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Feb 10

Posts: 469

djpert1 says:

Would anyone ride without bike trousers?

Got a 13 mile commute but find it a bit annoyin having to take off the biker trousers when I get to work and then put em back on again. Not v practicle either as I work in a cramped call centre and all my gear gets on everyones nerves. Would you ride with biker jacket, helmet, gloves and boots but just a normal pair of jeans? I know it isn't safer but dont wnat to stop ridin to work. The only good thing that happens during the day!

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  • Posted 5 years ago (27 May 2010 23:57)

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Feb 10

Posts: 4003

halftank says:

Never Man.....

Not wi' my legs.....:lol:

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Sep 08

Posts: 5198

Jeni4 says:

Have done in the past

and just kept praying I didn't fall off :lol:

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Oct 04

Posts: 2970

Spire says:

How about

Some that you could wear when you get to work?  E.g. Draggin Jeans.  That will offer some protection.

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Jul 08

Posts: 4516

ninjachica says:

Kevlar / Dragin Jeans

I live in Spain.  In the summer, it is far too hot to wear leathers (often 35 degrees).


I always used to wear full kit, so here I now have bike Jeans.  I know it's not as good as leather, but I also know I change my style of riding when I have them on.

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Nov 09

Posts: 143

AJS500 says:

I do..........................

I often ride in ordinary jeans, or chino's etc.  I use my bikes for transport, and if I had to change, or put overtrousers on every time I go out anywhere it would take away some of the convenience of it for me.


I wouldn't advise anyone to do so, but in these days of Nanny state interference it's good to still have a choice.  If you don't think the risk is for you, what about fitting panniers to your bike, and when you get to work put your overtrousers, jacket etc in the panniers / topbox?


Ride safe,



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Nov 07

Posts: 279

urbmark says:

Its a tough.....

One to call.

I do occasionally wear jeans but I never feel right and indeed feel venerable . However wearing my leather trousers with all the padding is not very pleasant either especially when its hot.

But if you take a look at the cruiser fraternity, they all wear jeans, red wing boots, white T shirts with a leather waist coat  ( I guess I'm stereotyping here !!) But I do feel quite envious sometimes.

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Aug 08

Posts: 340

BadD0g says:

I wear

I wear full leathers to work everyday and just get changed, but i'm foruntate in that I have room for all my stuff :)

I just bought a pair of Draggin Jeans at the weekend for when I'm just goin to a mates or something so I don't have to get changed... as someone else said, I don't ride as hard while wearing them as they're not as padded as leathers and your knees are vulnerable... but they're really comfy.  I wore them two days straight and even slept on a sofa in them - they're just like normal jeans! :)

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Jul 08

Posts: 452

carbonni says:

I wouldn't

Have thought about it due to the getting changed at work then getting changed to go home when everyone else just gets in their car and drives off...but I soon catch them up down the road anyway.

If anything, I'd consider something like draggin jeans but deff' not normal jeans or combats. Would also only wear them if I knew I was going to take it very steady.

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Nov 04

Posts: 3840

750FLYER says:

Ride in what ya wanna matey..

In summer I often nip about town in a shirt and shorts or often jeans too.. I know if I come off i'll hurt myself and it's a risk i'm willing to take.. I ride over-carefully and trust myself.. I know there's always the other driver but at low speeds I don't see it as a problem.

If I ever go out of town I wear protective stuff as the speed will be higher.. Do you ride thru town or countryside to get to work??

It's all about your head mate I think.. If you ride in jeans just to make life easier but don't feel safe doing so then you will ride un-confidently and this may contribute to something bad occuring so always ride in what you feel relaxed riding in is surely the best option... Bollocks to your work colleagues.. would they rather you leave a helmet in their way or see you lose skin and spend time in hospital????


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Aug 02

Posts: 29482

Kamchat says:

If your commute

is mostly through town and does not involve high speeds then I would not have an issue with wearing jeans ... If it involves distances on open country roads, M/ways etc. were you are likely to be travelling at higher speeds I would wear leathers. If you come off in jeans at speed they will be removed in a second and then your skin will follow at an alarming rate .. trust me ... been there got the T-Shirt (and the skin grafts :winkie:)  

It's your choice though. :winkie:

Three month's off work .. if I had been wearing leathers I would have been back at work the next day. :winkie:   

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