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Emma Sulway  says:

‘Ghostlids’ safety campaign launched in Maidstone, Kent

A new safety campaign aimed at 16-19-year-old riders was launched in Maidstone, Kent today. The ‘Ghostlids’ campaign is focused on teaching teenagers about how to ride safely. Posters featuring a ghostly white helmet are being put up around key crash sites in the area to highlight the young lives that have been affected by crashes. There have been 18 serious crashes in the...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (11 March 2010 16:24)

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Feb 09

Posts: 68

nedd says:

Praiseworthy but ??

I don`t agree with totally dissing the idea of trying to help reduce accidents but even so kl595 and Mike do seem to have better brains for Science than the elf and safety people.   If somebody was to have a brain lapse and write similar statistics in a Science report they`d have a fit when they saw what they had said.   The statistics above demonstrate very ably WHAT INCREDIBLY CAREFUL AND SAFE RIDERS THESE LADS MUST BE (plus lucky in meeting car drivers who actually see them!)  AS YOU`D GUESS WAY WAY MORE THAN 18 IN 5 YEARS !!     

BUT OF COURSE SAME APPLIES TO CAT & FIDDLE AND ALL THESE SUPPOSED DANGEROUS ROUTES (actually Cat & Fiddle does show more dangerous than many routes but not compared to loads of bikes that go up there and many going quick they also must be lucky and good) -   all the signs I`ve seen so far the first instinct is to think what a pity those deaths then you remember it said deaths and serious injuries and you think "Good heavens with all the cars and bikes going over here even if you just count them as going out Summer weekends, don`t even count commuter miles it`s still ever such a small number mathematically."   Way better than most people would expect even assuming all bikers are sensible and slow  you`d expect more.        One near me on a busy large city commuter  route says "BEWARE DANGER AREA, 5 DEATHS OR SERIOUS INJURIES ON THIS ROUTE IN THREE YEARS."      I MEAN HOW CAN THAT BE PUT UP TO SLOW PEOPLE -   IT COULD BE ONE IDIOT DRIVER IN A SMALL BOY RACER CAR WITH TWO OF HIS MATES ABOARD DOING A SILLY OVERTAKE  HITTING AN OLD BLOKE AND HIS WIFE COMING THE OTHER WAY   -      ONE ACCIDENT IN FIVE YEARS -   IF IT WAS 5 X 1 ACCIDENTs IT`D STILL BE AN AMAZINGLY SAFE ROAD !!   And you think of all the daily commuters cars and bikes plus the boy racers going out in the evening and the thousands of cruising bikers in the Summer AND THE DRUNKS COMING BOTH WAYS FROM THE COUNTRY PUBS AND BACK FROM THE CLUBS OTHER WAY. 

Even if nobody ever commented you`d have thought some statistician in an office would have said - you can`t put that up doesn`t make sense etc..    OF COURSE TO ANY FAMILY WHO HAD SOMEBODY SERIOUSLY INJURED OR KILLED IN THOSE ACCIDENT (S) EVEN A STATISTIC OF ONE IN A FAMILY IS HORRIFIC SO I MUST STILL SAY MY THOUGHTS ARE WITH THEM.    But regularly seeing similar notices up all of them surprise me on the small number of accidents and not even just small in a fewer than you would think way or indicating a certain degree of recklessness, lack of safety, poor / difficult road etc but we are talking MICROSCOPIC NUMBERS COMPARED TO NUMBER OR VEHICLES AND MILES COVERED.  

Another one says 17 biker "deaths or serious injuries" in 5 years so that`s call it 3 and a half  a year then count number of bikes over there in ONE decent weekend and you could think it`s low but then add the commuters and the number of Summer weekends then the holidays and then find that 7 of them were in one bad Winter leaving two each year in Summer .....  then you wonder if they mean the whole five miles or just the three miles over the top so then you lower it as it`s per miles and it just pales and pales as a meaning.      

I always write more than I intend but just can`t figure why I feel the need to explain - maybe cos I keep seeing the signs  --   perhaps all the bikers who are into Science and Maths speed up so there are more accidents than there would be if the "deterrent" signs weren`t there ??!!     Greetings, Nedd 

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Aug 02

Posts: 20

artybee says:


There is a natural phenomenon in forums, that if the thread starts to get onto the subject of Hilter and the Nazis that the thread has run it course.  For MCN I think this could be extended to the subject of the The Cat & Fiddle and the phase" what is this country comming to" or something of the like.  I am amazed at how the Cat & Fiddle can get into a thread: 'Ducati unveil new lunch box for Multistrada"....Thread comment " well it a bit small for my trips to the Cat & Fiddle and they won't let you in the pub with your own food either!!"....."what is this country comming to?" . Personnal you can't use the country comming to phrase is you haven't lived in another country, you have no reference.   Being told to put you hands on you head and don't move when you been pull over for speed in the States, for one example. You know how difficult to it not turn round and say  "What" with ear plugs in and a interstate next to you!!

Strangly given that, I agree with some of what the guys have said below we have gone a bit mad on the safety and finger wagging.  The practical seems to have been miss, statistically (sorry) if you have first aid training you are 25% less likely to have a accident.  It the, this is what you leg looks like when the bone has come through the skin moment. 

Well see if the admins let the thread continue, Nazis ;-)


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Mar 08

Posts: 72

sallison30 says:

I know that artbee will criticize me as a conspiracy theorist but it is clear that this government has gone out of its way to restrict motorcyclist. The way that they can get away with it is to keep putting fear in the minds of the uninformed public. Putting up signs stating how many accidents and deaths their have been is just part of the brainwashing. When they for example implement a horsepower restriction on bikes, the greater public will nod their heads approvingly since they have been persuaded that bikes are bad.

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Nov 05

Posts: 57

andyinvienna says:


If you show some young lad a marine getting blown up it will stop him joining the Army, no I think not, and this philosophy does not work for young Bikers either. It is very primitive Idea, the young are indestructible or so they think, but undeniably they can do some incredible stupid things, and its not just with motorbikes, its cars, mountain bikes and lots of other stuff. Danger is sexy to a young male. Now show a picture of some poor young guy with half his tackle hanging off because the tank ripped them in a crash, and I am sure that just might have an effect, but I doubt it, its a part of growing up doing stupid things, and thank whatever luck it was most of us make it. It would be better to spend time training, teaching how to ride fast and safe, make training cool, something they want to do, wheelies, slides and stoppies. You may find that outrageous but think, it teaches them good skills that will come useful next time they are riding past some ghost helmet that has distracted them and they are about to crash

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Oct 09

Posts: 222

ruxxy says:


If the image above is the advert, then they're pissing in the wind. How the f**k is a teenager meant to understand that the ad is about road safety? I work in a creative business and I don't get it.

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Jul 08

Posts: 190

zephyrdave says:


I'm not sure kids on scooters really need to be taught how to wheelie, stoppie and skid, they're all pretty good at it already - twist and go's are a piece of piss to ride. What they do need to learn is not to tailgate the car in front, not to ride 8 abreast round roundabouts (I've seen this...) and how much it hurts having gravel pulled out of your arse because you were only wearing tracky bottoms when you crashed.

Kids on scooters form a huge chunk of the stats that the government use to beat us with and yet there's hardly anything done to stop them grating themselves along the road while the rest of us have to endure speed traps and being pulled over for not wearing hi-viz....

Too many riders, old or yound, get killed every year. 500 odd last year I think, that's not made up stats that's dead bikers. Yes it;s a lot less than car drivers but there's a lot more car drivers out there so that's no surprise. We live in a world where the EU and the Govt want to reduce road death, if you don't like that idea then maybe you should move to africa where you'll find driving and riding conditions much more challenging but at least no one in authority will really care...

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Mar 08

Posts: 44

Charro says:

Hi Tom!


Let’s face this is nothing to do with road safety but all about Tom Morton, Kent Highway Services’ Motorcyclist Safety Officer getting himself noticed and ensuring that it looks like he’s doing something. Following, no doubt, pressure from elected members and other local worthies demanding something is done about those nasty local youths beating up the place on scooters.

When your were 16 were you thinking about dying? I don’t think so. Still those signs will make nice bedroom wall trophies.

At least Tom has had his five minutes of fame on the MCN forums which will look good in the report he will be drawing up on the projects effectiveness.

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