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Steve Farrell  says:

Police to issue thousands more riders with hi-vis vests

Thousands of motorcyclists could be stopped by police for not wearing high-visibility clothing as more forces adopt the policy. Riders will be stopped and given lectures on “being seen” as well reflective vests to put on over their jackets or leathers.    Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire are the latest areas to join Sussex in issuing the kit. Nottinghamshire Police plans to hand...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (12 February 2010 11:43)

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Feb 10

Posts: 3

mhblade says:


What happened to my rights, the right to travel on my bike, were i feel, when i feel i want to, without being stopped to be told what to wear, and how i should be riding. Probably by someone who has not been riding bikes ever, or nowhere near the length of time i have. How am i expected to keep cool and not lose my temper when faced with this crap, i pay god knows how much tax just to be on the road in the first place, now on top of all the crap we face from Police anyway, we have to be stopped for nothing. Not anychance am i wearing anything they want me to wear, im 44 and old enough to make my own decisions on what i wear. Crap like this makes me want to go out in shorts n flip flops, just to say i can.

Time the police started concentrating on crime, rather than a constant anti motorcycle attack. Would car drivers put up with being stopped for a chat about what they wear whilst they drive, no they would'nt. All police out there, stuff off, leave us alone

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Aug 02

Posts: 120

Robell says:

Don't have a problem with them handing out freebies - I use a hi-viz in town anyway.

But if I want a safety lecture, I'll choose when, not be stopped at the roadside. 

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Aug 02

Posts: 45

sjtscott says:

proper kit lectures?

I'm wondering surely the police should also be advising those motorcyclists that opt out of wearing proper bike gear (again perfectly legal not to wear it) about the associated dangers, these are the people that should be educated first before I'll accept some plod telling me in my proper bike gear, gloves and boots that adding a hi viz jacket will make me any safer. Maybe they'll just tell matey in his paddock jacket jeans and trainers that if he wears his free hi viz he'll be much safer cos of the magic cloak of invincability it gives you. lol 

FFS it makes zero difference in london - there is so much hi viz being warn in central london it just gets ignored now I'm convinced.

Maybe if the Met want to join their co-forces and spend some time on road safety they could start with the cyclists ignoring the road traffic act first???

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Aug 09

Posts: 10

flipflop68 says:

What the hell

If a plank driving a car isn't going to see me riding with my headlights on, how is a high viz vest going to make a difference.  The only way a high viz vest is going to help is if it somehow prevents all mobile phones within 500m from working and prevents The Rep from doing his paperwork and arguing with his misses while at the wheel.

If i toe the line and wear hi viz clothing does that mean I can ignore the road traffic act at and go through red lights like cyclists do?

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Jul 09

Posts: 123

X1Glider says:

Fact or fiction?

There isn't a single published study on the safety benefits of hi-viz clothing.  The reason is because they found out it isn't true.  (Just like loud pipes don't save lives either)


In 22 years of biking, I've determined on my own that hi-viz is actually more dangerous.  Why?  Target fixation.  You go where you look.  Yes, you do stick out easier.  Drivers actually fixate on you because you're such a distraction.  Then they end up drawing closer to you and before they know it, they're right on top of you.  Tell me that's safer.  I dare you.


There's a difference between being noticeable and being hypnotizing to other motorists.  I'll stick to my black Rukka with relfective accents.

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Jul 04

Posts: 20

yamahayzr500 says:

Put the money towards fixing the potholes


If some copper stops me to but a crossing lady vest on I will tell them. Put the money towards fixing the potholes, that will save more lives.


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Jan 09

Posts: 76

Nephilius says:

Hi Vis

Listen to yourselves. None of you actually know what you're on about. Until such time as someone actually does a study to demonstrate whether a hi-vis jacket or tabard makes me safer or less safe, I'm going to reserve judgement. As far as I can tell there has been no conclusive data produced one way or the other. If any of you are aware of some, then I'd be delighted to look at the study. Until then for pity's sake stop coming out with nonsense like "target fixation". As if wearing a bib is going to somehow make someone drive at you. Target fixation is when you drive towards a hazard because you become fixated on it, not when you notice a biker momentarily. And as for wetting your collective knickers about getting stopped and given a tabard, try and realise that the police are doing it for your benefit, be it misguided or not. One in five road fatalities is a biker, despite the fact that we make up roughly one percent of road users, so you can't really blame them for trying to help. As for the insurance issue, to reduce payments the insurance companies would also have to demonstrate that hi-vis gear made you safer. If that turns out to be the case, then they'd have a point.

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Aug 09

Posts: 127

Szmolo says:

Waste of time

Just take a look at the photo above, do any of the Police in hi-vis stand out more than anyone else? Not in my opinion. All this will do is make bikers resent the Police who stop them. Right idea, but wrong way to go about it

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Aug 02

Posts: 120

jbond says:

Being stopped

I don't object to the message. I don't object to Police handing out hi-viz jackets. I do object to being stopped simply for that reason. By all means turn up at biker pubs or events with a stall, but please just leave me alone when I'm riding.

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Apr 04

Posts: 4

ajg029 says:

1.  If every rider. trucker, emergeny ser vice person  and countless motorists are all going to be wearing hi vis jackets then they will become less visible.

2.  the high vis jacket will only work if drivers are actually looking.  Due to blind spots and drivers failing to look you could be light up brighter than the sun and they would still not see you hi vis jacket or no high vis jacket.

The best solution is to educate drivers on the dangers of looking properly and educate bike riders so that they ride defensively.

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