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James Sharpe  says:

Motorcyclists are ‘pathetic’ with ‘immature obsession with speed’

Daily Mirror columnist Paul Routledge has sparked controversy by calling motorcyclists “pathetic” with an “immature obsession with speed.” Routledge said it is, “time for old bikers to hang up their leathers,” instructing them to “grow up and realise that the roar of a 600cc bike is the whisper of death,” when complaining over the number of bikers who took advantage of...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (01 June 2010 16:04)

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May 10

Posts: 7

hillfish says:

what ignorance..

just another ignorant clueless plonker who knows nothing about biking but unfortunately is feeding this bullsh*t to a mass of even more ignorant clueless plonkers who read and agree with it!!.. it's hard not to be wound up but what do you do??!!

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Oct 05

Posts: 100

simple solution

dont buy the sack of sh1t  Daily Mirror

they lose sales


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Jun 09

Posts: 3

reactiv8 says:

Public Perception

Mmm, like it or not this bigot partly reflects public opinion ... Some of what he says is also true - Middle-aged men, and I am one of them should act more responsibly ... Even if I could afford it, I wouldn't buy the fastest bike any more - Perhaps I've 'grown up' or (just old)? I live in The Marches on the Mid-Wales border and every sunny weekend 'troops' of part-time weekend heroes flock west past our house, and even my perception of them ain't great - I just think 'SAD' ... If you love bikes, then ride one more often, not just out posing with your mates ...

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Apr 08

Posts: 3042

AdieR says:

"chequebook journalism"

writing any old crap to earn a salary.

How about the teenage chavs in modified Chavmobile Saxos/ Fiestas etc who wrap their bloody cars round a tree after sliding off a wet road because they've over-estimated their "skills" and under-estimated how slippery a wet road can be?

Oops, that'd insult the public at large who buy the rag and instantly lose sales....

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Nov 03

Posts: 470

kl595 says:

It's all a matter of perception and personal opinion Mr Routledge.

I know a few people like Mr Routledge who say things like "I hate bikes" and "bloody bikers, they are a menace".  Comments like these are often a rash generalisation based on the perception of an individuals activity and making a collective guilty by asscociation.

The comments, made by Mr Routledge, are pathetic and immature and not the activities of those he attempts to criticise.

As a journalist Mr Routledge should know better than to print his personal views in a national newspaper. Stick to the facts and act like a responsible, mature adult Mr Routledge. Then again, that's probably why you work for the Mirror and not as a political correspondent for the BBC.


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Mar 10

Posts: 653

bazablue says:


passed him sat in his car on the M25 all lanes solid,couldnt stop to discuss was too busy filtering through it all and wishing Id took the car!!!!!!!        WHO is he?

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Feb 09

Posts: 4759

philehidiot says:


He may get paid to write inflammatory clap trap but he's certainly not going to get a job as a slogan writer. "Think Bike" is so much more punchy than "Think about other people, rather than your immature obsession with speed". I bet he's one of these prats who does 30mph in a 60 limit and takes 5 seconds to move off from the lights in rush hour, thus causing 3 or 4 extra cars to be stuck. There's speed and then there's making progress. Some of us are mentalists, like car drivers, and some of us just want to get places without suffering dawdling, close minded morons who are too busy thinking about what kind of idiotic filler they're going to shove into their rag. The best part of the mirror (caps missing by intent) is that it's cheaper than bog roll. And I ask you, since when did having a teddy on your pillion seat make you a cool kid?

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Mar 10

Posts: 46

fabCB says:


Hisa comments have been fuled by the sort of antics i saw this morning on the way into work..... 30mph limit, built up area, heavy with trafffic and pedestrians all on our merry way to work... he stops infront of me at a pedestrian crossing... lights change, so he thinks its a good idea to show everyone how decent bikers really are.... pulls wheelie.. accelarates at full power only to have to slam brakes on for the next set of pedestrian lights that were on red!  way to go.. you complete twat!

These are the antics MP,s and columnists thrive on!!!!

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Feb 08

Posts: 817

Andy949494 says:

Obsession with speed?

Yeah right! So that's why I run a 250! I get overtaken by golfs and astras all the time. What makes my blood boil though is that this biggot can preach his hate unchallenged. If he targetted most groups of people he would be arrested as inciting hate crimes... Maybe it's time we emailed his office en mass until he retracts this...

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May 10

Posts: 114

coxyjm says:


Looking at this bloke, he probably drives a Prius, and talks on a phone without hands free, and has clearly never been laid, with the size of those goggles on his head i am suprised he has ever seen his own minute penis. GET A REAL JOB i hear the circus are hiring.

i wonder who paid him to write this stuff.

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