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Steve Farrell  says:

Average-speed cameras installed on Cat and Fiddle from Tuesday

Bike-catching average-speed cameras are to be installed on the A537 Cat and Fiddle run from Macclesfield to Buxton from next week. The popular biking road will be one of the first in the country to get a new generation of average-speed cameras which are rear-facing so they can read motorcycle number plates. Work will begin installing seven of the devices...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (12 February 2010 17:07)

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Dec 05

Posts: 24

bob9t9 says:

The end is nigh

Kl 595 is right. once it has been proved a 'success' on the C and F - due to no one riding there anymore - and ignoring the probable rise in crashes on other roads in the area - where everyone is now riding - the scheme will be a success and it'll pan out nation wide.

 This is a speed obsessed country and the government is winning. Everywhere i go there are road users doing nothing but looking at their speedos and satnavs. The great fear of being caught speeding is leading to a rise in accidents where no one is looking for anything except signs, cameras and warnings.

I know people will say if you're not speeding it doesn't matter, but i know of people that have been caught out where the limit drops from 40 to 30 for a 100 yards or so where there is no difference to road conditions but happens to be a speed camera there. There is a dual carriage way near me that has a 50 limit (used to be 60) but on a long stretch with no junctions, turnings, pavements or buildings it drops to 40 over a 60 yard stretch. on this stretch is a hedgerow, and guess what's at the end of the hedgerow......

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yellow vtr


Aug 02

Posts: 14

yellow vtr says:

cameras and no police

cameras and no police tis will be good can't wait

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yellow vtr


Aug 02

Posts: 14

yellow vtr says:

cameras and no police

if I don't  cross the sensor on my bike will i be ok?

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Jun 07

Posts: 7

wknight says:

Go ride around a Track

There are a lot of us out there who have sport bikes and still ride then pretty legally. Why because we are responsible individuals who care about the consequences of our actions.

if you want to ride your sports bike at stupid speeds then go do it on a track not on a public road. No one is a perfect rider and when you have an accident its not just about you. What about the person that you kill or injure when you hit them. The emergency services who have to pick the pieces. the person whose hip replacement you just cancelled because they need the bed to patch you up.

Everything we do in life is potentially dangerous, but please think about others for once and not just you. There are plenty of track days where you can test the high performance of your bike, of course it costs money and if you don't want to pay for the fun, then don't own a sports bike. I agree the money could be much better spent but its obviously become too much of a problem now so you only have yourselves to blame.

I would like to thank the biker who only because of my skill did we avoid a collision when he got the bend all wrong due to speed and inexperience and ended up on my side of the road, If I had been driving my car and not my bike I wonder who would be here to tell the story.


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Aug 03

Posts: 12

feenix says:

go like hell and wait

just a thought but if those that want to exceed the ludicrous 50mph limit want to ride reasonably quickly then stop just before the camera, have a fag/coffee then gently potter through you should be ok! 50 bikes waiting to cross the camera, blocking the roads for the poor old box driver, might be a shame though eh!

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Aug 09

Posts: 11

speedfreak56 says:

fiddle is about right

Why is everything about speed and reducing it in this god awful country? Most of the speed limits on our roads are unchanged (except to be reduced) for 40 plus years, yet car and bike suspensions, steering and brakes are so much improved as to be almost unrecognisable! Surely better drivers/ riders is a better answer? the bike test is now a lot harder to pass (and yes i know there are idiots out there who take libities but they can be dealt with without penalising the rest of us) yet the standard of driving i see on a daily basis is definately getting poorer. Most car drivers dont seem to have any idea of proper lane discipline or be able to have any lights on without the lot being on - fog lights rear fogs etc etc. And dont even get me started on lane choice approaching roundabouts or junctions, using indicators etc. You need bloody ESP these days! Incidently all of the previous poor driving examples are offences, but try to get a poxy camera to identify and deal with rubbish driving! More cameras will mean less cops on the road. Cameras dont catch uninsured unlicenced idiots in dangerous cars either.

Oh and by the way, the A13 is apparently getting average speed cameras throughout. Apparently it's because drivers cheat and speed up between the old ones and then slow down! Fancy that! I wonder if its anything to do with the ludicrous 40mph limit on a pretty junction free 3 lane well lit road?

Still, the fines will pay for all those potholes to be filled in. Yeah, right!

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Jul 08

Posts: 190

zephyrdave says:


Perhaps it depends on how you see biking. If biking is your way of being macho, of getting your kicks and showing off to your mate about how fast you've been, if it's about weaving in and out of traffic and getting to the front of the que no matter what then perhaps you're no better than the twat audi drivers or the chavs in their corsas.

If bikings about the joy of being on a bike, about being the best rider you can be, about allowing for others to be shit and no letting it get to you, about using the rules of the road to your advantage without having to nail the thottle then the cameras on the cat and fiddle wont matter and you can enjoy it when all the adrenaline junkies have found another route to ruin.

I don't agree with the cameras, I think there are better alternatives but enough riders have been killed or caught using the road as a race track to make the authorities think they have no other option. I only hope those that can't get their kicks or feel like their a 'man' until they're into triple figures and getting their knee down find some other hobby before biking is ruined for ever.

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Feb 10

Posts: 2

Re: Muppets

Definition of a Muppet rider, for me is someone who rides too fast for his ability, or fails to take proper regard of the road he's riding on, whether that's because he knows there will be diesel, sheep shit, or quarry wagons in the middle of the road, or he's just oblivious to these and many other dangers.

I would like to be able to ride at 60mph throughout Derbyshire and perhaps a little quicker when no-one's looking and I feel safe to do so, (much like we used to be able to do before it became a knob-heads test track), however I find the bullshit bravado of the "I've got a blade so I can ride at 140mph with impunity" brigade frankly rather sad.

By being fools and killing yourselves you've brought about this speed camera society and I guess some of you won't see the light till there are no roads left, or bikes over 250cc are banned altogether, you only reap what you sow.

Still why should I worry, when you've all been banned for trying to beat the cameras by stopping every few hundred yards and still getting it wrong, there'll be more roads for me!! and don't flatter yourselves big boys, the cameras are there just as much for the boy racers and "daddies got a Porsche" brigade as they are for you, they just made it so they can catch you as well.

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Feb 10

Posts: 1

ukmarine1 says:

same bollocks

what pisses me pff is the old adage we experienced bikers 35years and that! shite my neighbour has 24 years experience and he still rides like a maniac !! its not the experience its the person--born a knob hopefully die a knob

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Oct 07

Posts: 94

manxhornet says:

Crashes Cat & Fiddle

We watched a report on the local news. They were going on about bike crashes and how bikers are a problem. The reporter spoke to a local person who said he totally disagreed that the problem was with bikes and said the problem was the car drivers. He then showed his wall which had been demolished by cars many times and he was getting fed up with repairing it. They then showed pictures of crashes, and yes they were all cars! Funny how the report seemed to suggest it was only bikes that crash!

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