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Ask MCN Where can I buy the MCN Ride Logger iphone app? MCN Ride Logger iphone app

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Aug 02

Posts: 224

SeanW says:

Where can I buy the MCN Ride Logger iphone app?

The MCN Ride Logger can be bought here:

Buy the MCN Ride Logger

More info on here


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  • Posted 5 years ago (07 May 2010 15:28)

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May 10

Posts: 3

sirslarti says:

Feature Request

Awesome little app but could use some more features to justify the AU$9.99 price.  I have my iPhone mounted above my gauges (R1200GS) for GPS navigation etc so reception is excellent but here are some things that would be great.

1. Landcape mode!! (not with accelerometer as it will keep changing every corner)
2. A couple of different Gauge displays. eg. Large analogue with small digital speed display.
3. Sharing of rides.  Be able to upload to the forum or similar a google map of the ride so others can rate etc.

Another awesome feature would be to email/sms/twitter location and speed at set intervals.  I use this feature on MotionX GPS all the time as I often do long rides (last weekend was 3000ks and a few months ago was 1850ks in 1 day!).  It is a great way to share your ride 'live' with family and friends.  It is also a great safety feature in emergencies (need reception though).

Keep up the good work.


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Jun 10

Posts: 1

hotbulb says:

iphone app

Sounds a nice idea.... but why only for iphone? I for one don't want to subsidise Apple's money-grubbing semi-monopoly:wacko:.

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Oct 09

Posts: 1

logunner says:

not everyone wants an apple

Why no version for the Nokia 5800?

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Jun 10

Posts: 2

250NinjaR says:

Good but some bugs

Over all an Ace app!!

Pros: easy to use, plenty of data to absorb, very accurate on a map, most of the speeds are 90% accurate.Cheap, if i remember it used to be alot mroe expensive then £5 no?

Cons: The map can be a bit off, although the route the arrow shows is very accurate on te base map which is the iPhones maps app, the detailed route that shows speed that is dubbed over it can be a little off and in accurate.
Obviously GPS's are more accurate and tend to be 3/4 mph slower then speedos this is shown on here, there are some speed inaccuracies.
E.G, i tend to sit on the Speed limit everywhere, avoiding points, and was shocked when i saw a top of 87mph... in a 30 limit.

But a great app, worth the money!

Changes: Make the mapping more accurate (over lay map), on the speed graph if you move the bar to choose what speed to view make the bar over the graph move when you move the slider, not after (youll get what i mean when you use the app)

Buy it!

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Jul 10

Posts: 1

mark19843 says:


Been using this app for a while now. It's pretty good, but there are definately improvements that could be made.

I was pretty dissapointed that 'sharing' my ride with friends only involved e-mailing them with tops sepeed and acceleration/decelleration. The ability to share the whole route via e-mail or download onto my computer would be great. Reviewing the route on the iphoen screen can be a little tedious!

Also i epxected to be able to use a route that i' captured previously in navigate mode to get me round the route again. i.e. follow a friend on a ride then go out another time and try to follow the same route.

Maybe chnaging GPS sampling rates would be good as well. less drain ont he battery for those longer rides where it's the route that's important not the exact stats.

Any news on what updates are in the pipeline for the App?

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Aug 10

Posts: 1

ducobsessed says:

woe is me

when will this be available in the new zealand apps store?

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Mar 10

Posts: 10

Dravinian says:


yeah to repeat what others have said, would be nice to be able to share or download the map and route you have ridden with or without the stats attached.

Would also be nice to share the results in a way which wasn't 99% advert for the App and 1% actual information on the ride itself.  I posted a ride to Facebook and could barely find any information about the ride amongst the huge amount of writing telling me about the App, I had to delete it as I felt it didn't really pass on any of the information I wanted to pass along.

Really unnecessary as well, if you made that cleaner, people would be posting their ride information all the time and people will be saying, oh that MCN app everyone is using, by making it one huge advert with hardly any information, you put people off of posting it on Facebook thus hiding it rather then spreading the word of it.

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Oct 10

Posts: 1

uberusername says:

Make available in Australia!

Please please please make available in Australia!

This application is the whole reason I've bought an apple phone



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Nov 09

Posts: 6

SIII says:

Android App

Is there going to be an android version released?

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Oct 10

Posts: 2

wider availability!

Why isn't the app available in the german iTunes stores, i.e. Austria, Germany and Switzerland? I know of many people in Austria that would gladly buy the app in the absence of feasible loggers.

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