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Steve Farrell  says:

Bike-jackers pounce at petrol station

A motorcyclist has told of being attacked by three hooded and balaclava-wearing bike-jackers at a petrol station while staff failed to call the police. Dramatic CCTV images show the rider being dragged off his Yamaha R6 and kicked and punched to the ground by two assailants while the third attempts to start the bike. The victim, who was wearing his...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (24 May 2010 16:05)

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Nov 03

Posts: 470

kl595 says:

Count yourself lucky they weren't armed but good on yer R6 owner! I'm bloody pleased you kept your bike and gave the thieving hoody weasels a taste of their own medicine. 

Turds like this never get caught. These bastards need setting up. The same goes for bike thieves in general. Stick a GSXR1000 in a parking bay and wait for the theiving scum to try and knick it, then pile out of a parked transit and batter the f*ckers.

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Mar 04

Posts: 1

virtualt says:

If that had heppened here in Florida they would have got 2 x 9mm bullets each in the chest, left England 18 years ago, and it has turned into a complete Nanny state, where the criminal has more rights than the victim.

If you folks don't get off your appathetic asses and vote some pro gun people back into parliment you will stay enslaved.

An armed man is a citizen, an unarmed man is a slave, stop being slaves, it's so unsightly.


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Apr 10

Posts: 59

Gixxer1000L0 says:

name and shame

name and shame the petrol station - that way we can all avoid it.

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Apr 08

Posts: 3042

AdieR says:


"thought they were playing"? Yep, of course. You see an attack like that, and do nothing, and assume its just "play" - in a zone with thousands of litres of flammable liquid - WTF?

That attendant wants firing, s/he is obviously useless. As I once heard it put, "not doing anything is as good as taking part".

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Feb 10

Posts: 1953

SlowLearner says:

Virtualt: guns

Yeah, that's right - everyone should have guns! Oh, but then we'd have a dead biker lying on the ground, because the criminals would have been using guns too. I know you've got it all down in America with the gun thing, but you get 30,000-odd people shot dead every year, while we've only got a hundred or so. But yeah, wouldn't be great if everyone had a gun? !! NOT !!

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Feb 10

Posts: 1953

SlowLearner says:


That's right... a biker shows up for petrol with a bunch of his mates (who aren't in an accompanying vehicle), and they start throwing each other around - happens all the time! I mean, I regularly pack 3 mates on the back of my bike, without helmets, who pretend to fight me at petrol stations. Gosh, whacky bunch us bikers, eh? The staff should be prosecuted for failing to report a crime, reckless indifference, or whatever... Christ knows there are thousands of new laws to do people for. One of them has got to cover this shameful failure to help a person just yards away, in full sight, being robbed and assaulted. Good on this guy for having a bloody good go of them. Probably just as well he didn't injure one of them, or he'd find himself in the dock.

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Feb 10

Posts: 4003

halftank says:


Britain may be a "nanny" state as you put it, but i can say that i'm proud to live in a country where the ordinary beat cop can still patrol his / her patch armed with nothing more than a radio and a baton.Ok armed crimes here are on the increase, but compared to the open lunatic asylum that is the United States of America, relatively few and far between. The gun crimes here seem to me to be a part of the pathetic rap culture the USA seems to breed, and poisons the minds of the youth. The American people make me laugh with their cries of  bring our guys home ,from whatever conflict the US government causes around the world saying, that their boys are dying needlessly in some god forsaken hole, for gods sake take a look around the streets of America, it's the same with your citizens,killing each other for some stupid reason or other. No, here in britain we are not slaves, we are on the whole a free nation, we don,t walk the streets armed to the teeth,expecting a 9 millie in our backs, as part of every day life. Keep your pathetic gun laws etc. LAND OF THE FREE.....Don't make me laugh,, RULE BRITANNIA    ALL THE WAY

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Jul 09

Posts: 102

easytargets says:

ban hoodies

We have to react as a society to criminalise anyone hiding thier identity from the public in a public place. If you wore a mask you would be a suspect but this insiduous hoodie fashion is a gift to crims like these who would have thought twice about commiting this crime without hiding thier identities. If gas stations won't allow us in with helmets then they should strongly consider banning hoodies as well. Europe is moving to ban islamic headgear that hides the face (for other reasons) we should ban these things.

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May 07

Posts: 97

incognito96 says:


the 3 should be hung ,fair play to the biker shame he didn,t catch one and pour petrol on him and set him alight,these ppl are just scum,never done a days work to pay for anything.

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Jul 08

Posts: 46

stormrider66 says:


Well done to the rider fighting off these scumbags, the attendant must be a f*****g muppet "thought you where playing," the dick head.

Pity been left with a bill to get the locks changed over.

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