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James Sharpe  says:

Motorcyclists are ‘pathetic’ with ‘immature obsession with speed’

Daily Mirror columnist Paul Routledge has sparked controversy by calling motorcyclists “pathetic” with an “immature obsession with speed.” Routledge said it is, “time for old bikers to hang up their leathers,” instructing them to “grow up and realise that the roar of a 600cc bike is the whisper of death,” when complaining over the number of bikers who took advantage of...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (01 June 2010 16:04)

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Feb 09

Posts: 69

BlackPrince says:

SOME Bikers DO have an obsession with speed!

Who are the people who go >150mph on the motorway? BIKERS! (I can guarantee you that no Porsche driver will have balls big enough to do that, even from the safety of a car). Bikers frequently ride in a way that makes them seem crazy and I can understand it when cagers have problems with us. Granted, this is certainly the minority, but I think the impact of that minority should not be underestimated!

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Jun 06

Posts: 14

simon0503 says:


Mr Routledge...were you bullied at school? Do you have a tiny weener? Do you live on your own? Do you have many friends? Do you feel unloved or unwanted? Someone who could write such uninformed, ignorant shite is simply masking their own fears and inadequacies.

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Aug 09

Posts: 301


People who wear black rimmed glasses, have ginger moustaches and a comb over are pathetic and need to lighten up. Mr Routledge, you're obviously not a biker or of the adventurer disposition. We do it because it's fun, some people like it need action and risk in our lives, we're the explorers, we're the people that want to see what's in the next valley. You however are the sort of person that no doubt like sitting at home doing a crossword or playing with trains every weekend, you stay at home. Effectively we're the traders and explorers of a village and you're the farmer.

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Mar 06

Posts: 73

colinS2R says:

This guys just a another useless prick forcing his bitterness on the general public, sexual frustration by the look of him, best just ignore him

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Sep 05

Posts: 24

jcbenbow says:

Yet another cretin trying to tell us what to do!!!

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May 10

Posts: 4

sacman106 says:

Waste of time

I could spend the next 20 minutes writing insulting comments and derogatory observations about this person. But I shall not. I shall not stoop so low as to comment on a subject I know nothing about. It would achieve nothing and in fact would most likely play directly into Paul Routledge's hands, incitement of persons to gain a reaction. Helps sell papers.

He clearly does not have the apptitude to research the statisitics or report statistics in an impartial manner. Hence working for a 'downstairs toilet' print like the Mirror. He has the right to aire his opinion, but not the right to consider himself correct. Paul, grow some and do your home work. We, as the greater majority of bikers, are sensible road users who on occasion may appear to be risk takers. However, I can assure you that any person, with the right attitude, has far more road skills and apptitude than any 'run of the mill' car driver. This gives you the IMPRESSION of danger. It is not always dangersous. The fact remains, as bikers, we are ALWAYS thinking of other people. Simply because if we don't, we end up as a statistic.

Put up or shut up!

Thank you.

p.s. I bet he picks his nose and eats it. 

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Jul 08

Posts: 452

carbonni says:


I haven't got an issue with anyone having an opinion on some bikers being careless, crazy, stupid or whatever as the same can be said for some drivers, cyclists, joggers, walkers etc but how are these columnists, who can proove to be so influential to so many, allowed to run a column in a national newspaper displaying such a generalised view on bikers without anyone stepping in to prevent it?

Mr Routledge fails to include the detailed reasons for the three biker deaths so is he assuming these unfortunate people were 100% to blame and even if they were, was it due to them speeding? Even then, does this justify his generalisation to all middle-aged (and older) bikers?

Bikers need to be protected more from these sorts of people.
Maybe it all stems back to jealousy?

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Feb 10

Posts: 10

ConnorN says:

Jealousy Me Thinks?

I wonder if he's just jealous that when the weather picks up he has to sit in a cramped office while bikers are enjoying themselves. He's a complete idiot and wants to spoil it for the rest of us, but has failed.

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Sep 09

Posts: 94

Rumple says:

He should have gone to Specsavers.

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Aug 02

Posts: 28

mattof says:

Save me from ending up looking sad and tired like him

I taz around like a teenager just so I don't end up feeling like he looks.

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