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Steve Farrell  says:

“Bikers are orphan-makers” MP attacked by Labour colleague

The MP who branded motorcyclists “widow-makers and orphan-makers” has been attacked by one of his own party colleagues. Fellow Labour MP Steve Pound, a member of Parliamentary Motorcycle Group, said Barry Sheerman’s remarks were “hysterical nonsense”. The MP for Ealing North said: “Some people should get it into their tiny heads that bikers are more often than not the victims...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (16 April 2010 14:46)

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Aug 08

Posts: 514

KWAKZ750S says:


"If anyone in my constituency is saying that, I’ll come round on my bike and have a word with them.”


Sounds like a threat if I ever heard one!!!

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Sep 09

Posts: 400


We were never included in the original Future Transport Policy when labour came to power because motorcyclists did`nt exist.

So now labour have elevated us to the sub-human level, well thats nice of them. I am surprised they had time to take their snouts from the trough to foul mouth us bikers?

I wish his Lardship well at the coming elections.

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Nov 07

Posts: 180

bird1050 says:


About time an  MP told his follow MP's off well done Mr pound.

I am still not voting labour so up yours brown

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Feb 10

Posts: 1366

honwal says:

typical mp wont say sorry, is'nt it funny when they get stick they say it came out wrong, this man should lose his job because of his comments,

ride happy ride free

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Jun 06

Posts: 14

simon0503 says:

Are we really that suprised?

To me MP stands for Moronic Person...these people live in their ivory tower (aka Westminster), exist in a parallel universe to the rest of us and consider themselves to be above the law of the land. Mr Sheerman seems to think his narrow minded, infantile opinions are important. And the irony of it all? In a few weeks time he will be soon be begging his Huddersfield constituency to vote for him so he can keep his job.

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Fly by night


Sep 07

Posts: 225

Fly by night says:

Oh Boy

What a twit, I wonder if this Barry Sheerman would blame the pensioners for being mugged.

I can just see it now, sheerman saying; those bloody old people should not be allowed out because they cause themselves to be mugged.

Let's all blame the victims rather than the perp.



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Jul 09

Posts: 81

Lack of apology

If he knows his statement came out wrong, why not just apologise?  Simple answer, he's quite glad that he said it, and he meant it.  I'm pretty sure it's stuff like dangerous driving etc and hardened road furniture that causes far more deaths than the 1% of road traffic that is motorcycles.

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Mar 10

Posts: 653

bazablue says:

thieves and liars////...Lying and larceny party...LABOUR  and do please come round my house on your bike wont be riding away!!!

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Mar 10

Posts: 32

cetdac says:

Steve you'd be more than welcome!

I hate the idea its a Labour MP - I could understand it if it was one of Lord Snooty's two faced bunch - I think Steve Pound is spot on saying it as it is - well done that man!

But please give Barry a kick in the gonads!



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Jul 08

Posts: 33

kisersozaye says:

ucking labour

ucking labour,but steve pound alright in my book no matter what party hes from,had enough of motorcycles are widow maker shit,do you know this is statistical fact that people riding horses have more accidents falling off each year,than people riding motorbike(i state motorbikes nothing to do with mopeds),cars,bikes,trucks,bycycles,skate boards thay will all kill ya its all to do with common sense luck,experiance and the law within peoples minds,so this argument to try and restrict peoples freedom via the house of commons,with mps bullshit mamby pamby rightousness has to stop,fuck nanny culture,fuck goodys goodys who believe thay know whats good for us and try to tax our freedom,i love motorbike and i love my country,but if the laws due to mps prevent me from enjoying my freedom on my motorcycle let alone from expressing my self,then uck britain!

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