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Paul McQueen  says:

Ride off-road in North Wales- get fined £20,000!

Now it's the off-roaders turn to be demonised & persecuted in North Wales. Denbighshire’s 'Countryside Service' have set up a hotline number for ramblers to carry with them to report off-roaders to the police - the helicopter will be kept busy! You can be fined £20,000 and have your bike crushed. It seems when they want to preserve the countryside for the...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (25 February 2010 17:33)

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Jul 09

Posts: 116

toonboy100 says:

get a life  you tit     it aint all about motorbikes

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Apr 08

Posts: 3

ANDY.T says:

Be nice to know where you got the £20,000 fine from and the crushed bit..


If you have a road legal bike, tax, insurance, mot, licence then it DOES NOT GET crushed unless you dont pay the recovery fee.

If you are riding on one of the previously legal lanes that still carries farmers tracots. 4x4's etc.. then unless you are riding like a pratt it's just a £30 FPN. If you are riding off the track accross open land thats an ASSI then you can get a fine if you damage it.. but if you stay on the old ROAD you are OK..

If you are riding on a non legal ROAD (Restricted Byway) or other non legal byway without a legal excuse or allowance , or elsewhere other than on a ROAD 


you are riding like a PRATT again comitting a RTA Offence of s3 (Carless/Reckless)

AND again by the manner of your riding you cause alarm, distress and annoyance to members of the public then you can be stopped by a police officer in uniform and given a s59 warning..

Sadly the s59 law is so badly written it allows a member of the public to ring the police with your registration and report you..your reg number then gets a s59 warning registered on the police computer and IF you are seen or stopped a second time and the doing the same things as listed above then the bike can be seized at the time or from any property other than a dwelling house within 24hrs...

The complainant doesnt even have to make a proper statement and the police dont even have to investigate if the allegation is true or still get the warning registered for 12 months.. So you could buy a bike with a warning, get stopped or reported again and wham, your pride a joy is seized and if it's road legal you can get it back.. if it was sitting in your garage SORNED then the police can seize it and because there is no road tax then crush it. The same rules governing standard of evidence as if it were a traffic accident dont apply. The rambliers could see a report you posted on the internet, take the reg down and make a complaint and wham your bike has a s59 warning.. it really is a bad law and something MCN should be SHOUTING ABOUT especially as they can use it on bike meets...

If your up on the hills with an unregistered MX or trials bike where you shouldnt be..well then you're a pratt and have spoilt it for everyone who was riding legally...


As for Ramblers.. they have legal access to ALL rights of way, the coastal path and the Right to Roam areas.. they have COST the tax payer £millions.. National Parks have spent £millions repairing footpaths they wear out through overuse through ASSI's so why dont they get banned ,chased by helicopters and fined? They cause huge amounts of damage.. but they have friends on the inside dont they... Legal trail riders caused no harm, stuck to the legal lanes and acted responcibily, brought money to the area but ended up having the law changed so they are now guilty until proven innocent! Think about that for a while... It really is a big thing.. yet the Ramblers get £millions and £millions spent on them every year and most lanes arnt used and are now overgrown again! What really is the point..they are slefish buisy body do gooders. As we know the "law" Ha!!! is biased against us...  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ABOUT IT?

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Aug 07

Posts: 45

ianp5uk says:


What are you talking about?

It's not clear who your comment is aimed at and no matter who it makes no sense - you're upset with someone talking about bikes on the MCN forum? Think you have some issues or a lack of IQ

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Dec 09

Posts: 4

gaffer121 says:

ramblers rights

well dave is just upset about the situation that is happing all over the uk not just nr wales.The lanes are getting closed at an astonishing rate and the motorcycle community is not taking any notice,the likes ot trail riders federation and other similar groups are doing there upmost to save these very important rights of way so that we can enjoy our great outdoors aswell.

So stop getting on his back toonboy he is just anoyed because he knows like me that the ramblers are a massive org and they are winning a large percentage of the time and thats not fair..trail riders have supported your protests in past give us a bit of support please..

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Jun 09

Posts: 123

antimagneto says:

It is!

How tf can you not support the green laning?  Riding a 'horse' without cruelty in my opinion. No land erosion, and welcomed by folk who actually live there. Older ramblers are a pleasure to converse with. Young, misguided 'yuppy' individualists are the problem. In fact, the majority are wankers. They would be green laners themselves if they had the skill/bottle/strength. So, having no courage to try it they vehemously defend from the nature/conservation angle. It's all bollox.

Green lanes are for all to enjoy forever...


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