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John Westlake  says:

First ride: Honda VFR1200F DCT

Phil West, Executive Editor, is near Frankfurt testing Honda’s new VFR1200F DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) which is Honda’s much vaunted and radical new auto gearbox. Phil – a confirmed techno-sceptic – has just phoned through this report “After Ducati’s Multistrada, I thought we’d had enough new radical mode systems for one year but Honda’s new gearbox system matches it in terms...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (05 May 2010 15:55)

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Jul 09

Posts: 123

X1Glider says:

Available for now...

Like many others, I agree that the appeal of motorcycling is being directly connected to it's functioning...twisting the throttle, squeezing and slipping the clutch, clicking the shifter up and down, engaging the brakes separately as I see fit.  I love ABS and am happy to have it on any future purchase but I do not desire automatic clutch crap.  That would just ruin the fun completely. 

Sure you can buy the version with a manual cutch and shift  I shudder to think that this is step one in the plan to condition us to accept getting what the factories want us to have instead of what we want.  Eventually we will have forgotten and just won't know any better as far as they're concerned.  I've personally decided to boycott Honda for many reasons regarding the off-road line not getting any attention but also for making street bikes that maybe only 1% of the buyers want.  They're just missing the mark.  And their arrogance in thinking I'll just go ahead and buy what they decide to make offends me.

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Jul 09

Posts: 123

X1Glider says:


"its got cables too! not sure why they opted for throttle by wire and cables, maybe as a backup in case the electronic side of it played up. but rest assured there are cables on the bike. "

even the yammy has wires and fly-by-wire together.  The cables are simply there as a communication device.  You whack it open hard and the first butterfly opens via cable.  The computer senses a load and determines that you want to get the hole shot, so the computer tells the secondary butterfly to open more and add more fuel.  Or if you slowly open the throttle to 25%, there isn't much load so the computer determines you're just wallowing around in city gridlock and keeps the secondaries open just a little to keep the power down.  Becoming more common on engines these days.  But still, even though you can close the throttle by cable, there is always the possibility that the computer might cock up.

There were laws on the books for years in the US that prohibited computer controlled input on cars because of the requirement that you should ultimately have manual control of throttle, brake and steering for safety reasons.  As computers became more common and proved more reliable, they took the laws off the books, except for the steering.  Then Toyota created the Prius and once again proved that the old laws were a good thing.

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Jul 07

Posts: 7

leecopson2 says:


Fully understand everyone who wants that physical link with their bike, but is this any different from the transition away from manually advancing/retarding ignition and a manual choke? A button is all the physical link I'd need - and I'd probably stop using that if auto mode is as good as they say.

For a (sports/)tourer this is a great addition. I've not seen a negative review from anyone who's actually ridden it. The only disappointment for me is that I thought it was being debuted on something with a proper tank range and some new-fangled impact zone at the front end. If that's out before next year then me and the missus could well be on one.


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Nov 08

Posts: 879

Keep it simple...


Automatic cars aren't exclusive to America, but they are pretty ubiquitous there, and they often come with true fly by wire throttle, hence the succession of runaway issues.  As for shutting the f**k up, I don't think so.  I've got thicker skin than that.

As an electronics engineer, doing a lot of stuff for auto, and it is my view that bikes with substantial engines absolutely need a trusty mechanical or hydraulic clutch as a safeguard.  No one needs DCT.

Legislation has already allowed stupid electronic intervention in cars, like pure ePAS where the steering motor is stronger than you are, and unlike hydraulic PAS it ins't categorically failsafe - it can fight you and win.  The legislation insists on the physical link, the steering column, but it's useless if the motor is big enough to fight you, and it is!  Scary, but cheap.  The makers would tell you that ePAS has an electronic failsafe, but frankly there is no such thing.

X1Glider et all

Much relieved to learn that Yamaha's YCC is really more like YC&CC, chip and cable controlled.  Long may the cable linke remain.

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Apr 10

Posts: 2

Why not?

Never thought I'd like an automatic car until I got one. Now I won't go back to a manual.

So I'm not going to write off the bike version until I've tried it - and I'll certainly wait to see if any early-adopters are being used for long term fault-finding.

Does need a better tank range though.



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