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Steve Farrell  says:

100bhp limit threat

Motorcycles could be subjected to 100bhp power limits under proposals to be set out by the European Commission this summer.      The Commission is expected to propose European-wide consistency on the issue, raising the prospect that countries will have to change in line with France, where a 100bhp limit is already in place.    The Department for Transport (DfT) has asked UK motorcycle...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (05 March 2010 17:11)

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Jan 09

Posts: 12

Tome12 says:

And a powerful car can't do more damage than a powerful bike?

All it'll do is push people to derestrict them then the government will put in place some other stupid ruling to catch these people which will inevitibly fail...conclusion, it'll cost the government (and by the government I mean us) loads of money!

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Aug 06

Posts: 119

seanogorman1 says:


AGAIN ?????


quick lets get martin bangerman out (i think that was his name)

id REALLY like to see em impose this one ....suddeny power commanders and engine tuners are gonna do a lovely trade in a raft of power up parts


100bhp my arse!



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Mar 10

Posts: 1

If they ever did manage to get this through then I certianly wouldn't be in this country for very long. I'd rather pay my taxes to someone who lets me do what I want rather than the fun police we have over here...

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Feb 08

Posts: 71

scarthie says:

what a joke

Dose this apply to new cars coming out what load of shit 100 bhp abs is good thing for bikes

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Oct 05

Posts: 112

RichieRotten says:

Excuse My language

F*%@ B@£$%^&s or FCUK CNUTs I HATE THEM ALL, I gave up voting years ago cause who every gets into power seems to just spoil things for me, Free Festivals and Raving is a good example of some mad desire to controll us all Boy am I getting so sick of this. I purpose that France should be told to come into line with us not vice versa. Or lets just bomb Paris I do not care about their silly rules, but 100bhp is out of the question. I would rather France sink into the ocean than have to live with this shit. I hate the world the EEC and France today. I hate everyone!!!!! "have a nice day if you agree with me the rest of you can just die"

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Sep 08

Posts: 498

Is the EU made up of morons thinking of something to do? The fact that the majority of bike accidents involve younger riders on less porfull bikes. Besides this whole power argument reminds me of the woman that pulls out in front of you at a junction, sees you then brakes as oppose to accelerating out of the way. Also it should be taken into consideration the dent to the aftermarket industry which as we know is BIG business. It's not power that is damaging it's idiot people (and i dont mean fast people) as much as they want everyone to act and behave like robots we are not and cannot be like that. These un-educated bafoons shouldnt be alloed to make decisions if this is the sort of thing that thy come up with. I have always thought that being in the EU was detrimental for us, especialy after they gave away control of half our fshing waters... tossers would be much better off without them

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Mar 10

Posts: 1

Gatty1 says:

EU Regs

Vote UKIP and stuff Europe

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Nov 09

Posts: 146

Back to the future

Didn't we go through all this in the mid 80s. Whats next - leg protectors? Of course the EU has far greater power now than they did then, and instead of actively fighting this sort of control by, amongst other things, using their vote in elections, they don't bother & then moan when things happen that they don't like !!

Join MAG NOW. 

Vote UKIP.

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Jul 09

Posts: 82

Icarus7 says:

They can get F@CKED!! The Eu is a fooking joke...slowly turning into the cnuts we liberated them from! 50 bhp will kill you just as fast 150

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Jul 08

Posts: 264

stevyamy says:

The french do not have any manufacturers so they must be brought up to line with other EU countries. Ducati/BMW/Truimph etc need to lobby against this.

What about limiting the speeds to 155mph like they do with cars, thoughts?


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