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Marc Abbott  says:

Boot review: Lewis Leathers Westway boots

Lewis Leathers Westway boots, £325Miles covered/time: 900/two months What’s good? Let’s, for now, disregard the price of these boots, and instead deal with their performance. Save money on motorcycle boots The leather is so supple that they were broken in within 24 hours. They pull off the trick of feeling protective on the bike and feeling like trainers off it. And I regularly...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (18 May 2010 14:47)

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May 10

Posts: 6

ianLives says:


Are they waterproof. Any thermal qualities. Need thick socks?

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Mar 07

Posts: 1464

joeslow says:

Nice boots but....

Too pricey for me.

Should appeal to the belstaff buyers who like to pay through the nose for their kit.

The most I'd pay for boots is £200,  Jacket £300 and trousers £200.

Some of us live within our means and not in the credit card debt trap

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Oct 09

Posts: 3

Grayzy says:

Advert not review

No, lets not disregard the price (unless that is you've been given them free in exchange for writing nice things about them). Some of us live in the real world and have bills to pay. We can't all justify paying over the top for what is essentially a 'fashion label'. I bought my Viking Warrior boots from Bikers Paradise in Coventy over ten years ago and have worn them relentlessly ever since and they're still going strong. Just like your Lewis boots they were comfortable from day one, made in England, and best of all, a third of the price.
The only real reason to pay so much for a pair of Lewis boots is if you're a label junkie.
This isn't a review, it's a blatant advertisement that does MCN's credibility no good at all.

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Aug 02

Posts: 20

artybee says:

By that logic

My dear Grayzy, so are you saying MCN review of the Ducati Desmosedici RR that got 5 star was an advertisement and not a review or even the glowing reports of the 2010 R1 and the new Super Ténéré. To be frank the on reason you by a R1 for road use is because it's a fashion label or your a label junkie, it's all relative. MCN job is to review things so you can go out and buy them, so everything that is reviewed is a advertisement.

MCN job is to sell you something if it not the produce for someone else, it's the paper itself. Indeed, how are you defining credibility if it's - the objective and subjective components of the believability of a source or message. Then I'm sure Marc loves the boot, as I'm sure I would it i could afford them but then I would have to workout what to wear with them. May be some Hood jeans and a Davida Jet helmet to complete the ambiance, it all adds up.

Of course your Warrior where not developed to be smart enough for ceremonial as well as practical duty's, that don't come for free. I could go on..... I am happy that you love your boots.

Indeed by publicising your boots you have become an advert yourself and interesting juxtaposition I think you’ll agree.







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Oct 09

Posts: 3

Grayzy says:

Re: By that logic

Artybee, of course you're right about most things in MCN, bar the news, being an advertisement. I think though you have be careful how you review different items.

Modern sports bikes are so far in excess of the needs of most people that, as you say, most are bought as status symbols. Performance reviews are so irrelevant to the average rider as to be nothing more than entertainment. The average rider is lucky if they can use a modern sports bike at 50% of its capability.

Clothing is different. The average rider can and probably expects to get 100% from it. There is a difference in saying an item is available and praising an item that you've hardly worn, and Mr Abbotts 900 miles is only a couple of days riding to some of us. If you're going to recommend a pair of boots at least wear them for a decent amount of time. I want to know if they're waterproof, how well they wear, are they warm, what's their durability like, etc, etc. If they look nice as well that's a bonus but not a reason for the average rider to buy a pair. Artybee, you may also be right in what you say about me mentioning my own boots. The difference though is that I've paid for these myself (so have no obligation to say nice things in case I jepodise any possible advertising) but also I've 'tested' them for the last 10 years.

People rely on MCN to steer them in the right direction when spending their own money and as such MCN should review products accordingly. A pair of boots that should last years obviously needs more than 900 miles of testing to be relevant. To give them a 5* rating just because they look nice is a joke.

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Jul 09

Posts: 135

chriswren says:

I'm tempted

They look good to me and like the idea that they are not sports motorbike boots and I can wear them out, most of the time I wear timberland workboots but I might pick up a pair next time I'm in town.

As it says they are not for everyone but if you do earn well  why not spoil yourself, you can't take it with you.

and no, I don't have credit card debt.


I only tend to dress up like a power ranger if I am out to give the bike a good thrash, if I'm using it to get somewhere and do somthing, it is nice not to have to competly change once I get there and have the hassel of backpacks or luggage.

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Jan 12

Posts: 7

superevent says:

Lewis leathers

Lewis leathers produce a class product…. it’s as simple as that. I don’t think anyone who owns Lewis boots Jackets….whatever, would question the quality. I have never (that means never) met anyone who owns Lewis leathers kit, ever question the quality. People will, dare I say, slag them off because they are highly priced, and will often seek to rubbish them perhaps because they cant afford them. Loads of things id like, can’t afford, but that is no reason for me to slag them off.

You can buy cheaper kit, that’s for sure. However, put their kit on, try their boots, try their jackets on, and you will say "ya know what, highly priced (expensive implies not value for money) but class kit” You get what you pay for, at least that’s what I think.


I have a pair of Lewis boots.  I love them, they feel good, look good, well made made for a life time, great boots.  Now, having said that it's a compromise.  They are not your "hard core" biker boots tooled up with armour and the like.  If the truth is known they are probably not even serious enthusiast biker boots, by todays standards.  Some would argue, and i see their point....they are just posh boots you can ride a bike in, not particularly (by todays standards) propper biker boots. Too be truthful...really?....they are just that, "Posh rider boots"..... i still love them.  I have little doubt you can buy better "Armour tooled up boots" but lewis offer a great product that frankly, looked after you would not feel uncomfortable going out in.  (personally not my cup of tea...but hey ho) 

Mind you something nice about wearing Lewis boots.

Lewis leathers really is more than buying a pair of boots, more than buying a jacket. It’s the kind of kit you buy once, guaranteed to last many, many years….it class kit. It is not high fashion, it is not the kind of kit you buy and change next year. If you are the kind of buyer who likes to buy, and change and change again then Lewis kit is probably not the right buy. It’s highly priced, would be a waste to buy and just change it because it is a lot of money. However, if you are the type of buyer that likes to buy something stylish, something class, buy it once knowing it will last, and are happy to (in due course) wear kit a few years old (Still looking great mind you) then go ahead and buy Lewis leathers. Highly priced, high quality……class kit that you will never regret buying!

You get what you pay for.

Simple as that.

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Apr 13

Posts: 1

kpb96m says:

Lewis Leathers Westway boots: The harsh reality.

I'm American and love 50s-60s British biker culture. I own two Triumphs. I bought a pair of these boots to go with my bikes. They have the good looks and heritage I was looking for in a boot.

The boots arrived to me in the states from London. The customer service I got from Lewis Leathers was outstanding. The boots looked incredible. But reality set in quickly as I found out how terribly uncomfortable these boots are in real life. By real life I mean actually getting off the bike and walking in them.

The soles have no padding. There is a strip of hard thin leather covering the hard rubber sole that makes up the lower part of the boot. No cushion or padding in a boot? It just doesn’t make sense. Every step you take is felt on the heel and the energy transfers right up to the knee.

There is very little room for your toes. The toe box is very narrow. Not narrow like a cowboy boot but narrow like you just stuffed your toes into a snuff box. The tops of your toes have very little wiggle room.

The backs of your heels arnt protected from the zipper that extends down to the base of the boot heel. Sure there is a small, thin (very thin) piece of leather to keep the skin of your heel from being sawed off from the zipper. But this really doesn’t work. I am positive the person who designed this boot never wore it to see how it feels on a human foot. Its shocking for a boot in this price range to have these bargain basement boot type flaws.

I tried to modify and augment as much of the boot as I could to get around its flaws. I used gel soles, padded socks, band aids, adjusted and readjusted all the straps and so on. With a lot of work the boots can almost be made to walk in. The insane sawing action of the zipper behind the heel was the one demon I couldn’t exorcize however. I really wanted to love these boots.

I don’t give up easily so I decided to buy another pair in a slightly larger size. I wear an 11.5 and had ordered the size 12. Now I ordered the size 13 to see if it made a difference. After weeks and weeks of waiting for my second pair to arrive from London I soon found out I had the same issues. Only now I had two pairs of boots that didn’t fit me very well. I still have both pairs. They look fantastic sitting in the corner of my closet.

These truly are posh boots. Their made to pose in. Buy them to stand at posh gatherings where your chatting it up with other quasi leather wearing moto elitists with a martini in your hand. Look the part. Stand absolutely still in them. Do not attempt to walk more then a few hundred yards or you will need a wheel chair to get home.

I was compelled to write this because of the outrageous statement made by the author, "The leather is so supple that they were broken in within 24 hours. They pull off the trick of feeling like trainers". The articles sole purpose is to sell the boot, not review it as it really is, as most of you know. I needed to say my peace for those of you who do not know and are thinking of buying these expensive pieces of kit. There are better boots that actually protect your feet and are made to wear daily for half the price out there. You don't always get what you pay for. I don't regret buying these boots. I now have real British boots that were made in England. That still means a lot to those of us in the states who don't see a lot of truly British made goods.

Lastly, I don't want this to look like I'm complaining or being negative about British quality. My two Triumphs are absolutely bullet proof. I proudly wear the British flag on my motorcycle jackets and have it emblazoned on the tanks of my bikes. I just wanted to shed light on the boots for those of you who might be tempted to spend the money you could have used to pay your rent with  : )

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