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Steve Farrell  says:

Labour MP: Tell loved-ones not to ride motorbikes

A Labour MP has urged people to tell their male loved-ones not to ride motorcycles.Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman called motorcyclists “widow makers and orphan makers” who were “disgraceful in a civilised society”.   He said: “If you have a husband, boyfriend or son who wants to get a motorbike, please try and persuade them to get something with four wheels instead.” Join...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (26 March 2010 16:19)

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Jul 08

Posts: 4516

ninjachica says:

Hope his grandson wants a bike

I've just sent him the following, not that he'll read it...

Dear Barry,
So, around 650 motorcyclists die each year, leading you to call for family members to discourage motorcycling. On average, some 3500 car drivers die each year too. Do you advocate banning the car? I presume not.

It is unfair to make sweeping statements, without taking relevant facts into account. How many of the motorcyclists were killed by car drivers? How many car drivers killed pedestrians? Should we now stop walking anywhere? Of course not.

Education and training are the best way to protect all road users. Motorcyclists endure extensive training, before being able to ride without restriction - not so for car drivers. Learning to drive at the hands of a friend or family member, followed by a short test is deemed to be sufficient to enable a 17 year old to drive a 150mph vehicle for example.

On the continent, many teenagers ride mopeds and scooters from the age of 14. They learn roadcraft through experience, making them better car drivers, fully aware of the vulnerability of motorcyclists. Perhaps this is the way forward. Get everyone to ride a motorbike for 2 years, before driving a car.

Perhaps the Widowmaker numbers will fall, if everyone took the time to drive safely, with full regard for other road users. Perhaps not.

One other thing to think about - there is a good chance, that the next motorcyclist that passes you, is actually a female, taking the oportunity to reduce congestion on our roads, or a lawyer, on the way home from court - or maybe an MP, just out to enjoy himself regardless of any impact he may have on anyone else.

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Feb 04

Posts: 987

Pure Hatred

The pure Hatred being shown by the Police and Goverment and Councils in the UK against anyone who chooses to ride a Motorcycle  this spring is unbelievable.

I will remember these racist MP's when the election comes around

I will choose whatever mode of transport i wish for my enjoyment and scum bound crooked corrupt MPs can go to hell as can Pigs in hats.


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Mar 10

Posts: 3

gringostar says:

I emailed the ignorant fool this: "Dear Mr Sheerman, I was appalled by your recent misuse of statistics and gross appeals to save bikers from themselves and their loved ones. I would hope that you have something better to spend your time on than generating bad publicity for yourself by aggravating a community. Labour is on weak ground publicly and individuals such as yourself do not help, by giving people a reason to ignore politics and just opt for blind hate. I'm not ignorant enough to make my party choice in the upcoming election based on one individuals extremism. However, you do substantiate my opinion that most MPs do not represent the average person and are not in touch with the electorate. I sincerely hope that you step down from your position at the next available opportunity and give someone whom might make a difference a chance. Duncan Chappell"

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Feb 10

Posts: 3

assmith says:

Response from Barry

I've just recieved this reponse from Barry Sheerman MP

28th March 2010





Dear A Smith,


As a Member of Parliament, I have always been an advocate for road safety. My comments in the House of Commons arose from thorough research and quite devastating facts.


In 2007, the number of road accident deaths among motor cyclists in Great Britain was 588. Although this number has been decreasing over the past ten years, it still remains a great problem in road safety as it accounts for twenty percent of all deaths taken place on Great Britain ’s roads. I agree that there are many other problems contributing to the number of deaths on the roads and I acknowledge the fact that many of these deaths may be caused by drivers of four-wheeled vehicles. Regardless, I am still a supporter of addressing every problem in road safety, including motorcyclist accidents.


I am the chair of trustees of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety. The objective of PACTS, as a registered charity is “To protect human life through the promotion of transport safety for the public benefit”. In our efforts, we tirelessly work to advocate research-based improvements to transport safety


I will not apologise for my work to promote road safety in the Great Britain , but I thank you for your comments on this matter.


Yours sincerely,

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Nov 03

Posts: 471

kl595 says:


Hi assmith.

I received exactly the same response, word for word. It looks like his secretery has just emailed out a standard response. I asked for evidence to back up his comments but there was none given. 

 I will not apologise for riding motorcycles and will actively encourage all those interested to buy one!

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Aug 02

Posts: 562


I received the exact same letter/response , arrogant t*wat, i basically replied telling him that too.

What an absolute d*ckhead this f*cker is. 

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Aug 02

Posts: 47

manlow says:

MP's Expenses

Go to: and look at the expenses this clown has claimed for 2008/09.

This lying,cheating idiot should be stripped of his position and imprisoned. Then, he stands up dictating to us about our bike riding habits! Hang your head in shame mate and go and commit Hari Kiri.

Instead of spouting this ant-biking crap, direct your efforts into getting the road tax fund siphoned where it should be and REPAIR THE BLOODY ROADS/POTHOLES!

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Nov 09

Posts: 146

I wrote the following to him -

Dear Sir
I have just read your opinion of motorcyclists and should like to point out that what I find disgraceful in a civilised society is that a person, paid to represent ALL of the people in his constituency, should take such a simplistic and intellectually weak approach to such a serious issue.
I also find it deeply worrying that you should have assumed such an arrogant and autocratic approach. If your only solution to reducing deaths amongst motorcyclists is to frighten and call upon their relatives to prevent them from riding powered two-wheelers, I would suggest that perhaps it is time that you stepped aside in favour of someone prepared to give the topic a little more thought. Yes; the number of deaths is of very considerable concern, but so are politicians who work on peoples' fear and spout one-liners that ignore important facts.
Yours in disgust,

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Mar 10

Posts: 6

mcmaiering says:

Statistic Bending...

This man has clearly never ridden a motorbike. I have been living around and with bikers since before I was born. In my family, my little brother, mum, dad, step-dad, girlfriend and both her parents all ride bikes on the road. None of us has ever been in an accident where a car was not the cause of the incident. Only a few weeks ago my girlfriend was pulled out on by a recently passed kid in a saxo and she locked the back wheel and dropped the bike on her leg. The dick-head wound down his window, laughed and drove off. Who is the widow-maker here? Who has no place in civilized society? This MP has also failed to take into account that many people ride motorbike because they have to, whether it's due to a shortage in funds or just the feeling of security. I have never felt safe in my driving lessons after having passed my bike test. Driving a car makes me feel claustrophobic, like I can't see anything and I hate the experience of driving a car and would take a bike any-day through any adverse weather even if I do get wet... N.B: In reference to my girlfriend's incident, I was behind her and caught the number-plate. Me and my friends proceeded to find the little shit and teach him a lesson about pissing off bikers.

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May 08

Posts: 96

Bikefar says:

Here we go..

So OK, I buy my loved one four wheels - a car. He/she sets off and drives through a party of schoolchildren crossing the road and kills half a dozen of them.

The schoolchildren become the statistic. It's dangerous to be a child near British roads and indeed, the statistics reflect that. It's also perfectly true - to go round killing people in cars is a perfectly safe way of getting around.

If a motorcyclist runs over a pedestrian, the motorcyclist is quite likely to get injured. This time, the motorcyclist and the pedestrian both become the statistic. On this basis, motorcycles are dangerous.

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