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Steve Farrell  says:

Labour MP: Tell loved-ones not to ride motorbikes

A Labour MP has urged people to tell their male loved-ones not to ride motorcycles.Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman called motorcyclists “widow makers and orphan makers” who were “disgraceful in a civilised society”.   He said: “If you have a husband, boyfriend or son who wants to get a motorbike, please try and persuade them to get something with four wheels instead.” Join...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (26 March 2010 16:19)

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Mar 10

Posts: 6

des077 says:

Leave bikers alone

Yet another muppet, maybe if the roads wernt in such bad condition and more biker friendly barriers were in place plus less road furniture, deaths may actually fall.

I think in one mcn issue i remember that one in five motorcyle deaths was attributed to a collision with (dangerous to bikers) barrier and that it would be safer to miss these barriers completly, so what does this goverment do? OOH yeah they add terminators on the start of these barriers, not very biker friendly.

This goverment is anti biker, hence the bike test gets more difficult to stop new riders, police have specifically targeted bike speeding were there licence may be lost, and the roads are in the worst condition i've ever seen.

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Dec 07

Posts: 237

merv007 says:


just another boring cunt in a suit who dislikes any "deviant" group or activity or anyone having fun for that matter.  

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Sep 09

Posts: 313

Ben52 says:


How can a senile old prick who steals from the british public have the balls to tell us what mode of transport we can use, if i want to spend whats left of my wages after these corrupt, scum bags have used my money to have a jolly abroad and paid for their flats, on the fastest bike i can afford then these arseholes arent gonna stop me.

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Mar 09

Posts: 71

Kingsil says:

Labour Hoon

It's like the expenses scandal never happened. You'd think these clowns would keep their heads down and their mouths shut. This buffoon claimed a total of £158,642 in the year2007/8 and yet he still feels he has the authority to lecture adults on what form of transport to use. Anyone with the slightest self-awareness would, doing what these MP's have done, act like a civilised human being and resign.

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Feb 10

Posts: 871

robsot says:


Just die sheerman u twat bastard!

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Apr 09

Posts: 5

gunnut says:

the mans a dick head,as well as being a fiddling self serving crook.

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May 09

Posts: 8

gabbro says:

A Thought

To use some of his words, Around 1260 people in cars die each year, which is an astonishing figure. In one year more people are killed in car crashes than British soldiers killed in combat in the last 40 years.

It'd be interesting to know how many cars have caused the deaths of other road users, such as the 572 pedestrians and 115 cyclists.

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Aug 06

Posts: 11

styler4077 says:

Send him your thoughts via email

Don't just rant on here....

Send this guy an email. and say what you think.

Spam filters will stop profanities :-(

web site

MSN start a campaign with email addresses so that we can all contact the ill informed like this guy.

So MSN give us the details and we can do the rest.

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Mar 07

Posts: 1464

joeslow says:

Oh really?..

.. Someone needs to tell this idiot that the real world is a risky place, full stop.

My stock reply to twats who say this sort of thing to your face is: Well I hope I die soon so I don't have to listen to more crap and disinformation from patronising / do-gooder bigots like you.

This moron is another reason why no self respecting biker should ever vote for Labour, the party of lies. lies and more lies.


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May 09

Posts: 1

beefcakeg33 says:


If you want to ban everything in the country that causes death then everyone would probably kill themselves from boredom. The whole ethos around motorcycling is the fact it is a release from the mundaneness of life and society.

Look at the amount of people who die each year from: heart disease and lung cancer for example (and how much it costs the taxpayer). They are staggering figures to say the least yet: fast food, alcohol and smoking aren't illegal.

I think his naivete on motorcycling should warrant for his resignation as well (expenses scandal aside).

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