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Steve Farrell  says:

Video: 140mph speeding biker

Footage of a speeding motorcyclist hitting 140mph has been released by police. Kent Police says the rider is one of several caught using its unmarked video bikes.The force has released the footage as a warning ahead of the Ace Café’s Margate Meltdown run on Monday.      A spokesman said a 37-year-old-man from Eccles was banned for 12 months, ordered to do...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (27 May 2010 16:51)

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Jan 10

Posts: 14

DinoDino says:

140 mph biker

Hmmm. I agree that speeding to this extent is a little over the top but from the video, apart from the speed the rider does not apper to be driving recklessly or dangerously. I don't see him tailgating, gesturing, flashing lights or sutting up etc. It does not do the reputation of bikers generally any good at all though.

I would like to know , given the comments of the police force, how many car drivers have been apprehended using this method or is it another anti bike initiative? I think we can all, car drivers and bike riders, that the vast majority of anticocial and dangerous drivers are actually car drivers. The main "offence" of bikers seems to be speed which is not always in itself dangerous or antisocial. Many young car drivers however seem to drive in an aggressive manner and indeed threaten the safety of pedestrians and other road users.

Ride on


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Sep 08

Posts: 498

Although he seemed to be in control and didnt apear dangerous that was a bit stupid on in the middle of the day. If your going to do those sort of speeds do it away from watching eyes. This vid is why i sold my zx and went back to naked bikes. p.s I really want that coppers job, getting paid to race people! How qualiy is that!

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Feb 10

Posts: 47

stevekwak says:


What I want to know is,

Was the undercover cop initiating the race? I mean come on, the rider of the GSXR 750 was more than likely goaded into racing his bike against this undercover cop.

Yeah it was a stupid thing to do riding your bike at those speeds on a public road, but the fact is these police on unmarked bikes do pull up next to other bikers and rev their engines wanting to get us in trouble by us racing. Word to the wise, if someone pulls up next to you revving his engine, ignore him/her and just ride sensibly.


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Sep 08

Posts: 142

ryan46little says:

DinoDino "over the top but from the video, apart from the speed the rider does not apper to be driving recklessly or dangerously" can you not see the wheelie at 35 seconds in?

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Feb 10

Posts: 37


i fort the sentence was much better than some i have heard off (no jail etc) and i would not ride like that on the road and some time i think i push it too much,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but i did feel the police officer chased him a bit, entrapment maby a little, i got the impression he was just out for a ride with his mate then saw the officer fort,,"il show him"=bad idea,,, he slowed down and pulled over on two occasions looked like he was waiting for the police bike to go past and maby leave him alone,,,,,and i didn't see why the police didnt flash the old lights when he went up to 100mph the second time, avoid dangerous ridding,,, and also it was only the police bike that did 140mph,, and when they did seemed to be catching up with the rider,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in all the bloke was ridding a dodgy, and too fast considering the conditions (as in lots of cars about), but i saw no reason the police could not have pulled him over 6 points and a fine, would have slowed him down a lot and not messed this blokes life up,,,,

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Mar 09

Posts: 743

bikerbit says:

arrest the cop

here's the problem I have with this did the cop have his lights flashing when he was doing this if not then he should be done just like the other rider as it is illegal for the police to go at that speed with out its lights on if the guy did have his lights on then fair cop the guy was riding like a bit of an ass

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Nov 07

Posts: 540

A 'wheelie'...

... is dangerous driving?


Surely for their to be a dangerous element there has to be 'someone' or 'something' in danger?


The cop should be sentenced the same as the biker. He posed the same risks and indeed 'incitement to race on a public highway' should be winging it's way through his letter box.


Only bit I don't really agree with entirely is the 'undertaking'. It's a bit close and although it's completed quickly he should have been nearer the inside of the road 'just in case'.


I agree that the motorcyclist DID appear to want the follower to 'fcuk off' by slowing to let him by, shows that he didn't really want to continue riding like a nutter but the copper seemed to sit there and try and spur him on.


Personally. DON'T STOP. Take a S.172, 6 points and a fine.

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Jul 09

Posts: 103

easytargets says:

whats the problem?

I think the guy on the Suzuki was riding well. The copper should have booked one or two cars for poor lane discipline; the wheelie was a bit gratuitous but seemed well controlled. Road positioning was good, awareness of other road users seemed reasonable; he even allowed the cop occasion to overtake him on one once. Only real criticism was failure to use indicators. If he had been driving a BMW sallon while texting his lawyer/accountant mates and playing with himself the filth wouldn't have cared.

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Jul 08

Posts: 190

zephyrdave says:


The problem is that at 140 mph he was going about twice as fast as anyone would have been expecting him to. We're all happy to complain that drivers don't see us but at that sort of speed we don't really give them a chance to. Anyone of those drivers changing lanes without indicating would have wiped that guy out even if they had bothered to look in their mirrors because he'd have been a dot in the distance when they saw him.

And if you can't control your throttle hand because there's another rider behind you then you should either grow up a bit or stick to the play station until you can. This is exactly the reason we're at the crappy end of police enforcement and government legislation. Want to be left alone to ride your bike? Then don't draw attention to yourself. 

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Oct 09

Posts: 3

r6nutter1 says:


i agree with zephyrdave. we're at the shit end cos the amount of bikers who think they can ride like this all the time. doin nearly 90 through a set of lights, and barely allowin the black saab to pull out the way before overtakin, and barley gettin the front wheel down to undertake a focus is reckless. I also agree that it did seem like the officer was eggin him on a bit n im guessin that the officer was just given a pat on the back n whilst the other officers were watchin it with him they were sayin "whoooaaaw, look how much were doin! Cool!" ive bin no blue eyed boy, but in my opinion, this guy was out of order n is very lucky to get what he got. lets just enjoy our bikes n stop lookin for other people to blame for own stupidities. then maybe, the police will leave us alone n we'll get more respect.

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