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Michael Guy  says:

Mat Mladin linked to WSB ride with BMW

Seven times AMA Superbike champion Mat Mladin could be poised for a sensational switch to WSB in 2010. The 37 year old Australian who retired at the end of the 2009 season has been linked with a second BMW Superbike team to race in World Superbike. Speculation started earlier this week when Mladin tweeted the following message: “A couple of world superbike offers...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (11 December 2009 14:55)

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Sep 09

Posts: 9

Oldengrey says:


Matt has taken a lot of stick over the last few years. Accused of just filling his wallet and not wanting to compete at world level. I hope he does decide to race in WSB and show us of what he is capable of. After all, only 2 guys that I know of have beaten him to the AMA title. Both went on to become world champions but its often said that the talent pool is not very deep over there.

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Jason Hall


Aug 02

Posts: 129

Jason Hall says:

Dave Mladin

Brilliant! I hope he comes over.

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Oct 06

Posts: 580

Eddy998 says:


Sounds good!! The more quality riders the better! With Mladin´s record in AMA he should be up somewhere near the front I would imagine. It all depends how well sorted out the Beemer is now and what they can do to improve it for next year! Going to be some great racing in WSK next year. Can't wait!! 

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Jan 09

Posts: 960

RawDawg says:

I can't see it

he MAYBE testing it (which I'm in doubt) but he won't racing with it.

According to "When Reitwagen (Alfred's team) announced that their team would campaign BMW machinery, team management was careful to explain that the equipment that they would utilize would not be "factory" in spec and rather a stock based motorcycle with support from BMW."

Unless something has changed and they will be running a factory bike there is no way in hell Mladin will be racing anything less - ESPECIALLY if it's not a Suzuki.

A more logical reason for Matt to try WSBK is if Yosh lets him use he former crew with their effort this year. Anything short of that and I'm not believing it until I see him on the track during a race weekend.

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Dec 08

Posts: 1284

boybilly1967 says:

He should have moved years ago, I know the money in AMA is good because Hodgeson keeps wittering on about it, but Mladin cant do any more in AMA and the quality of competition there is not that high.

If he is given the chance he should go to WSB and we can see how good he really is.

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Mar 09

Posts: 4965

Nostrodamus says:

Chances are remote in the extreme

Mladin has always voiced his dislike for travel and even more so now he has a young family. This line of course could merely be a smoke screen for wanting to stay as the big fish in the small pond making a pig of himself  feeding on the greenbacks. I should well imagine that Mat has had top draw WSBK offers each and every one of the last 10 years - so why would he choose a second string Beemer beyond an even larger sackful of Euro's - it's a hiding to nothing from a career perspective at age - 37? Yeah O.K there's the whole Spies factor now, but if he was going to go, surely he would've done it by now? Wouldn't it be great though! Mladin is capital C class.

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Jul 09

Posts: 123

X1Glider says:

Would be nice to see, but...

The only reason Mladin was so successful with Yosh-Suzuki was because he was allowed to develop that bike little by little over the years to suit him, rather than the factory messing with it and saying "here, try this."  He had a great and seriously supportive team doing exactly what he needed.  If he doesn't think the machine will make him competitive and put him up front, he won't do it.  He has his reputation to consider.  Why piss in the wind?

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Jul 08

Posts: 965


Oh no, hard man Matt Tweeting??? How sad, must need to see if anyone is still interested in him now he has "retired". Given the fact that quite a few folks on this forum suffer from obsessive national prejudices and love to bash one another I need some of you guys to help me out here. Nostrodamus could also steer me in the right direction unless you decide to drop an anvil on my head as you appear to be a big fan of the Matt Man.

 One thing that annoys me about this article is they always call Mladin an Australian? Surely apart from the accent he is as converted to the stars and stripes as can be! He has lived there most of his adult life, married American, kids raised as Americans, only ever races in America, has a beautiful big estate in America, a big business in America, and an even more beautiful bank account ........ in America!

I am sure he has a couple of holiday residences in Oz as well as a few other places but he really is a yank and has been for ages.

As for WSB, I don't believe it stands a chance of happening. I think his tweet was just to prop up his promenance within top level diesel racing. Since he was capable of running with Spies and Ben flew over and did an outstanding job this season Matt wants to show (even though its too late) or say "Oh yeah well I could have done that". I love Mladin for his ability to be the great intimidator, but really on the world stage would just point and laugh at him and "all" his titles then put him on his arse if he started flexing.

Ok Nostro........ bombs away!!! LOL  :o)

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Jul 08

Posts: 965

Quick Hands

You should have been a boxer Nostro! I was writing my pitch (or bitch)  after boybilly and before yours came up. Damn? Once again I love the flow of your analysis and opinion, but what do you mean by capital C class?

Sounds like I may be spared the Anvil>>>??? I am still looking up!

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:

Maybe, but I doubt it ...

Sometimes you read a headline and think, " Bloody great ! " - and then reflect a little more on it and end up thinking, " Nah ! "... Matt Mladin remains an enigma to Brit bike racing fans and some even feel ( very mistakenly ) that he's overrated. A shame, because making several fortunes in AMA has largely kept him out of the World limelight. They don't know him or appreciate his accomplishments. For instance, his aircraft crash pulverised his foot and leg and he had to overcome and then " ride around " this very severe injury in a similar manner to Doohan. Mladin is a fabulous racer and a dyed-in-the-wool, certified hard bastard. Younger readers are mostly unaware that he went straight from running away with the Australian Superbike Title in 1992, into Grand Prix with the Cagiva GP team and such luminaries as Lawson, Kocinski and Chandler. He performed well but his cocky youth and inexperience conspired to send him back to Superbikes, before he found his feet in the USA. At his present age and being rich beyond most imaginings, I really don't believe he will return to full-on racing. He probably only retired after he got the shits with the morons and imbeciles that were running AMA Superbike. His courage and stature has meant that much-needed changes have been made in the Series - but it wouldn't have happened if he hadn't made a stand and refused to ride at circuits where rider safety was a major issue. His peers have enormous respect for both his talent and strength of character. Its a nice thought to have Mladin show what he can do on a bike that's almost there now in WSBK - but I wouldn't bet my house on it. May I commend to you this story for an insight into Mladin's background and personality? This is an oldie but a goodie ...

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