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Guy Procter  says:

Readers warn of Nigerian bike buying scam

Kawasaki W650 owners Fiona and Andy Menzies are warning private bike sellers to be vigilant after narrowly escaping being swindled out of £4500. The Kinross couple had advertised their W650 online for £950 when they were contacted by a prospective buyer with an apparently German address ( He promised to send a cheque with a view to picking up the...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (28 May 2010 16:44)

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Sep 08

Posts: 498

oldest one in the book. I have had this happen twice but both times it was obvious, they were offering about four times the amount of the bikes worth etc. I think they should just ban the blooming nigerians from useing the internet

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Apr 10

Posts: 198

arryace says:

not very original

i can't believe any one would still fall for this one..................

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Aug 02

Posts: 1002

ANichol says:

bank problem?

As ususal, banks want it their own way both ways. Surely, if they clear a cheque and then it bounces this should be their problem. Reckon this kind of scam would die instantly if it were banks that lost out. How long are we expected to wait for a cheque to clear before its ok? Or do we wait the rest of our lives waiting for a sudden retraction of the funds?! What a f-ing farce

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Jul 08

Posts: 264

stevyamy says:

Stupid or Naive

If people continue to fall for this sort of thing they really deserve to get done.


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Aug 02

Posts: 20

knowlep says:

Crappy Banks

I agree with ANichol. Either a cheque is cleared or it's not. How can they tell you its cleared and then withdraw it ? It should be illegal.

BTY this really is an old CON and it's time folk wised up.

I'm off to Belgium next week to collect £500,000 in a lottery I didn't know I'd ever entered -  I only had to post £500 cash in an envelope up front for the security van to meet me there - BARGAIN.

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Nov 05

Posts: 41

cascadeair says:

Bank Scams

I agree w/ Anicol; either a check is cleared, or it is not!" The government ought to step in and make it law. Even if the bank says they would have to wait more than a month; it would be better than having them be able to take your money any time. How long are we supposed to wait? SIx months? A year? ANd yes, be supicious of everyone.

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Apr 05

Posts: 29

mpt600 says:

Been there, done that...

Advertised my CBR600 here on MCN about eight years ago. Had an email from Nigeria asking me my best price and he'd send his agent over with a cheque. I ignored it of course, but the story is they come over with a cheque for the bike price plus say, £1000, and blame the mistake on their secretary. You pay the cheque in, it clears, you give them your bike plus £1000, although sometimes they're happy with just the £1000 and never return for the bike. Maybe six months later your bank claws the money back.

This only really happens in the UK because our banks are so far behind the rest of the world these scams don't work anywhere else. I'm hearing lots of talk about tighter bank regulation; they should start by sorting this out. As others have said, when a cheque clears, there should be no comeback.

But people should just beware. A few years ago a load of Amercian colleagues started receiving emails from Uday Hussein, asking for help to get $10,000,000,000,000,000 out of Iraq, for which they'd be paid 1% commission...they all come from Nigeria, and if ony 1 in a yhousand fall for it it's worth it to them.

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Feb 10

Posts: 47

stevekwak says:

old news

There is also another scam where they ask you to pay their ticket, then they will pay you back when they pick the bike up.

If there are mugs out there who are that simple and don't see a scam when it is smacking them in the face then they deserve to be ripped off.

If they don't live in your country and are not willing to show up for the bike with CASH then don't even reply back to them. I just sold my CBR for cash, and refused a cheque! then went and brought a new bike for £4985 in cash. If they tell you they can't give you cash then assume they don't have the money to begin with and the cheque is going to bounce all the way to the bank then to the police station

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Mar 10

Posts: 9

hawkeye1 says:


The first comment by bluehazeboy simply displays ignorance.  Please tell me how many Nigerians you know personally or perhaps you've been to Nigeria before? yes? Its so easy to paint a whole country with the same brush. Yes, scamming from Nigeria is endemic and is a big problem, however I am Nigerian and recently bought a bike and was happy to hear from the seller based in cambridge that I was by far the most pleasant person he had dealt with. Anyone receiving emails in broken english should beware, Anyone being asked to transact with Western Union should beware, especially if it involves shipping or inflated cheque payments. For a lot of people greed or an urgency to sell can result in abandoning all common sense which leaves them open to the crimes carried out by these scammers. In my opinion cash is king. However there are also good alternatives such as chaps, and faster payments (electronic tranfer). Nothing at all is gained by insulting a whole country because at the end of the day I can assure you there are countless brits that wouldn't mind shafting you at the slightest opportunity if it involved making a buck.

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May 10

Posts: 2

lezboss says:


your not the only one with olic/thomas they tryed it with me too under a few different email addresses so the best thing to do is just google the name of the email and you won`t believe what comes up!! . two german football players !! i also had a 19th century doctor , a physics professor amongs`t many others so just google anyone with a yahoo address .its happend to me every time i addvertise on a web site run by a popular motorcycle paper .....

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