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Steve Farrell  says:

Speeder cheats cameras

A motorcyclist has repeatedly cheated speed cameras by covering his number plate with his hand. The Yamaha TZR125 rider has been caught on speed camera several times but has obscured his number plate on each occasion. A police spokesman said: “This rider has committed various offences in the Plymouth area and needs to be located and spoken to.”  

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  • Posted 5 years ago (20 May 2010 17:23)

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Nov 08

Posts: 879

Not this old chestnut?

YellowNinja, even cheap cars outbrake expensive bikes, wet or dry.  Think on next time you're behind an basic family car - if he really slams on his anchors you'd better have a big enough gap or a way round or you'll use his rear bumper to shorten your wheelbase.

Bikes may have grippier front tyres than cars, more compliant suspension, lower unsprung masses and powerful fade resistant brakes - which all to the good - but, and here's the big but, they carry their CofG too high and stoppie too easily, especially sports bikes with their mass centralised CofG tucked up under the rider's belly.

In short, bikes are too short for ultimate stop/go stuff.  In my experience they wheelie too easily as well, so you'd have your work cut to out accelerate (below 100mph) something like a TVR Sagaris, or outbrake any decently shod family sized car.

As for the nutter in the picture.  Oh dear.  The sooner he's rounded up, ticked off and forgotten, the better.

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Apr 09

Posts: 25

BigKatDaddy says:


Will he still be laughing, when he gets his ban, I wonder.

Also what if something happens whislt this twat is concentrating on hiding his number plate.  He has upset the balence of his bike, he has no clutch or true brake control (try braking hard one handed and see what happens). He is an accident waiting to happen, and and other statistic nail in the coffin of our freedom.

I have a sense of humour, as I'm sure chipmonk does, but this is not funny, it's just plain stupid !

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Jan 10

Posts: 17

DeucharsMc says:

Good on him. About time someone had a laugh with these stupid cameras. He is not doing any harm other than upsetting the traffic cops who had their personality’s removed.

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Dec 09

Posts: 12

LouG says:

Some cars may outbrake bikes in the dry, but they're not shopping basket type cars.

As for out-accelerating litre plus bikes, you can count the number of cars that can do that on the fingers of one foot. Remember the Top Gear test of a CBR600 and an Aerial Atom? On paper the Atom was quicker to 100km/h, but the bike still killed it.

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Nov 08

Posts: 879

shopping basket cars

Off topic really, but some shopping basket cars will outbrake exotica in the dry, mostly because the compliant suspension, sqidgy tyres and looser body control aids weight transfer and front end grip (at the expense of cornering agility).   There's got to be lots of £15-25k cars that will outbrake £8-45k bikes, even before it rains.

Out accelerating is something else, but my point is that up to 125mph or so the superbike is still limited by that high CofG, not by it's power to weight ratio, and there are one or two cars that can run close to the bike's wheelie threshold.

Not for the public highway though, which brings us back on topic.  To the young fool, stop it, go hide under a stone until you've grown up.

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Aug 02

Posts: 6

elseanno says:

You people & your cameras

WTF is it with cameras in the UK? You fuckers spy on yourselves and each other all the time and then get torqued if someone sidesteps a bullshit rule or hides from the camera.

How about getting a real cop to patrol? The cop can determine if the guy is dangerous and ticket/arrest him if need be. I'm amazed at some of the responses here. I pray that "He will be caught" was tongue in cheek. If that's from a real person you guys should kiss your own asses good bye now. Asking others to turn him in is... beyond comprehension.

Good luck, and stick it to the man!

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Nov 07

Posts: 541

Good lord...

'Wheelies' are now to be viewed as a bad thing?


'Stoppies' too?


I ain't yet met one car on the road that's nailed my tiny little innocent ZX6R. A Porsche came close once (VERY close!). A litre bike would destroy virtually everything whether on a back wheel, front wheel or both wheels.


Anyways... Back to the roads of reality. Little fellow is simply sticking his fingers up to 'the establishment'. About time more of us done it! We are constantly bombarded with 'anarchy would be the result' but that is just bull. What happened BEFORE the micro-management of our lives? Did we have anarchy? Er, no. A lack of 'anarachy' from the beginning has allowed the state to farm us all into little serving robots who turn our noses up and apply peer pressure to those who fail to comply or live within the same little boxes.


Through neurolinguistic programming and social engineering we have become 'state supporters'. Break the mold people and realise that the words that you are using and the justifications for your actions are not actually your OWN but ones that have been cleverly installed over an extended period of time and which are 'tweaked' for optinum returns and compliance.


It doesn't matter how many people debate the 'lack of control' or 'the dangers presented' or 'he WILL crash sometime in the next millenium'. The clear evidence is that he has hit nobody, he hasn't crashed and NOBODY knows the future. The rider is having a cheap laugh at the stupidity of these crazy little cameras which have been installed to generate money and make people feel bad yet have been sold as some kinda 'safety device'... Pull the other on!

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

cheeeky chappie

Okay, so he's going through a camera too quickly. And? The trouble with this country is that we're ingrained into believing the exhortations of our so called elders and betters. Fufhuksake people, are we not all INDIVIDUALS? Think for yourself, speak for yourself, BE YOURSELF. Stop rolling over and playing dead whenever some twat in authority starts on about snitching on these "anarchists". Fukkem, let them  earn their wages and convict this obviously dangerous  terrorist. As for our colonial commentator, the minute you get out of the clutches of the state controlled mind set which has been imposed on you since the Cuban missile crisis, you can start gobbing off about "mannning up", until then, wind your pallid neck in. Or is it a red one? Yeeehaa little dawgy! Go on, back under your stone, Cletus. Thangyoop.

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Dec 04

Posts: 27

edenv says:

speeder cheats camera

Who gives a shit,this country is obsessed with banal trivialities,to the police spokesman get a f--king life and lets hope the torries chop your public sector job.

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Nov 06

Posts: 22

LEV42 says:

My lad got his YZF-R 125 two Sundays ago.....a week later he got caught 'Speeding' on a straight road at 22:00 Sunday night with no other vehicles on the road and conditions good. The police officer didn't even fill in the 'Producer' correctly and apparently let my lad off with an offence of over taking a lorry earlier. Instead of just giving him a rollicking for going a bit fast the officer laid down he law, which is why most of us love them so much. Discretion is not in the eyes of the law, because the copper obviously had nothing else better to do on a Sunday..... I hope when he got home there was his mate shagging his wife.......with his truncheon!!!

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