrown the book at me as my bike is supposed to be restricted so foolishly kept going till i made home via a few back roads. i was probably a couple a miles away before they had even managed to get into their car. About 10mins after i had got home cowering in the garage i could the siren coming down my road and i thought that this was it only to watch the same unmarked police car chasing a clapped out astra, which promptly managed to lose the police as well around the back roads. But lesson learnt without any costly fines

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Dec 07

Posts: 1112

goldenboyfz1 says:

Just the once

I was on my GSXR 1000. It was a sunny sunday morning. I was out for a ride on my own when I came across 6 or so other riders. I had time to kill so I latched onto the back of them. Before I knew it, things got a bit fruity !!.... We were on twisting A roads near us. I was at the back as we approached a roundabout.

A police Volvo T5 was parked just off the roundabout. He must have heard us coming a mile away. By the time we hit the roundabout, he had his blue lights on and was trying to pull onto the roundabout. We all split at the roundabout and took various exits.

It was my bloody luck that he came after me and another bloke who was on an R1. I looked down at one point and saw I was doing 174 mph !.

I absolutely crapped myself......It was terrifying. I managed to get away and doubled back home, where having removed my helmet I promptly threw up !.

I didnt ride for a couple of weeks....I eventually traded the GSXR in as a result.

I would never advise anyone to leg it. The chances of coming off are very high. a splkit decision I made on the bike could have cost me my licence, job and not to mention my life !!.....:upset:

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Jul 08

Posts: 452

carbonni says:

I did it in a car...then got caught later on

I bought my 1st car when I was 17, a mighty MG Metro:lol: (I was 17).
After 2 weeks of messing about with it on the drive, my parents went away for the weekend so I took it for a late night raz to see what it was like and passed a volvo T5 about 200 yards from the house! I saw them put the blues on and turn around so I floored this little 1.3 and hammered it up the road, swung a left and lost control:shock:. Luckily, the car ended up facing an empty driveway (I shit you not) so I pulled on and switched everything off, 5 seconds later, the police went blaring past.

I left the car on the drive for about 2 hours and went to a mates house to calm down. I thought all was clear so went back to the car and started to limp it home 1/2 mile away when a copper stepped out right in front of me from nowhere waving his torch to pull in - he was so close, he could see my face and the reg so I pulled in. To be fair he was sound and laughed when I told him how I got away from them in a shitty MG but said I'd be facing a whole list of offences and would definitely be banned before having a chance to get my licence. As you can imaging, this was very bad news to a 17 year old petrol head.

Ending to the story - got let off with a warning after they came round to tell my old man all about my little adventure!!!

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Nov 04

Posts: 3836

750FLYER says:

Good story Fastas..

Had the same a few years ago but in London, managed to know a few twists and turns before I got home including running a red light and reckoned i'd lost 'em, but threw the bike in the front garden behind the wall and threw the tarpaulin bike cover over me and the bike and hid for about 7 or 8 mins.. was bloody hot under there.

They never came thru my street so must've lost me... ha ha... You do poop it for a while after waiting for em to come find ya eh?

But what a buzz!!!!!!!   :biggrin::biggrin:

Tried it again about 3 years ago on the A1.. They chased longer than I thought they would and got me.. I'd done 140 at one stage.. It was dark and all I could see was blue lights in the mirrors but I got away thru traffic, cracked on for a few more miles then stupidly I gave up...


Don't give up... the cops don't!!!   :tongue:

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