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Steve Farrell  says:

Bike tax up 6%

Road tax for bikes over 600cc rises from £66 to £70 from April 1. The 6% rise was contained in yesterday’s Budget.  Tax for bikes between 401cc and 600cc rises from £48 to £50 while the rate for smaller bikes remains frozen at £15 for up to 150cc and £33 for up to 400cc. The Motorcycle Action Group said tax should...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (25 March 2010 13:06)

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Feb 08

Posts: 817

Andy949494 says:

It will be spun this way...

Whilst I want my road tax to be based on a level playing field with cars for my emissions (which are on my V5 so its possible retrospectively for several years) so that we encourage truely green forms of transport without prejudice you can see the way this is going to be spun...

Joe public doesn't know that 650 Motorbikes are more efficient and more green than a Toyoya Prius and thinks it sounds big so this is going to be spun as a tax on excess. The Chancellor knows that there aren't many bikes under 600cc so knows that they will gain from bikers yet again and yet appear to be doing right by the planet...

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Nov 07

Posts: 541

Vehicle Excise Duty...

It is being proven time and again that 'VED' has sod all to do with the actual roads. I've been aware for a long long time that it has sod all to do with the roads as I have written many letters to various departments in relation to 'VED'.

I'm still failing to understand exactly what is happening. If you go to your local gym and pay to use the equipment you don't also pay for a subsidised bus service for old folk or the upkeep of the local town hall. All you pay for is the use of the gym with a profit to the owners and some tax to the government so that they can continue misusing it...

When it comes to roads it seems that the money is simply disappearing. We OWN the roads. We, as workers, mine/extract the materials, we plan everything out, we move earth and rock and we lay the tarmac. Our sweat and blood has went into building the infrastructure of this country and all paid for by the taxpayer/car user.


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Nov 07

Posts: 541

Vehicle Excise Duty... PT2

The current problems began when Mrs Thatcher and the scumball Conservative government came along and apparently saved us all from bankruptcy. Well, I'm sorry but the bankruptcy would've been better than selling all of our hard work into the private sector on the cheap where it has been steadily destroyed over the past few decades through greed for ever increasing profit at the expense of serving their new customers, US! We no longer have massive departments of men and women out 'on the tools' physically building stuff. This has been replaced by private companies with massively over-paid individuals standing around scratching their heads whilst collecting their wages. Construction has been massively simplified over the years and there is now a technique and tool for virtually every job that saves labour and saves time. Are we seeing a cost saving??? Not a chance, the owners are buying up property and land left right and centre so, er, we can't buy houses or land either unless we pay a massive premium. It's not that there is a lack of anything in this country it's just that a select few own it all!
Apparently the Conservatives are in with a chance of getting back in... Let's hope not or they will privatise what little we have left in public ownership. The local councils are already almost privatised with the way in which they treat the public, heaven help us if the Conservatives actually complete the deal!
So... We're to get increases in Vehicle Excise Duty... What's this based on? Are we paying to repair the roads that we have been paying to have NOT repaired for the past few decades? Have the same motorcycles suddenly became heavier and hence cause more damage to the roads? Are there LESS motorcycles on the road than last year and hence fewer motorcyclists must pay an increased premium in order to cover the shortfall?

Times were good a couple of years back. The government were raking in the cash! Where are the savings accounts for a rainy day? They sure didn’t go to those big bad bankers as the government BORROWED the cash to sort them out. They borrowed this money with US as the collateral! They nailed another nail into the cross for us and future generations. Heaven knows HOW or WHY they are allowed to do this but apparently it was in our best interests that PRIVATE COMMERCIAL banks were bailed out to the sum of BILLIONS of pounds… They’re going to pay it back though, by robbing US of yet more hard earned slave labour money……

Okay. So… In order to up the coffers for the repair of the roads that we are already paying for but the money is being spent elsewhere they now need to charge a little more. Sounds okay as the increase isn’t too bad but why the hell can they not just be bloody honest? Rather than use ‘environmental’ bollocks why can’t they just come clean and state to the majority who don’t understand the ‘VED rip-off’ that the money paid out for using a vehicle on the road doesn’t actually go towards the road but instead fuels the great gravy train through private banks, out into Europe and then full circle round the earth via pointless warships and crazy wars.

The moan should not be about the INCREASE in Vehicle Excise Duty but more focused towards WHY the government continue to unnecessarily WASTE their current income from the VED tax. Why don’t they simply dock/scrap the warships, bring the troops home from the unlawful wars, pull out of the European Union craziness. Just a few examples of what the priorities should be! Simply increasing the tax burden of the long suffering general public doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me but then I am a nonsensical kinda guy…

Other solution is to allow the private banks to crash… Just a thought… Politicians are all in their pockets though eh?

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Mar 10

Posts: 6

des077 says:

Not more tax

bike tax should not rise, infact it should fall for the following reasons.

The vast majority of bikes cover very little miles.

Bikes what are used to commute to work and daily use instead of a car cut down on traffic and therefore pollution.

Most bikes are very econimical commonly returning 40 to 50mpg. I'm talking 1000cc bikes here some smaller cc bikes offer amazing mpg.

finaly i dont think scrappage is good for bike's, even classic bikes are economical, i had a cx500 (1981reg) and this would easily do 50+mpg and its nice to see classics on the road.  Could you imagine some v-max's, cx turbo's old nortons, bsa and even cbx1000s gone forever that would be such a shame.


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Aug 08

Posts: 1

dudelong says:

Fix some pot holes first!!

Putting bike tax up is an f-ing joke, fix some dam pot holes before we have to pay more road tax, been pulled over twice now by police thinking i am drunk but actually dodging pot holes. stupid goverment.

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Oct 08

Posts: 60

guyincognito says:

tax rise

Guess the greedy politicians can just put there car/bike tax on expenses eh? aswell as porno films,duck houses,second morgages,ect,ect,ect! snouts in the trough!

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Aug 09

Posts: 6

pinzguar1 says:

bike tax rise

Please remember that a general election is looming, vote to get your own back on the anti-bike MP's that serve your community and back them that support our motorcycle world.

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Apr 10

Posts: 5

Manxsteve says:

manx bike tax

Isle of man bikers have seen rises too in our budget.

I have a GSXR750 which last year cost me £56, it has just gone up to £86 or +53%.

My mates BM1150 was also £56, now up to £96 or 73%

The government is promoting green travel by reducing car tax for a 1000cc or less car from £50 (still less than a bike) to £40! How can any sane person compare a bike to a car and say a car contributes less to the environment than a bike does? at worst they should have the same duty, at best bikes should be cheaper!

If you have a 50cc machine last year cost you £5, this year £10. You dont need Steven Hawking to tell you thats 100% rise.

We can only tax yearly, no 6 month option like the UK. We all expect a rise but something near inflation is what we want.

For an island that promotes motorsport and has arguably the most well known bike races in the universe our government are victimising and alienating local bikers, oh and our roads are just a shite as yours!

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