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Steve Farrell  says:

Teenager “almost dies” in bike test crash

A woman “almost died” after crashing while attempting the new motorcycle test, according to witnesses. The 18-year-old stopped breathing and was rushed to hospital with a suspected broken neck after crashing at Chester Multi-Purpose Test Centre last Tuesday. She survived because a driving instructor who happened to be present knew the procedure to get her breathing again, said her father, who arrived...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (19 March 2010 12:16)

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Jan 10

Posts: 17

TruBlu says:


A big massive well done to the nameless man who saved this young ladies life.

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Aug 02

Posts: 29

kwacky says:


In one article you're complaiing about the low numbers sitting this test. Then 5 minutes later you publish a story telling us that someone almost died doing the test.  Is it any wonder people don't want to take it if MCN are constantly harping on about how dangerous it is supposed to be?   Have you thought that the accident could be down to rider error, or poor teaching?

The truth of the matter is that riding a bike can be dangerous.  If you have an accident there's a good chance you'll get hurt.  The first 12 months are known to be the most difficult for new riders.  The stats back this up.  I would much prefer to have all motorists take difficult tests before being allowed out on the roads, and that goes for motorcyclists.  The motorcyclist had previously been told she was not ready.  She took her test later on. She failed and was invited to try again. She failed.  Some people aren't cut out to ride a bike. It's not a god given right.

If this poor girl had locked her front wheel on the street and suffered the same injuries would you splash it across your publication? 

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May 04

Posts: 5

jerome_rapin says:

Yes, firstly, Kudos to the guy who happened to be there to save the girl.

Also, to MikeRotheham : from what I remember, we have the very same practise/test in France (in 1999 anyway) and I think this is quite a good thing to know/ to have done... I don't know where you ride or how often, but I ride in London, and this happens often enough to be taught at riding schools. I think. (in my own experience, I clearly remember it saved me from falling off, and it clearly saved the legs of that idiot crossing in between taxis/bus swerving like there is no tomorrow)

Then, to back up 'kwacky' I agree too on the fact that some people won't ever be confident or aware or agile enough on a bike for their own safety. I know some riders that are still dangerous for themselves because they don't 'feel' the bike yet (breaking...) or are not clearly focused when they ride... I hate to say this, but yes, motorbiking -like a lot of other disciplines- are not for eveyone. Shame.

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Aug 02

Posts: 105

tl1000kid says:

Could be time to organise a protest ride about the new bike test.

Perhaps we can get the old test re-instated...

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Jun 08

Posts: 11

chrislang says:

Common Sense

The first you are going to is clutch in and brake to slow down then swerve, its human instinct to slow down, before swerving. Ok some peoples reaction time is slower, I'm just saying it is a ridiculous part of the test that needs re-thinking to be safer for the rider, I blame the speed limit, 32 mph is a European speed limit not a British limit

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Nov 08

Posts: 53

Ralinoco says:

Crash test dummies

Are the DSA using learner riders as an experiment, to see how far a manouevre can be pushed before a fatality occurs?

I agree with the comments below; I also believe a protest similar to the one for reclaiming Wales and the Westminster parking fiasco should be organised.

perhaps MCN and MAG and other organisations can arrange protest rides against the swerve and stop and lack of test centres available...........

two fingers to the E.U. and their pettiness.

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Jan 10

Posts: 8


There is a lot to be said about her not giving up, I hope she is doing well.  What scares me is that a helmet shattered at that speed? Does any one know what kind of helmet she was wearing?

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Feb 10

Posts: 4

jamm89 says:

I passed this test last year and i believe that it is not dangerous if you have been given the correct instruction. It is all down to rider error she was asked to try again to make up the speed by 1kph which ok is a bit mean surely they could have let it go. She then must have obviously gone like a bat out of hell to make the speed realised she was going to quick snatched the front brake and off. If she would have had more time to practice in a safe area (when i was doing my test the dsa test area was open for people to come and pratice on for free on saturdays and sundays) then i think this wouldn't have happened.

I totally agree that it is a horrible accident and i give the guy who saved her life total respect and wish her a speedy recovery but her instructer must have known that she wasnt up to it so why put her in for it?

Just my 2pc worth

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Mar 10

Posts: 2

Hanz says:

This Happened to me...

I had exactly the same problem on my first attempt on my Module 1.  My crash happened on a rainy day, though there was not standing water on the course as there seems to be in the photo here.  After not getting up to speed on the first attempt(49kmh; 1kmh below target) My second swerve was completed at 68kmp.  After the swerve I was unable to stop in the box and my front wheel locked in the attempt. I had almost come to a stop when the wheel locked and I walked away with only a bruised ego. 

Before anyone says anything I add that at the time of taking the test, I gather from observing my fellow testees and from talking to the Instructors, that I was at a higher level of readiness than average test takers. 
I have since passed both parts of the test and I put my crash down as a valuable experience as it has taught me that I should not attempt to stop and turn at the same time. However, I don't think it is acceptable to ask learners to put themselves at risk in order to teach them this. 

A point I would like to make is that 32mph is the minimum speed you must do this at.  You don't have enough time to check your speedometer, so getting the speed right is based around guesswork.  This means that people may well be attempting this manurer at speeds of up to around 40mph (Trust me I am not the only one).

I agree with MCNs position that the swerve and controlled stop should be split.  This would remove much of the danger.  I also think that the minimum speed should be lowered so that the speed people are aiming for is 32mph rather than 32mph + margin for error = 35ish. 

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Jun 09

Posts: 1

Jonesy365 says:

I took the Module 1 last year, had 2 training lessons before the test and passed with no problem. The way the cones are set out it's not a "swerve" as such if you take the right lines it's a relatively gentle sweep!

I think it's a good thing to be taught, I was learning with another lady at the same time and when we were out doing the test route lesson before Module 2 a wagon driver through his door open and jumped (not looking) right into her path, she did the swerve round him perfectly with out being taught the manoeuvre it could of been a very different story!


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