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Steve Farrell  says:

Is your licence a ‘fake’?

A Motorcyclist says he was treated like a criminal after DVLA issued him with a driving licence containing a hidden incriminating message.  Michael Harris’ licence appears normal until photocopied, when the word “fake” appears several times across the bottom. He is one of nearly four million people to be issued with such a licence in an effort to prevent photocopies...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (14 May 2010 11:35)

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Jul 09

Posts: 81


That is really crap - they can't tell the police how many are out there, or notify anyone who has a licence that is seemingly valid but has fake written on it!  This is an utter disgrace.  Mr Harris almost lost his job and was detained (rightfully I may add) by police who had suspicion that he was using a fraudulent licence.  The fact that the DVLA couldn't explailn IMMEDIATELY means that someone should be in line for a serious bollocking.  Exactly how many other people are going to be at best troubled and at worst caused serious problems by this issue???

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Apr 09

Posts: 18

biker1473 says:

DVLA morons *again*!!

Even back in 1990-1 it was common practice for employers to copy licences for insurance purposes. Only a complete moron would choose to have the word "Fake" rather than "Copy" appear when a photocopy was made.

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Jun 09

Posts: 12

dartmaster85 says:


when i read all these articles here about the licences that go wrong( renewing  and now fake!)

it`s not so bad in the netherlands after all !

the DVLA  really must hate drivers in brittain.

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Sep 09

Posts: 397



DVLA are like the police and the government, a sanctimonious bunch of self-righteous a*******s.

Life is tough enough at present without these well paid and well pensioned  idiots in the way and screwing our lives up ?

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Aug 03

Posts: 56

deadloud says:

Are people thick?   The photocopy IS a fake. The words don't appear on the original 'genuine' licence because that one is 'genuine'. They only appear on a copy (read forgery). Not exactly difficult.

That the police were confused isn't surprising though.


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Mar 09

Posts: 21

Tim158 says:

They have a similar thing in bank notes. You can't use photocopies of those, either. They're all such spoilsports!

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Apr 10

Posts: 198

arryace says:

maybe our new government will privatise DVLA or allow it to be run from Brussells.

DVLA need horse whipping

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Feb 08

Posts: 817

Andy949494 says:

False imprisonment

"At that point she locked me in the station. Then a six-foot policeman appeared and stood between me and the door.”

By the time you factor in the threatening behavior and your complete innocence you should be able to clear enough for a new bike...

Of course the correspondent was too nice. If he was a genuine crim he would come back with the lawyers (spot the difference)...

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Nov 07

Posts: 541


Licence is simply a piece of paper... It means very little. Does the existence of that piece of paper mean that you are actually able to drive? Obviously 'legally' it does but in the real world it means NOTHING.


It is of course rather significant that the Police, the protectors of something or another, don't even know a REAL licence from a fake one any more. You'd think they'd be straight onto their little computers and confirm everything within 2 mins like they seem to love doing when patronising you at the roadside and issuing some bollocks fine for a number plate being 2mm too small...


Guilty until you PROVE beyond ALL DOUBT that you are innocent seems to be the moto these days! Can only get worse the more the reliance on computers grows. Soon you'll not exist if you're not 100% legit according to the little memory disks...

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