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James Sharpe  says:

Motorcyclists are ‘pathetic’ with ‘immature obsession with speed’

Daily Mirror columnist Paul Routledge has sparked controversy by calling motorcyclists “pathetic” with an “immature obsession with speed.” Routledge said it is, “time for old bikers to hang up their leathers,” instructing them to “grow up and realise that the roar of a 600cc bike is the whisper of death,” when complaining over the number of bikers who took advantage of...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (01 June 2010 16:04)

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Feb 10

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Feb 10

Posts: 129

DrVibrafly says:


I'm sure this twat used to write a column in the Beds on Sunday or one of the old local papers from where I used to live in Dunstable (I know there's a few guys on here from the area, am I right?).  Anyway the guy has obviously either a) never had a motorcycle, b) had a bad experience on/involving one or c) had a run-in with Ogri - he does look like one of the characters don't he?

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May 10

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onlybugwit says:

Paul Routledge

I am 64 years old and I've been riding a bike on and off since I was 16. I don't ride because I have an obsession with speed I just love riding a motorcycle. Has this man stopped driving because he has reached middle age, does he only drive because he loves the sound of the exhaust and the impression of speed ,,,,,,,of course not. The man is obviously an idiot.

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May 06

Posts: 119

magmann says:


I think I understand the mind set of drivers like Routledge. They travel along in a stupor on autopilot at what they have decided is the 'correct' speed, generally oblivious to what is around and behind them. The 'correct' speed is the speed judged to mean minimum effort and minimum concentration and the minimum need for flexibility and adaption. If another vehicle makes a fast overtake, particularly a motorcycle, it will jolt them out of their comfortable little stupor and they hate it. Hence, they hate US. We all know that there are bad and aggressive drivers and riders and good riding adjusts to road conditions and traffic volume. Those that  whinge about open road speeds are usually slow, poor drivers. We must all be mindful of making mistakes and constantly adjust, but motorcycles are meant for making progress, not to travel at 50mph in a 60mph zone. He obviously feels threatened and resentful and then makes a newspaper column out of it----pathetic! He probably also feels threatened by good journalists--if there are any around!

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Jun 04

Posts: 13

snelling123 says:

Geriactric Twats

Did this bloke make any mention of the geriactrics clogging up our roads traveling at between 25 & 40 Mph, causing snaking tailbacks of numerous other motorists who do not make any effort to pass when opportunities arise as they are sure to encounter another such snaking tailback within a mile or so. I just spent 6 hours in a car traveling a route that tom tom said should take 4 following such snaking tailback led by the inevitable geriactric leading the pack. Still I did manage 54MPG in a Golf TDi which I've never managed before, average speed was 36mph despite my heroic death defing overtaking maneouvres.

I sold my gSXR100 last year cos I got so pissed off with following the old twats!!!!!  Living in Mid Wales I  rearmed myself with an Aprillia Dorsoduro and now only go out mid week avoiding weekends like the plague at least that way I can get some enjoyable riding despite the caravan traffic now starting to appear on the scene.

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Mar 05

Posts: 65

Darowyn says:

News columnists are pathetic

It is time for old columnists to hang up their word processors. They need to grow up and realise that the roar of a thousand irate readers is the whisper of death. How often do we read one of the vast number of columnists who took advantage of any topical or seasonal opportunity to leap into print with reams of invective on any subject that crosses their tiny, closed minds?
(MCN is not immune either!)
Writing about bikes and bikers as if every one was the same is “pathetic” and “idiotic”, and I would advise newspaper columnists to, “Think about other people,” instead of their, “immature obsession with creating spurious 'controversy.”

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Jun 10

Posts: 4

isit says:

He's right

Well sort of, I should grow up and be less obsessed with bikes and (safe) speed. But I'm not going to. It's called freedom you Daily Mail Nazi.

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Apr 10

Posts: 8

Wordsmith says:

What a sad man.....

What's the matter Paul - thinking about how life's passing you by as you sit in your tin box in the traffic?  You're entitled to your opinion like everyone else, however I for one am not even slightly interested in hearing it.  I know, I know, your own life may have little excitement other than having a little rant in your badly written column, but guess what?  I care not a jot what you think.  I'm going out now for a ride on my large motorcycle in the Highland sunshine.  Because I can.     

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Nov 09

Posts: 24

Morgano says:

grow up

journo talking blah blah blah with a whiff of B.Sh2t again. Everybody remembers at school when one boy or girl spoilt the fun for everyone... Gonna treat us like kids. Well "You should've gone to specksavers then sir!!" ha ha ha

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Aug 02

Posts: 6

elseanno says:

Sad old man

As i've aged riding, I've come to several realizations:

"It's better to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow" .aving a . Meaning pushing the limits of yourself and your bike is fun (and sometimes the point) so on the street a slower bike turns out to be a better choice.

Non riders don't understand. Most of them never will. Sometimes I feel sorry for them. Other times, when they try to legislate against riding or run me down I feel contempt for them. Ultimately, they will never experience the joy of counter steering through miles of mountain roads, smelling the trees or the sage... or the ripe Blackberries on HWY 49 in California. They will never know the feeling of riding through Death Valley at Midnight with 100 degree wind cooking you or going over Tioga Pass with crisp chill of 27 degrees and a golden sunrise at your back making the Yosemite Valley glow majestically.

Many non riders are afraid and resentful. They are afraid to ride and they resent you for your freedom. You know the freedom of riding. You're willing to risk all and enjoy life. The sad little man who wrote the article resents you because he's not happy. You represent what he can't or won't do.

Don't let a sad fearful old man bother you, ride the fucking wheels off your bike!




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