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Andy Downes  says:

Yamaha Fazer8 to cost £8799; FZ8 £7799!

Yamaha has just released the UK prices for the ‘budget’ Fazer8 and FZ8 and they are going to cost a wallet-melting £8799 for the half-faired bike and £7799 for the naked FZ8. MCN had reliable inside information that predicted the prices of the two bikes was going to be considerably less – up to £1000 less was the information we had. We...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (24 March 2010 16:07)

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Apr 09

Posts: 35

pearsonsnose says:


How bleedin' much? There is no way that those bikkes are worth the money no matter how good they are at whatever Yam thinks they should be. FFS you can almost buy a new fireblade for that sort of cash!

I thought yam were in the shit in terms of cash - don't they want to sell bikes in england?

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Feb 10

Posts: 13

Good luck Yamaha!

This is just another bike that Yamaha are pitching at the top price point in the market. I don't see the justification for their optimism - what's the USP? It's not a Ducati, BMW or offer anything above the other vanilla UJM products. The point has already been made concerning the relative attractiveness now of the Triumph range.

I think Yamaha are going to have a lean year in GB.

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Mar 07

Posts: 72

Cubikrube says:


I recently had a nice VFR 2000 plate which was lovely until someone pulled out in front of me and wrecked it. I wasn't going to buy a bike this year but was forced into it so i just got myself a K5 GSX-R 750 (could be worse huh lol). Next year i was possibly looking into buying something new and Yamaha would have been my first choice. Given their recent price increases over and above what their competition have set things up as it is highly unlikely that i'll even consider going into the showroom. Yamaha are currently giving away a t-shirt and a free dvd for a test ride......but that's all most will be doing, test riding rather than buying.

Shame as i like the brand but they are not doing themselves any favours and there is more choice than ever out there in terms of bikes and manufacturers. There's some really interesting choices out there within Europe at the moment, previous a lot of it seemed very expensive in comparison to the Japanese marques but in some cases there is almost parity. It's complete madness from a business point of view, you don't go and price yourself out of the market.

Be thankful you don't live in Denmark and have to pay their taxes when buying a bike, i know someone who lives out there and it's around 25k for an R1 and about 40k for a top of the range 1098!

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Aug 02

Posts: 6

ianjd says:


I haven't got anything to say that hasn't been said already, but I felt I had to say something!! What are Yamaha playing at? Do they think that if they set a premium price, it makes a premium product? Wrong, wrong, wrong. Yamaha are the same as the other Japanese manufacturers, making competant average bikes that definately aren't worth two grand more than the competition. Don't get me wrong, I've owned Yamahas in the past & enjoyed them, but not enough to pay a premium for. I really hope the bike buying public stay away from Yamaha in their droves. If I was in a position to buy new this year, my dosh certainly wouldn't be heading in Yamahas direction. There, I feel better now..

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Dec 08

Posts: 81

Are Yamaha serious??

What is happening at Yamaha UK? I have owned both an FZ6 and an FZ1 Fazer in the last couple of years and Yam have always been my brand of choice. Excellent performance for a good price?? Do they really believe that punters will buy the FZ8 in front of Triumph's fantastic street triple? when the Brit bike is so much cheaper?

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Apr 04

Posts: 89

sj_edinburgh says:

Agree with all the comments so far. I thought the 2010 Honda prices were a bit high until I looked at Yamaha's prices. Not that it's very easy to find out what their prices are, since they've stopped displaying them on their own website. Perhaps they're a bit embarrassed by the amount their asking.

I know the £ has taken a hammering, but to increase their prices so much higher than all their competitors seems like commerical suicide. I feel sorry for their dealers, particularly the ones who only sell Yamaha and have nothing else to fall back on. Why would anyone buy a Yamaha over an equally good but cheaper Honda, Triumph or Kawasaki? Some of their bikes even make BMW look good value, considering how little they depreciate.

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Aug 02

Posts: 14

awoo says:


My wife and I have bought our last 5 bikes from our local Yamaha dealer and they are a great bunch running a family business. We really feel for them and are worried about their long term future should this pricing structure remain in place. I understand they have bought up several machines from last years stock which will keep them going for a while but once they run out what next?

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Aug 02

Posts: 549


I am seriously worried about Yamaha as a company , will they even be around in two or three years time as they appear to be struggling more financially than the others Japanese factories.

They had issues financially in the early 80's , then it was because they were trying to take on the might of Honda head on and that nearly crippled them too.

I hope not, this pricing policy won't help though that's for sure.



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Jan 08

Posts: 877

KimLondon says:

I agree

I was quite excited when I heard about the new FZ8. Well, not exactly excited, but definitely interested. I bought a new FZ6 Fazer last August and have been thinking I'd like a bit more torque and a smoother feel overall and an 800cc would be great. I tried the FZ1 and as much fun as it is it just felt too much and the fuel economy was terrible. Now I'm not going to consider an FZ8. The price is, simply, too high. However, when Yamaha announced the discontinuation of the FZ6 I thought "bugger, that does for the used value of my bike" but honestly, I think there will be a healthy market for the old FZ6 as the FZ8 really isn't a viable alternative at the price they are charging. Triumph - if anyone is reading this go out and put a half-fairing on the Street Triple and you'll make a killing. I find the fairing on my bike keeps loads of rain off me and I'd not own a bike without one. If the Street Triple had the option of a half-fairing I'd definitely make it my next bike.

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Oct 08

Posts: 22


OH well it looks like I am stuck with my FZ6 fazer until I can afford a Triumph sprint ST. Why so much more money than the FZ6 - it cost me £4999 brand new a year ago. looks like the euro has done for jap bikes as jap technology did for old british bikes such as BSA etc.

Now I feel justified in spending more money on a 1000cc bike compared to the FZ6. At this rate my dream Ducati is getting better value for money all the time.


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