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Steve Farrell  says:

Are trainers to blame for learners’ test crashes?

Motorcycle trainers are booking people they have never seen ride onto a controversial new test in which scores of learners have crashed. Poor preparation has been blamed for several learners suffering serious injuries on the new riding test. Yet MCN found trainers offering places without making any visual assessment of ability. Our reporter was able to book a test for a month’s...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (01 April 2010 16:16)

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Apr 10

Posts: 10

Biketester says:


@ Chris132; the emergency stop and avoidance start in the same place because that's where the speed measuring equipment is. On the emergency stop you should be able to stop in a shorter distance than the controlled stopping box used for the avoidance exercise.

@CharlieR; as far as wet versus dry is concerned you are allowed a longer distance to stop for the emergency stop when it's wet, the distance for the avoidance is easily achievable when it's wet - providing the rider has had enough training and is good enough.

As far as using judgement is concerned the legislation specifies the minimum speed, not the examiner - you have either made the minimum speed required or you haven't.

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Jun 09

Posts: 32

li4mc says:


As far as i'm concerned if you can't do a simple swerve you shouldn't be riding a motorcycle.

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Aug 02

Posts: 20

artybee says:

There's a Shock


I think kevinm6012 has hit the nail on the head, training companies should do this work for free, forget about people making a living and putting food on the table. People need to understand that these schools are only interested in ripping us off. Forget that a lot of instructors are paid less than some stacking shelves at Tesco. And a lot of this fast-track courses and their problems are down to the customers demand and their perceptions of what it cost. Also forget the bloody terrible DSA booking system that means if you don't grad test you don't have business. The DSA is also is run by a man stroking a white cat and after world domination.
Do you know the other thing that is incredible insurance company are there to make money and insuring me is only their produce...amazing?




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Mar 10

Posts: 48

cardiffmc says:



lol, well I go away for a few days and yet again MCN are at our throats, you want to know who is killing biking look no further than our blessed moral compass MCN.......... lol

There will always be a rouge part to any industry mcn included they try to justify them self's buy shifting the blame and who can blame them, as for the rest of us they have done us a favor, budget bike training..... for fucks sake what do you expect. I have a right to make a living and if that means I can teach someone how to ride a bike and survive out there on road then so be it, I love my job, unlike the majority who post here and most importantly i love my life, i don't need to find a younger girlfriend, i don't need to prove my macho status by having a new child while in my 50's, and best of all i don't have to post the fact i am born again, i never went away and i never will, so if I can make a living from it then why shouldn't I?

Your loved ones life in my hand... hell even if I don't like you I would treat them like my own, but thats just me.


sorry for the rant, but having posted here before i thought i would get the first shot in Mike.

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Mar 10

Posts: 4

Chris132 says:

@ biketester Hold my hands up you are correct I forgot that you don't stop inside the box on the emergency stop.

@ li4mc Well said it really is a piece of p*** dont know what they are doing to crash.

@ kevinm6012 I think everyone realises they are only out to make money but they are shooting themselves in the foot by adding more tests as the sheer cost is putting people off. MCN did an article not long ago about how the new test has massively reduced the number of people talking the motorcycle test.

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Oct 07

Posts: 754

windy12 says:

through experience..

I have never had to weave round cones in real life, with car doors you ride far enough out so if someone opens one you arent going to be hit, swerving in to oncoming traffic will get you killed, the best skills I have developed is spotting out of control mad drivers of cars, easily identified they usually wear a hat, suicidal pedestrians, generally spring about the place like grasshoppers, then boy racers or people who buy a car for its badge and are convinced they have bought the next best piece of machinery to a full race touring car, when in fact it a well sold piece of technological junk, but the reason the bike went round the corner more quickly is because the rider was insane, not the car owner have been conned - again.

The skills are hard to teach, ideally everyone could ride an offroad bike on bad surfaces to experience falling off and how it can happen, but hardly confidence building for older people or the more fragile types.

I think prove that they can operate the controls on a bike in a controlled environment then as many affordable bike runs on the real real road with a trainer is the best you can do.

Car drivers are released with very little training of how not to injure other people, which I think is much worse than everyone else being trained not to get run down by a car.

The common theme that bike riders all think that everyone else is at fault is rubbish as most of us operate both cars and bikes, it is just that we know that cars crush bones and ruin other people's lives and also, I think have a much better grasp of impact speeds than car drivers do, bike riders who drive cars are very aware of vulnerable people near roads in my experience.

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Aug 09

Posts: 127

Szmolo says:

Stop judging others by your own ability

It's all well and good for us who have been riding for a while to take an elitist attitude and say 'If you can't do the swerve, you shouldn't ride a bike'. What I don't think you are taking into account here is that these are mostly people who are new to bikes, and are nervous due to amount of bad press the swerve has received. Ask someone to walk in a straight line - easy, ask someone to walk across a tightrope - the same thing in theory, but not so easy!

I know people who have CBTs, but don't want to take the test because they've read these stupid sh!t stirring articles on MCN and think they are going to die or break bones doing the swerve. I don't quite get MCN's stance on this, I think it's great they're campaigning for the test to be changed, but are putting people off by publishing articles like this one.

I'm sure we've all had a moment in our biking careers where we've been a little harsh on the breaks, run wide on a corner e.t.c. I know my first accidents while I was on L plates was locking the front wheel when someone pulled out in front of me, I hadn't developed the skill and experience on a bike yet not to panic, but still believe I would be in a coffin if I had swerved around the car, rather than going down with the bike. Of course now through experience, I would have checked the mirrors, slowed down and turned into the junction he pulled out of.

Those who want to slate others for making mistakes in my opinion are hypocrites.

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Feb 10

Posts: 17

CharlieR says:

Judging conditions

@biketester - so, if the candidate is going too slow for the test, they fail for not putting themselves in danger?

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Apr 10

Posts: 109

FellRaven says:

Emergency Stop vs Controlled Stop

@biketester - I don't think your statement about these two is strictly correct. They don't actually start from the same place. With the Swerve Avoid and Controlled Stop the issue is that you have to return to your original line before you can apply the brakes. This is because the Box which you have to stop is is in-line with the speed trap not the exit to the swerve avoid. As I understand it, the accidents occur when an inexperienced riders brakes and try to steer towards the box at the same time. Add this to poor weather conditions and you can see whilst not necessarily dangerous is the sort of risk a health and safety executive would rule as unnecessary.

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Apr 10

Posts: 109

FellRaven says:

DSA Official Video

For those who haven't seen it here is the DSA's Official Video. By the way there is no way she is going fast enough!

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