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Steve Farrell  says:

Video: 140mph speeding biker

Footage of a speeding motorcyclist hitting 140mph has been released by police. Kent Police says the rider is one of several caught using its unmarked video bikes.The force has released the footage as a warning ahead of the Ace Café’s Margate Meltdown run on Monday.      A spokesman said a 37-year-old-man from Eccles was banned for 12 months, ordered to do...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (27 May 2010 16:51)

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Jun 10

Posts: 1

bikertomm says:

That.. Sucks. Lol

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Oct 07

Posts: 754

windy12 says:


just another tosser on a sports bike, unfortunately there are a few of them that spoil it for the rest.

He proved he has mastered the talent of twisting a throttle, we are all in awe at him.

I dont understand the scene of racing down a straight, I understand a sports bike at Cadwell or weaving over the flowing moors, blasting down a dual carriageway, no.  There is a Corser driver type mentality amongst a small group of motorcyclists on sports bikes which doesnt exist with other types of bikes.

I agree with others, the Police should have pulled him over properly when he slowed down, I do not see why the Police bike also slowed behind him, it was almost as if he had been given a brief of getting some good video to promote the bike catching a biker, at the potential cost of the public's safety.

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Jun 10

Posts: 21

speedy231278 says:


Why did the copper not pull the bloke over after he was speeding in the 50 limit, but instead stick to his backside and goad him onto going faster later?  This should be investigated as it's blatant entrapment.  The same tactic is used by the Police in the US.  See an offence that's relatively minor, then see if we can push the culprit into something we can fine there more for.  I love the way they moan about antisocial riding.  Was the copper not doing 140 too? lol

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Feb 08

Posts: 275

Trumpton3 says:


A colleague got done allegedly doing 110mph on a dual carriage way, so he took a police rider day. In between 5 police bikes he could not beleive they did 113mph............ :-o

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Jan 10

Posts: 17

DeucharsMc says:


Ok agree that PC Ratface should have stopped this bloke earlier, rather than let him keep going. Would Ratface be able to show the IPCC if the bloke crashed towards the end of the footage that he had been following him at speed for so long? I bet Ratface had a hard on when he got behind this bike and no doubt has showed the footage to all his rat featured tosser mates. Bet he has cracked on off while watching it!!

I have seen far more dangerous riding than the footage Kent Police are offering. Guess they all got excited about the speed recorded. Check your mirrors for these twats.

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Sep 09

Posts: 391


Rookie Talk.


so from one bikesafe and a couple of your mates having done one, your an instant expert. Yeah yeah.

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Nov 08

Posts: 871


for the unmarked police rider to undertake at 99mph in a 50 zone (41s in) without blues and twos or least flashing headlights.  What that car driver saw was two riders riding like tw*ts, and both their actions reflect badly on all of us.  The officer's determination to goad, and thereby collect evidence of ever more serious offences, effectively amounted to racing on a public highway.

I want idiots off the road as much as anyone else, but this could have so easily resulted in tragedy, in a way that visible patrol enforcement would not.  I understand both their motives, but in this case I see two misguided fools.

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Mar 09

Posts: 22

jmcbr says:

Anyone endangered? NO

Never have I seen such feedback on anything on mcn web. The pig on the bike was doing what pigs do. Collecting taxes and trying to justify their existance because most of them are incapable of getting a job where you need some skill to do it, also the same as the rest of us (speeding) except they have imunity. The pig was speeding too and will do tomorrow and the next day. He's doing what we're not allowed to. Speed in the wrong place is stupid, mostly for ourselves because sometimes we come off the worst in hospital but in this case I didn't see anyone swerve, brake or being inconveinenced and definatley no pedestrians, infact the guy slowed down several times when there was traffic. Personally I thought he was quite smooth, predictable & safe. How come speed in Germany is acceptable but here we're referred to as maniacs? Is it because we're living in a country of fucking morons that are so incompetant we can't cope with more than 30mph? We live in a nany state where "driving miss daisy" is worshipped and people who are far more competent are treated as militants and aggressors. Safety is not the issue here guys so waken up, it's about breaking the law & how we can use the law to screw more money out of those that have an income and can be squeezed more. TAX, Nothing more, nothing less.

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Sep 08

Posts: 12

Fat_Tony says:

+1 imcbr

no one was hurt, no one was stolen from, no one was inconvenienced

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Anonymous  says:


I was caught speeding by the same undercover police officerlast year a week after this guy. I was riding with a friend who was on a 125 and the officer (who was wearing a blacked out visor) over took him in an attempt to get in the gap between him and me. It forced my friend to slam on the breaks and swerve. Then as the officer was all over my @ss, accelerating and breaking and sitting on the left and right hand side of me. I made the mistake of opening up on a straight after overtaking a BMW (I indicated, the officer didnt) to create a space, but the undercover bike was again up my @ass. The road was clear and there were fields either side of the road. Nothing coming. I then slowed down as I came up toward a village, poodled round the corner and then through the village and round another corner where I decided I had had enough and pulled over to wait for my friend and to let the maniac passed. the thing is that on his statement he said i took a hairpin bend in the village at "about 90MPH"... wow, id love to be that good. the corner is a first gear corner with grit and crap all over it... you would be luck to to 25MPH round it and even then it would be risky. Anyway, I got taken to court and had to go through the whole ban thing etc... plus have my name splattered about the local media (even before I had received the actual ticket!!). The police had released everything to them and stated that I was guilty (what happened to innocent till proven guilty??)

I think that the way that the whole thing was handled was wrong... Ok - fair cop, I did speed, but If he hadnt behaved like that, I would have stuck with my learner friend and would have bearly gone over 58MPH. Plus the whole releasing details.. just wrong.

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