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Matthew Birt  says:

Casey Stoner backs Ben Spies to succeed in MotoGP

Former world champion Casey Stoner reckons Ben Spies has all the credentials to become a major force in the MotoGP world championship. The 24-year-old is one of a growing list of admirers of the Texan, who finished the winter testing campaign with the fourth fastest time in Qatar last month. The reigning World Superbike champion has been in great form for the...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (01 April 2010 14:10)

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Sep 09

Posts: 89

spiller1000 says:

who doesnt think

that ben speez will be a major force , i ve got nothing againt mr stoner either , ben showed last year that hes has  the talent  . personally i think he will win a race or two this year .. remember dovizio at a wet donington when the  top four fell or mis judged the conditions .... and he  not half as good as mr speez ,, controversial i know but this is racing . regards and waiting patiently for the season to start

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Mar 09

Posts: 490

SV659Nut says:

Well said MattBirt...

MattBirt you said exactly what I was thinking only in much better form. I'm not a Brit and I know this is a Brit site mostly, but sometimes I'm amazed at the negativity and anger that is directed at the stars of our sport. My goodness - where is that comming from - and why?

Come on people, just because someone doesn't perform or conduct themselves like you think they should is that valid reason to belittle them? That extends to others in the sport like the writers of this and other web based media. What could be the reason for this?

There are a lot of great english speaking fans on this site but there seems to also be some haters. I just can't understand what is the motovation for such trash talk. Please - just take a deep breath and join the ranks of civil discussion rather than unnecessary diatribe. Some self examination might be in order here.

Anyway - Go Spies! - Go Haga! - Go Toseland - Go Hayden! - Come April 11th! Happy Good Friday!

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Mar 08

Posts: 264

stompmyduke says:

Speedy Spiesy

What else can Casey say?  Even Mr 'Big Head' Rossi doesn't dumb rookies down, although by bigging them up he probably thinks they'll self destruct once on the track. Is Spies the great white hope of WSB in GPs? We'll have to wait and see - so far he's equalled all that Toseland acheived in his first two races and it's likely he'll have a good dust up with the sattellite boys (as per JT at Assen 09) and perhaps even the works boys (as per JT v Rossi at Philip Island in '08). Can't say whether Spiesy will succeed or bomb in the tricky conditions of Qatar, but if he's thinking of going for it, then he's heading for a big crash.

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Sep 09

Posts: 712

If Rossi

Said this, there would be 46 comments in 46 seconds about how amazing rossi is and how everything in the world spins around his 46 million-a-year-ass... and how much stoners moans....

Stoner also thinks Hiro Aoyama will do really well and says the top rookie prize will be either spies or Aoya

MCN put this in because poor lil stoner would of been the best rookie if it wernt for a HRC clad Pedrosa


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Mar 09

Posts: 5391

Nostrodamus says:

It's the British way SV659Nut

They're not happy unless they're moaning. As for Stoner27 - well I suspect he's an Aussie. Lot's of available class A in the U.K, that can make a person unnecessarily short tempered and angry. Good stuff serotonin - best to keep it.

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Jul 08

Posts: 413

stoner27 says:


yes my comment was overly abusive but it got the reaction i was looking for .i named myself stoner27 obviously for a reason when i first started looking at the motogp forum stoner was getting ripped apart from rossi fans and there didnt seem to be many backing him up so yeh im a stoner fan and i took the flack im glad to see now there are alot more who see his talent .back to the subject its not just this story im getting at but casey has been mentioned in diffrent stories 20,23,25,31 march now 1st april .hope you see my have to do your job like anyone else i accept that but there are also other riders in the paddock who will have a story. to say about his diet worries is just waking the stoner haters up again. i was at donington the year people were booing him what a disgraceful day that was whats happened to bike sport yeh people have your say on the forums but to do that to a young guy on the podium enough said.p.s happy easter

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Jul 08

Posts: 413

stoner27 says:


kanga juice works a treat.

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Jan 10

Posts: 58


So it's OK for you to be abusive and use foul language to a reporter at MCN for writing an article on Casey Stoner/Ben Spies, but it's not OK for someone else to give a rider some stick, because for some reason they don't like him.

Please don't get me wrong I don't agree with any person or persons to be slagged off without good reason, and Casey doesn't deserve any of the crap thrown at him by mindless now you should look at yourself in the miiror, and if the hypocrite cap fits... wear it. Nuff said!

Good luck Casey and Ben for the season...see you at Laguna.


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Nov 05

Posts: 57

bigoltool says:

Stoner would know.

What it takes to effectively switch over to a new series like Spies is doing. That he is acknowledging Spies logical, unasuming and thus far highly succesful methodolgy in getting to where he needs to be is sound praise from one of the (if not "the") fastest riders in the game. Tear Stoner down if you must but he is simply stating the obvious here. Spies will likely be the guy that forces Either Lorenzo or Rossi to leave Yamaha in the coming months. Will he be the next Rossi? Likely not. But In much the same way no one ever thought Ago could ever be suplanted atop the Motorcycle racing realm. It is inevitable that someday a rider will emerge that is better than Vale. He may be in their midst now, time will tell.

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:

The Zombies ...

Like Stoner 27, I too only started posting on MCN as I was heartsick at the amount of vile bile directed at Casey Stoner. This was back in June/July last year and a few people then turned around and attacked me for being " overly-aggressive, a smartarse, using " big " words " ( duh ) and generally copping lots of diarrhoea from those shit-for-brains that I now refer to as the Zombies. These wanksters are really good at dishing it out but when someone gets straight back in their faces and challenges them, they do one of two things: - turn into big, wobbly jellies and whinge ( life is SO unfair .. ) or descend into liberal use of the "f" word and stoop to foul personal abuse. Some debate, eh? " Sorry you are wrong - and here's why."  Response: " You are an f'ing cunt! " It is like trying to have an intellectual discussion with an earthworm. Personally, I don't know Stoner, never met him - but I am in awe of his talent. The knockers and haters so obviously couldn't ride or fight their way out of a wet paper bag and are simply consumed with jealousy. Also, it didn't help that Stoner knocked-off their blow-up fetish doll, Valentino Rossi at Donnington - not just once, but twice - so, like demented fans of the losing team, they went for Stoner - bigtime. Losers. I feel a tad sorry for Matt Birt, so much space to fill and constant deadlines. I have defended him before too ( as well as criticising him and MCN ) and would NEVER suggest for a nanosecond that Matt doesn't do the best job he can. Matt is firing info at us with a shotgun - which can be a bit indiscriminate at times. Many of our fellow-posters prefer the precision approach of the sniper. Like Stoner27, after seeing so much abuse and ignorance over Stoner's health issues last year, I too get bloody antsy with MCN for chucking petrol on this old and enfuriating flame. As to the Rossi/Ducati thing - I am awaiting a call from a buddy to confirm or deny. Will post again 2 moro. Also, I will give you a performance table for the 800cc MotoGP class which shows how good Stoner is. I also feel Rossi is a FABULOUS rider and awesome talent too. Unlike some, though - I don't dissolve into tears, contract behavioural dysentery or slit my wrists when he loses or is beaten by a better performance on the day. Happy Easter.

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