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James Sharpe  says:

Motorcyclists are ‘pathetic’ with ‘immature obsession with speed’

Daily Mirror columnist Paul Routledge has sparked controversy by calling motorcyclists “pathetic” with an “immature obsession with speed.” Routledge said it is, “time for old bikers to hang up their leathers,” instructing them to “grow up and realise that the roar of a 600cc bike is the whisper of death,” when complaining over the number of bikers who took advantage of...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (01 June 2010 16:04)

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May 10

Posts: 12

nss5pjs says:


I have been riding a motorcycle for 35 years.  I ride every day whatever the conditions and have seen and experienced things that just couldn't have been possible in a car. I live in the USA and have seen a great deal of this country from the seat of a motorcycle.  I am proud to be a motorcyclist, own five bikes and spend most of my free time wrenching on them as it's a break from teaching aeronautical engineering.  I enjoy power, enjoy speed and enjoy all things mechanical.  It's my passion and has humbled me over the many years of miles. Over 100,000 at this count.  I know people who make me look like a light weight in all aspects of motorcycling and have doubled my milaege.  They are descent proffesional, successful middle aged men that have ridden all their lives. 

Mr Routledge is a sad example of a growing population of ignorance. How does this man keep a job writing for a  newspaper??  Mr Routledge get a life Sir and please stay out of other peoples business. 


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Nov 09

Posts: 88

ginganz13 says:

Porno Mo

Idiots  like this are one of the reasons I moved to New Zealand. Mr Porno Mo should realise that the obsession with speed is what has driven mankinds development -  you can bet this fat self -satisfied git doesn't walk very far...

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Aug 02

Posts: 60

Eldar says:

He's the pathetic one !

i'm 55 so i fall into his middle aged or older bracket , the thing is i'm not trying to be a "cool kid" because i've been riding for the last 40 years and not just on hot sunny weekends but every day of the week all year round to work and back . and yes i do ride a 600 , and it does'nt roar the whisper of death ,it 's the whisper of freedom from being stuck in traffic ,possibly behind a very sad frustrated erm... person like yourself , so don't pidgeon hole me or tell me to hang up my leathers (textiles actually ) and looking at your picture i dont think you ever had the chance of being "cool" when you were a kid ,hmmmm ...maybe mum and dad warned you to stay away from motorcycles .

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Mar 08

Posts: 45

Charro says:

Paul Routledge Journalist??


Paul Routledge a tosser? No he’s just an aging journalist under pressure to produce a story that justifies his by-line and salary, and he’s chosen one of the easiest targets, motorcycling.

Nothing new here just the same old same old going the rounds in quiet news periods.

A bit like this describes:

Not being the type to pass up the opportunity to bung in an insult! BTW Paul where can I get a dead caterpillar like the one under your nose.

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Apr 10

Posts: 198

arryace says:

no he hasn't

sorry MCN but he hasn't caused controvasy because no self respecting individual reads his column in fact if you hadn't relayed his comments by tommorow it would have gone unoticed as his column isn't even fit to wrap my chips in.

did we ask for his opinion? no

do we value his opinion? no

does anyone care what he thinks? no

the daily what????? never heard of it

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Jun 08

Posts: 137

Ridefree says:

Good motorists

I spent this BH weekend in an open top sports car instead of on my bike (don't ask!). We toured from N Wales to SW wales and back, and were passed by many bikes (and some HGV's), I don't drive the car fast so drive it well instead (hopefully). As every bike passed I thought "lets think objectively and try to judge my own and other motorists reactions. Without exception, from the well ordered group of m/cs with camping gear who passed me between Newtown and Llandrindod Wells on Friday to all of those out on Sunday, to the Spanish guy touring the UK on a BM - the riding was excellent. The car driving particularly on narrow Pembrokeshire lanes was mostly dire, mainly ignoring passing places, poor road positioning, lunatic overtaking on double white lines near the brow of a hill, pathetic hill starts etc. The other symptom of poor car driving standards was that people kept trying to race with me - overtake if if you want to, but don''t  overtake then slow down! The other symptom of some sort of psychological problem was that whilst I drop back and towards the inside of the lane to allow bikes to overtake or filter, most other cars bunch up to make overtaking difficult. .An Englishmans home is his car - pathetic.

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May 10

Posts: 19

aaustin2911 says:

classic comment of a victor meldrew

So a boring old columnist trys to justify his boring existance critising bikers, I am 42 commute and go out in groups at the weekend on my VFR800. Was at Margate meet just this weekend.

Most of the crap I have to deal with is weekend car drivers who haven't a clue and commuters in cars who sit in the fast lane with both inner lanes clear and ignore the highway code --- then complain when the biker finally undertakes them becuase they are to stupid to move --- Maybe this guy should get a life or a shoval and go bury himself instead of wasting ink.

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Mar 10

Posts: 4

03Ollie says:


This guy is another one of those jokers who thinks he can force his own moronic opinons on others.  Why don't these people get their own lives rather than trying to ruin ours

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Apr 09

Posts: 2733

BUSA666 says:


had to laugh at the pic... looks like he set off without changing his colostomy bag, and it burst.... lololol

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May 10

Posts: 102

Bebobobob says:


i thought pathetic was dressing like Milton from office space

(excuse the fact it is just an insult, i decided to replicate the content quality of his published work, 95% bitching and a breif mention of something that might be news, but only because it backs up the bitching)

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