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MCN  says:

Wootton Bassett Afghan Heroes ride is stunning success

More than 15,000 motorcyclists turned out yesterday to show their support for the people of Wootton Bassett and honour those troops killed in Afghanistan. The 10,000 riders and 5000 pillions raised over £150,000 for the Afghan Heroes charity in the process. Wootton Bassett Mayor Steve Bucknell said: "The vast majority of the people of the town fully support what the bikers...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (15 March 2010 09:20)

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Jun 08

Posts: 49

Telboye1 says:

Graham Brough

Just read an opposing/alternative view from the above, hard to believe it's from the same newspaper.

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Dec 08

Posts: 1275

boybilly1967 says:

Lets not forget also that the Mirror under the editorship of one Piers Morgan was responsible for printing fabricated photos of our soldiers 'abusing' Iraqis.

Enough said.


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Feb 10

Posts: 53

TheWookie says:

They've only gone and REMOVED his original post from the website. LOL.


Something must have sunk in there at last...

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Katana Paul


Mar 07

Posts: 59

Katana Paul says:

Cached copy on Google

If anyone hasn't read Chris's feckin' shite there's a cached version here: Hopefully he'll contract something really nasty and die a horrible death. Galloping knob-rot or some such nicety :) A fantastic success and a massive credit to bikers everywhere! How many car enthusiasts could you gather on an airfield before the "bovver" kicked off? Far fewer than 15,000 for certain! Well done everyone!

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Mar 10

Posts: 1

stevedb says:

who is this plonker

he has no idea out of the 15000 has he asked how many are ex servicemen themselves i saw a lot of British legion riders club patches displayed with the club numbering nearly 3000 and most being ex servicemen

what happen could he not get out of town to file his report before a college who was on a bike

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Apr 09

Posts: 15

Wootton Bassett

LOL - Love your reply BoyBilly1967 - not exactly a 'PM' fan myself. When my friend and I saw this on the news we were amazed. SO glad that the biking fraternity pulled off such an amazing event, well done to all involved. As for that twat from the mirror - not even going to bother reading his misguided gibberish !!!

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Mar 10

Posts: 32

cetdac says:

Apology from the Mirror

Wonder if he will get off his arse and come meet some of the bikers?

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Sep 08

Posts: 10

BMW_Mick1962 says:

Apology? What apology?

I just looked at the link posted by cetdac and couldn't fins an apology anywhere.  The link goes to another reporters blog who thinks the ride was a good idea and pointed out a few things to the moron otherwise known as Chris Hughes.

Having read his original blog I must say what a vile, ignorant creature he is.  No doubt he thinks anyone who rides a bike is some sort of anti social scum hell bent of creating murder and mayhem.  And his post has been taken down.  No word of apology from Hughes at all.  I noticed that he is described as a 'war' correspndant and a 'decent bloke'.  Well, Mr Hughes, I have a couple of friends who wear green for a living (bikers and on active service) who think you are a prize tw*t.   I hope you don't run into them the next time you are doing your real job (i.e. not talking out of your arse about stuff you don't know about)  as you might not get the reception you expect.


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Jun 09

Posts: 30

paulqc says:

Good to see.

It's so cool to see so many Bikers coming together over this subject, and the tosser that is, and will always be Chris Hughes.  As a ex-service person, and a Biker, it's always great to see solidarity between us. 

Keep going Dudes!!

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Dec 07

Posts: 82

britri123 says:

Poor coverage

Shame on you MCN for the feeble piece in this weeks paper. Typical of you to focus on the negative and not the possative side of it. One comment by a reporter and you focus on that not the good its done for motorcycling and the troops. You made a huge deal of the take back north Wales thing yet this was much bigger. Same old MCN reporting on the bad not the good side of Motorcycling.

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