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Steve Farrell  says:

Bike-jackers pounce at petrol station

A motorcyclist has told of being attacked by three hooded and balaclava-wearing bike-jackers at a petrol station while staff failed to call the police. Dramatic CCTV images show the rider being dragged off his Yamaha R6 and kicked and punched to the ground by two assailants while the third attempts to start the bike. The victim, who was wearing his...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (24 May 2010 16:05)

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Oct 04

Posts: 2970

Spire says:


Please tell me he didn't leave his keys in the ignition whilst he went to pay.

Opportunistic scum. 

Can't believe what it would cost for new locks alarm and immobiliser.  Think I would just replace one of them depending on what each cost.  Probably the locks

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Jun 09

Posts: 842

No mate he didn't leave the keys in, they waited till he put the keys in then pounced.

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Jun 06

Posts: 43

exsup says:


So the petrol station attendant thought they were just playing around and did not call the Police.??
I just wonder if the attendant was not in on the attempted theft of the bike maybe he knows the gang and tipped them off how to steal a bike or a car from the forecourt.

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Nov 04

Posts: 3832

750FLYER says:


Another trigger-happy yank... Bang bang -shoot first.. then ask the corpse what it wanted!!

Fucking idiot and brainwashed into believing in the gun laws by a govt that go out and shoot the rest of the world up and look at the mess that you've dropped us all in... You should be apologetic!!!


Well done R6 owner!!!!!

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Aug 08

Posts: 8

RanveerSP says:

petrol station attendants

I can't believe the attendant thought they were playing... how thick must he have had to be to not realise they were tryna nick his bike. Feel sorry for the guy as having defended himself and his R6 he's now been landed with a huge bill.

Well done for standing your own!! It's a shame Shell decided to hire that numpty!

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Jun 08

Posts: 137

Ridefree says:


Bloody Hell! Good job he left his helmet on, isn't it!

Don't think this was oppurtunistic, it was planned. So it's going to happen again isn't it? Was the "coned off area" nearest the entrance door, so anybody paying would be further from their bike???

Have Shell and the other petrol station companies, informed or trained their staff how to deal with this?

Anybody know??? Has it happened here before???

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Dec 09

Posts: 32

cbr9429 says:

petition calling!!

Anyone interested in taking Shell to court over negligence? Any lawyers anyone?

Im sick of hearing stories like this.

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Apr 09

Posts: 25

BigKatDaddy says:

Poor victims

I guess the biker can count him self lucky that he hasn't been sued for assault in the poor little victimes that were just trying to help him start his bike. It really was a charitable act, and he reacted in a most violent manner, in fact he ought to be lock up. B****y bikers are all alike......

More Seriously though, this just goes to show the state of he country, when you are far better off letting the crooks take what they want, and then claim it of the insurance. Mind you would the insurance then pay out, as you didn't take suitable measure to prevent the theft, i.e. didn't have 6 armed bodyguards in attendance.

I getting sick of crap state of our judicial system, where the innocent get punished, and the crooks get away with everything. 

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Jan 08

Posts: 876

KimLondon says:

I live about a mile from there!

Yay! Hurrah for my local scummy neighbors.

Right. What idiot says this situation would have been helped by giving everyone guns? How on earth would that have helped? Unless you actually wore your Ruger 9mm in a holster on your biking gear you'd have to unzip your outfit to get it out. Do you think that these lovely young men would wait for you to unsheath your weapon? No, they'd have shot/stabbed you first. Remember - gun's don't kill people, rappers do.

Well done to the biker dude on the forecourt, and sorry you've got a problem with your key now. If I were you I'd put the bike up for sale and get another one, that'll sort out the key issue.

And as for everyone saying "this country's gone to the dogs" and "they'll get away with it" and blah blah blah just shut your moaning tedious faces and f**k off. If you don't like it here then you know where the airports are, nobody's keeping you here. Just get out and stay out because I'm sick of whinging pathetic old farts who seem to believe that this country is a shithole and just complain all the time.

In fact, just kill yourselves. Do the rest of us a favour and put some stones in your pockets and walk off a bridge or something.

I like this country. I like the people. I have a great old time and the biggest problem in the UK is the stinking layer of misery that just brings the rest of us down.

Yeah, sure, bad things happen. Bad things have always happened. We've always had criminals, and there's always been a nasty side wherever you go, but things are no worse now than any other time. It's just that we are all getting are older and some people cope by becoming more miserable and more scared of the world so do us all a favour and give it a rest.


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Mr. Luck


Jan 08

Posts: 44

Mr. Luck says:


Helmets: good to have if you come off, great for sticking one on thieving south london scum and putting them out cold while you cover them in unleaded and light them up...... the only good bike thief is a crispy & toasted bike thief crying for his momma.... 3 on 1 he should be f**king proud of himself, nice one pal....

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