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Steve Farrell  says:

Video: 140mph speeding biker

Footage of a speeding motorcyclist hitting 140mph has been released by police. Kent Police says the rider is one of several caught using its unmarked video bikes.The force has released the footage as a warning ahead of the Ace Café’s Margate Meltdown run on Monday.      A spokesman said a 37-year-old-man from Eccles was banned for 12 months, ordered to do...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (27 May 2010 16:51)

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Nov 05

Posts: 1

nelmslie says:

Lane Discipline?

Ignoring all the speed stuff I was not surprised by all the numpties in the outside lane overtaking absolutely nothing. As another poster says, why do they never get pulled? Because there's no money to be had from educating but there's plenty to be had from geeing this guy up until he posted a big number.

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Nov 09

Posts: 88

ginganz13 says:


There was plenty of opportunity/reason to stop this rider way before it got that dangerous. It's outrageous - Would they have taped a sexual assault & kept going till the rapist shot his load? What  hypocrisy too - the rider in front was dangerous but it was safe for the persuing officer? - utter bollox - they think we're all fucking idiots.There is only one explanation for this - Blatant propaganda to justify the revenue gathering that has grown out of all proportion to ANY reduction in accidents.


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Aug 06

Posts: 29

fivebyfive says:

Grow up, you lot

nc30nutter has it exactly right - And here was I thinking that bikers had above average intelligence, knowledge and reason, yet so many of these posts could have been written by Daily Mail readers. Someone writes "- they think we're all fucking idiots." and then goes on to prove it!

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Apr 09

Posts: 2733

BUSA666 says:

Police Entrapment

nothing more, nothing less.... go solve real crime you lazy pigs, oink oink

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Apr 09

Posts: 2733

BUSA666 says:

Chief Inspector Andy Reeves

Chief Inspector Andy Reeves said: “The unmarked bikes are a significant asset in our drive to tackle dangerous and antisocial use of vehicles...


maybe they should get a unmarked bike to stop murders, rapes and muggings first, or are these crimes low on the agenda ?    oh i see no revenue in it .

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Feb 09

Posts: 324

suzukimad says:



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May 10

Posts: 3

kinglouie277 says:

Wipe those tears away BUSA666...

Dear BUSA666 and other banging on about Police entrapment and what an unfair cruel world it is where the Police are just trying to meet targets and are out to get bikers and its a government conspiracy and everyone hates us and blah blah blah... NO ONE MADE THIS GUY RIDE AT 140 AND UNDERTAKE LIKE A DICK. He had it coming, go to a track if you want to ride like that. It's not Police entrapment, an officer will use his judgement to evidence the offence as fully as possible to avoid the rider trying to get off on some loophole at court later. I'll spell that out for you a bit clearer... they'll film until they've got enough to make sure the rider is knackered and will get a big punishment, hence the idea of releasing these videos as a deterrent. This video has already caused some discussion on here, and if that means people reading this think twice before they open it up then then it's done what the Police wanted. Well done Kent Police, we're all better off with this guy riding the bus.

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Sep 07

Posts: 2800

James600zx says:

Speeding biker.

Not supporting the entrapment idea, but 42 seconds in and he's already popped a wheelie, undertaken cars and exceeded 100mph, all on video. That's enough for the courts so why not pull him over then instead of letting it continue? Makes no sense at all.

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Oct 05

Posts: 112

RichieRotten says:


Seemed Ok to me just a bit fast. No one had to brake late No one swerved As for undertaking well keep to the left unless over taking and stop hogging the fast lane, nothing worse than some one hogging the fast lane. Gives a bike no choice but to undertake.

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May 09

Posts: 4

arDon says:

Why did not the pig pull him as soon as he broke limit . Probably cause he likes to race at speed and he by following that way incited the biker to thing he was racing him 

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