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Mar 10

Posts: 24

Slowlane says:

Good DAS Bikes

Sorry to keep banging on about the Mod 1 test, but I have another question.

I'd been chatting about my earlier misfortune and mentioned that the bike I was provided with for my test was an ageing and well-dropped Suzuki GS500. When I mentioned this I was told that these were probably one of the worst bikes for slow speed control and that if I passed the Mod 1 on one of these I would be able to ride pretty much anything. I know from my practices that the clutches can overheat very quickly and become grabby requiring me to constantly consider where the biting point is and which way it's heading (usually straight for the bars). It's a distraction I could well manage without.

Quite honestly I'm not much one for the Krypton Factor. I just want to pass and to make things as easy as possible to ensure that I manage precisely that aim. So now I'm wondering whether I should have my next attempt with a different school that runs different bikes.

However, it would help to know what sort of bikes would be a better bet. I've seen plenty of different bikes down at the test centre from V-twins (ER-6n) to inline fours (CBF600S), but I have no idea whether any of them would be a better bet. So far my sole criteria is "not another GS500".

I'm not looking to buy the bike or stoke up the old engine configuration debate, I just need some pointers towards a good steady bike that is easy to trickle around at very slow speed.

Thanks in advance. :smile

Slow Lane

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  • Posted 5 years ago (12 March 2010 17:27)

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Jan 05

Posts: 21

minkyhead says:


the old er5s  are ok  ..but a little more  top heavy ..i  dont know what are a u are in  ,,,
  we use suzukis gladius  ..out of all the 600s we tested  it  was  head and shoulders  the best  for a new rider plus ..huge mod one training  area as per dsa  reqirments  

 easy  control   and a punchy fun ride

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Ian Version 2.0™


Aug 08

Posts: 100

Nowt wrong with GS500

Dunno who told you the GS500 were "probably one of the worst bikes for slow speed control and that if I passed the Mod 1 on one of these I would be able to ride pretty much anything" because that's a load of rubbish. The GS500 has been used by instructors for years I'm sure many riders will have passed their test on one, I know I did.

There are much worse bikes you could be given (try U-turning anything sporty!) so I'd say stop making excuses and get on with it. And good luck!

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Mar 10

Posts: 24

Slowlane says:

Who told me...?

Kevin Ash on his website forum. Personally I don't feel even remotely qualified enough to even attempt to gainsay him.

I know that the GS500 is a common instructors bike, but it is neither modern nor particularly without foibles. As I mentioned above, the clutches heat up faster than the Space Shuttle on re-entry and it makes them very hard to ride smoothly at slow speed.

I appreciate that it isn't not the bike's fault, but then equally why make things harder for myself? I just want to pass my test, so if there are any advantages to be gained then I want to gain them. I'll do my bit and make sure I'm of a suitable standard for test next time.

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Feb 09

Posts: 4759

philehidiot says:


make sure you get the same bike every time - that way you won't constantly be learning slightly different set ups.

I don't think a GS500 is going to be bad for low speed control - you can certainly try other bikes at other schools but the problem is as a new rider still learning how to do it, you won't be able to just sit on one have a play and go "yep this is good". Whatever you try you'll still have to learn how to handle the bike at low speeds so it's probably easier to just stick with what you know rather than having to learn it from scratch.

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May 09

Posts: 103

yoyo100 says:

The age of it

is probably more important, how well is it maintained, the school I trained with in Swansea used CB500's all were fitted with heavy duty clutches that never slipped some of the bikes were a bit battered but all handled the same. As said before try to get on the same bike everytime.

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Feb 10

Posts: 18

skibum201010 says:


got to be cbf500 with abs

nuff said


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