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Steve Farrell  says:

“Motorcyclists are uncongenial”

A website moderator for a national cycling body has exposed the irrational depths of anti-motorcycle bigotry in the group with an unintentionally comical rant. In a searingly smug denouncement of all traffic except for cycles, the moderator for CTC brands us irrelevant to the future of transport. Using the name Simon L6, he goes on to say we are uncongenial and...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (08 February 2010 17:20)

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Feb 09

Posts: 68

nedd says:

Yer couldn`t make em up!

Most bikers I have met are like Snow White is to Attila the Hun compared to the careless cyclists I have bumped into (not literally yet cross fingers but they keep trying !) and I am not a regular biker plus am puny and a bit too "posh" but all of the often apparently "rough round the edges" bikers as well as the biking families I have met have been charming.  I`d like to see a bunch of cyclists overnight at Donington Park with plenty of booze for sale and also see the Police wandering around with nothing to do !  And same with Sat, morning a large proportion of bikers seemed well tanked up and still acting very decently. Maybe I was just lucky that year but never having been before it gave me a lot of respect for bikers which continues.

Whereas most times I go out I see evidence of cyclists being uncongenial.  Like other night one without lights and navy everythings kept me behind him in my car all the way up a half mile hill whereas had I been cycling, as I have I would have moved to one side or dismounted for my safety as well as car. Just after managed to get past with a lot of calculation to keep us safe another cyclist comes the other way complete with full lights and dayglo jacket and I nearly waited for first to suggest why didn`t he get lights as well BUT last time I did that the guy threatened me so viciously and tried to chase me that even though I was in a car I detoured over 10 miles round to make sure I ddn`t happen across him again plus also as it was such a dark blustery rainswept night that was why I mentioned it in first place as couldn`t see him!  So I was also worried about coming across him without seeing him again !!      Still laughing at a cyclist calling a biker uncongenial it should be on stage !  Greetings to all bikers plus those decent cyclists like the one I saw well in advance in above anecdote. Nedd  

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May 04

Posts: 1

blanco says:

Basic principles !

All other legitimate 'vehicle' road users pay insurance and road tax - surely first principles regarding 'the right to use the road' should be: if you've got road tax and insurance cover you have the right to use the road. - Cyclists pay for neither so should forfeit any  right or say in this mattter. Cyclist's antics - jumping red lights, not having lights at night, drink riding, not bothering to use cycle lanes.... etc,  make them a highway hazard, that we 'the road taxed majority' have to reluctantly endure and pay insurance premiums to cover the costs incurred by insurance compensation payouts when such muppets get themselves in an accident.

I say to local & central government - If you want to cut traffic accident figures whilst generating a fair revenue, then tax the cyclist for usig the highway and ensure they have insurance cover, instead of wasting money on speed cameras and persecuting the legitimate road user.

I say to cyclists - pay up or shut up! If you want to pedal in safety and keep fit then join a spinning class down your local gym as there's little other reason to ride a push bike, other than it's relatively cost free (especially when the rest of us burden the cost of their accident risk) - Just get out the face of legitimate commuters you muppets!


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Jun 09

Posts: 10

carlthornton says:

Sad man

i feel so sorry for him ,The problem is Cyclists carnt get an erection,it has to do with a nerve between your tackel and arse,Riding a cycle with that small seat and no suspension will do this!! That's why they wear lycra ,they show off there Dicks But they Don't Work, So just ignore him ,He has nothing else to do.

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Sep 09

Posts: 20

vstrombandit says:

Man bites dog

I am a cyclist, biker and car driver. Sometimes I cycle to work, use the bike or keep warm in the car. Knowing that cyclists wind up other road users I obey traffic lights and try and behave like I should (it really gets me when cycylists don't obey the rules of the road). The other morning, was on the VTSTROM stopped at the red light. a cyclist, riding like the devil, came up the inside of the traffic and didn't stop at the light, causing a car to brake suddenly. I overtook this twit and pulled up at the next light and was in the correct position to turn left, with the left indicator flasing. Saw him coming up like a twit again, so went to "balance" myself when he was 2 cars behind, by putting my left foot down on the road. He then collided with my leg and cllatered on the road. As a concered person, I stopped to esnure he was ok, at which point he went into a screaming rage. Unfortunaley for him, I remained calm, and as he had failed to notice the traffic plod on his bike coming the other way, he made himself look a twat.

The plod came over and it was pretty obvious he had seen everything happen. He was cautioned by the plod about his behaviour. The cyclist, still in a rage, then called me a w***er, and pushed me out of the way. The traffic plod then got hold of this t**ser and warned him again about his behaviour. He then swore at the copper and was nicked for public order. I have also alleged common assualt and have happily completed my statement. The whole thing was also captured on CCTV. This idiot will now get a criminal record as he refused a fixed penalty notice and is off to the magristartes soon (Plod told me CPS agreed to push charges). Best part was that whilst this was all going on, his bicylce was still in the road. A lorry driver wathcing what was going on, ran over it.

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