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Steve Farrell  says:

“DVLA made my life hell because I proved they’d lost my licence”

A motorcyclist was charged with fraud after producing photocopy evidence DVLA had lost his bike licence. Marcus Mee, 38, was accused of forging a photocopy of an old driving licence which appeared to prove the DVLA’s records were wrong because it included bikes. Now the case against Mee has been dropped due a lack of evidence and he has just passed...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (01 April 2010 15:47)

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Aug 09

Posts: 127

Szmolo says:

DVLA idiots

Classic DVLA, bury your head in the sand whilst repeating to yourself "there's no problems, there's no problems, there's no problems". These guys really couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery. I'm glad the fella got everything sorted in the end

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Feb 10

Posts: 1366

honwal says:

how do you make sure you get your motorcycle category put on licence, when you have to send it to DVLA

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Apr 05

Posts: 29

mpt600 says:

Civil Servants

Typical Govt. employees. Despoite working fewer hours and getting more holiday than those of us in the real world, they see sick pay as a holiday extension that is their right.

Old joke time;

Q: How many people work in the civil service?

A: About 15% of them.

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Mar 07

Posts: 3215

Boult says:

This irritates

because not 2 weeks ago, when I enquired about avoiding such a problem, I was categorically told, by a representative of DVLA, Catherine at Chester, that a photocopy was not only sufficient but allowable. It's about time that heads started to roll at that place - from the top.

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Aug 02

Posts: 441

snave says:


Simple solution: Have your existing licence NOTARISED before sending it to the DVLA. If the DVLA accuse anyone in possession of a notarised document of fraud, even the allegation itself is a criminal offence, punishable by jail if deemed severe. Most Notaries are attached to local solicitors and their signing off on a document makes it completely legal. Solution to the PROBLEM: Request a NAO review of the DVLA's work. Their claims that there are no problems are lies. As Public Officials they are publically accountable, and should be `rewarded` for their denigration of the reputation of those unfortunate enough to have to use their service with jail time. The National Audit Office has the right to spy at any and every level. The ONLY thing that failing to recognise and deal with this software issue/massive incompetence/criminal negligence is causing is a burden on the public purse. The NAO should seize the houses of the unelected bureaucrats responsible for the lies and deception, charge them and remove their pension benefits. THAT would focus these lazy bastards minds wonderfully...

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Jul 09

Posts: 81


Given that there is categorical proof (and admission by the DVLA) that they have got entitlements wrong, I'd suggest that this evidence would be admissable in court to support the defence.  I like the suggestion of getting your old license notarised.  Might carry a nominal fee but worth it?  Well, it could be cheaper than a few lessons and a re-test.  Oh, and it gives you one up on the people that make the error.

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May 08

Posts: 2

flavrat says:

DVLA tossers

Calling them idiots is an insult to idiots! In the last 5 months of buying a used bike, I still haven't received my new registration. They've managed to lose 3 applications, and the last one was sent by registered post! All I've got is a photocopy of my new keepers supplement as proof. (I had a feeling I would have problems after the first 2 went 'mising' so I photocopied the V5C/2). Glad Marcus stuck in there and got it sorted in the end. Bunch of tossers the lot of 'em!

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Janet the jet


Aug 02

Posts: 63

Apply online

If you have recently applied for a passport you can apply for a driving licence online. You can give your passport number and they will retrieve your photo from that. They aim to deliver your new licence within ten working days, but you have 21 days to return your old licence, cut in half. The overlap gives you sufficient time to check that the details are correct on your new licence before surrendering your old one. I did this in February, and it took them all of three days to supply a (completely accurate) new licence. My previous licence was 1987 vintage by the way.

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Jun 09

Posts: 10

carlthornton says:

DVLA What Are They Like?

I have an old Licence From August 1992 with the same Symbols.I Hope This Helps,Carl

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Feb 10

Posts: 47

stevekwak says:


I had the same problem when i moved back to Jersey, changed my french licence back to my Jersey one and when they changed it they didn't give all my categories back. had to spend hundreds on doing my 125cc full test, theory and cbt and then waiting a year before i could get my big licence back. It sucks but what do you expect with these governments? its all about the ruddy money! went back to france on a day trip and went to their issuing authority and reported my licence lost. now have two licences and luckily could still ride my big bike whilst in france.

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