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MCN  says:

Poll: Are hyperbikes still relevant today?

It’s 20 years since the launch of the first ‘hyperbike’ – Kawasaki’s awesome 173mph ZZ-R1100 which reigned world’s fastest production bike through the first half of the 1990s until usurped by new hyperbikes such as Honda’s CBR1100XX Super Blackbird and Suzuki’s Hayabusa.    But today we have a new breed of superbikes – awesomely powerful race replicas such as BMW’s S1000RR and Aprilia’s...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (14 May 2010 15:44)

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May 10

Posts: 4

Of course they are

A Superbike is fast and agile but not realy comfy, certainly not if you travel with your wife. Superbikes are too much track bikes, as most of us aren't Valentino Rossi or Leon Haslam. A Hyperbike like my Blackbird is not about the highest topspeed but about traveling effortless at high speeds for miles and miles. I hope the VFR1200 will be available soon in Brazil.

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Mar 08

Posts: 65

lucas66 says:


they are relevant if you need to get to work on time.or if you are in a hurry to see your mistress on the coast. (If my wife is reading this, please omit the last part).but for me its super-sport.

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:


I am a " mature " male and life-long rider that can afford to indulge myself. However, I cannot and will not justify the kind of money required to buy a very fast car - not just any fast car, mind you - a VERY fast car, in the realm of Lambo, Ferrari and the like. That these machines exist is great and long may they live. However, that I can easily go out and buy the sort of performance they offer ( and better ) for very little money is not just great - its frigging amazingly wonderful! That I get wet if it rains and traction and vulnerability can be an issue and all the " go " doesn't pull birds like a supercar does is irrelevant. I am a motorcyclist after all ... Surely we are now in another " golden age " of motorcycling and let's enjoy it to the fullest while we can - before fossil fuels run-out and our big, fast hyper-bikes get legislated out of existence?

To all those posters with negative views on the societal place or even justification of " hyper-bikes ", I suspect you speak from envy, ignorance or a singular bad or passed-on experience. These things are not to be taken or treated lightly and nor are they to be flouted & flaunted in such a way that the overwhelmingly ignorant and biased anti-motorcycle public and police have even more ammunition that we are ALL speed-crazed lunatics with a death wish. On the contrary, " stealth " is the go for these bikes and to enjoy them - go quietly and " under the readar " until you are in an isolated, lonely and safer place to give them the berries and get the full fat benefit of their thrilling performance.

Like modern Britain, Australia & NZ are rigorously policed and have some of the most ridiculous speed limits and draconian penalties in the World. " Speed " and the message that goes with it is tantamount to serious criminality. Speed per se seldom kills anyone but " inappropraite " speed ( wrong place, time and circumstance ) kills heaps. But it is still possible to go out and enjoy with some planning and caution in areas where one is vulnerable. The Northern Territory had NO open road speed limits at all - then the Nanny State and the legislative " experts " stepped in and declared a 130 KPH ( 80 mph ) limit. Since then, NT road deaths have risen quite dramatically. We all know why - so let's not waste space on it. Hells bells, I am quick to honestly confess that I can't ride any of my big, fast bikes anywhere near their potential or their maximum - on the road or a track day. Not mixing up my ambition and ability is why I am older & ugly but still here. Doesn't mean I can't enjoy them enormously.  As they say in the Aviation business - " there are OLD pilots and there are BOLD pilots - but there are NO old, bold pilots " ... So, if you haven't ever experienced one of these things - try them before you knock them. When you twist the throttle exiting a corner, any corner - you'd better have somewhere to go and know where it is - because you are going to arrive there very bloody tout de suite. It's an absolute gas. Cheers

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Feb 09

Posts: 26

Bigdog365 says:

Stupid question

Nobody ever asks if Aston Martin, Porche, or Ferrari cars are relevant do they?  They cost a bloody fortune, drink fuel by the tanker full, and can barely carry more than a bike in terms of seating, yet nobody thinks twice about their "relevance".  As long as there is a market for such vehicles among those of us who have to work for a living, and manufacturers need to develop their product, they will continue in production so surely their relevance is obvious!

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Jun 07

Posts: 486


.............right up until u end up in prison,i`ve just sold my blade,i live in derbyshire the odds of not getting caught doing well over the ton are getting smaller and smaller.i`m sick of looking in my mirrors all the time and now looking up in the sky for that fukin blue and yellow derbyshire helicopter that prowls round at weekends.......i`ve sold my fix so i can`t be tempted it`s a sorry situation but my job depends on my licence. as for fast cars i don`t think i`ve actually ever seen one going fast.........anybody who`s left who likes gunning it good luck and i hope u don`t get caught

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Jan 10

Posts: 6

copco says:

Hyperbikes are more stupid than supercars.

Aston Martin, Porche, or Ferrari supercars cost a bloody fortune, drink fuel by the tanker full, can barely carry more than a bike in terms of seating and, by law, can run no faster than a Fiat Panda on normal roads or highways. So, we all agree that supercars are stupid objects. What else can be more stupid than supercars? Hyperbikes surely do. They suffer the same drawbacks of supercars and, in addition, not even protect from rain and wind. But as long as there is a market for such vehicles among those of us who have to work for a living, and manufacturers need to develop their product, they will continue in production so surely their relevance is obvious. Of course. Who cares if oil companies are forced to pierce the seabed deeper and deeper to meet the oil demands of supercars and hyperbikes? Who cares if occasionally the above companies lose the control of some holes that no one in the world is then able to plug? To the delight of tourists and fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Jun 08

Posts: 56

CarsOrBikes says:


 Of course they are relevant,

They dont have to be ridden in a hyper fashion do they.



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Dec 09

Posts: 63

twobike says:


I have never taken any sought of Drugs but I own an RSV4R and a ZZR1400 and I am adicted to both, maybe more so the Aprilia. Again I don't see the point to compare these bikes as for me they are not even similar. I use the ZZR1400 for fast long distance trips more often than not with my wife as pillion. It's comfortable and quite economical even at high speeds, average over last 5000 miles around 42mpg, includes two Cadwell Track Days. Then there's my Aprilia, brilliant around a track, I removed the rear footpegs and seat as it's not really for two, is it ?, fitted a GP Can. On "B" Roads it's awsome and the looks and sound of the thing are just something very special, can't imagine ever selling either of them, incase your wondering the RSV4R is averaging just under 25mpg, but I didn't buy it for touring.

To me in car terms the Aprilia RSV4R is like a Porsche GT2 (The Widow Maker), you need to learn to ride it and it demands respect with no Traction Control or ABS. The Kawasaki ZZR1400 (ABS) is the Aston Martin DB9, easy to go fast comfortable long distance tourer. That said all the 4 Hyperbikes you mention have one thing in common, when you ride them you will spend more time looking through your mirrors and watching out for camaras on the ground and in the sky, which isn't exactly what you should be doing on such powerfull machines, is it ?

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Jul 09

Posts: 44

zzrbear says:

I'm biased....

I'll say that at the start , but yes they are still relevent . I suspect the Aprilia and BMW are harder to ride than a Busa or ZZR  ( I' ve had both an early Busa and now a ZZR14 ) and unless the sports bikes have really good traction control they're much more likely to buck or slide you into a hospital bed ( or worse ) than either a Busa or ZZR. Its often been said if you can ,own one for a summer and its still true . They can carry a pillion for a start , which I doubt is only a "short lift to the shop " experience in practical terms on a Blade , BMW , Aprilia or R1. We often see female " victims " perched procariously on the back of sports bikes , doubled up in some contorted position, please don't tell me this is a pleasant experience . You can tour on them and as for fuel and endangering the planet , as copco states, well they are'nt really any worse than any other bike , any petrol engine can be accussed of wasting the planets resources . Sure , if you rode a hyperbike flat out for any length of time it would drink a tank at a rate of 18 miles to the gallon and 70/80 miles to the tank , but how often do you think that actually happens ?  Sometimes there's no substitute for cubes and two up in higher gear flexibility comes as standard on these bikes . Also sometimes the buzz of opening her up on straight and putting the world into reverse just can't be topped !

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Feb 10

Posts: 53

TheWookie says:

I certainly hope so. I've just bought a ZZR1100 for £800 1990 model.... I haven't bought it for awesome speed or anything. Just so that I'm not screaming the balls off it,. like I have to when I go hooning around Wales with my mates on their 1000cc+ bikes.. Also so that I can take the missus and some luggage in comfort without having to slip the clutch into oblivion when pulling away 2 up....

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