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May 10

Posts: 3

dazblackburn says:

car drivers

Is it me or does the standard some car drivers seem to be getting worse, whats the worst thats happend to you ?.

ive had all the normal stuff car just pulling out without looking changing lane without checking ect ect.

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  • Posted 5 years ago (02 June 2010 07:53)

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Mar 10

Posts: 30

spearhand says:


Portsmouth to Runcorn and back last weekend on my ER5 which is nearly all motorway and you see some rank bad driving. What gets me is cars braking on the inside lane before getting onto the deceleration lane when there isn't a queue! Mind you it wasn't shit drivers that nearly did for me but the three pigeon strikes.



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Dec 09

Posts: 31

weebar3 says:


i am with you on the indicator thing, followed this old prat home last night, indicactes to turn left, turns left, then drives for over a mile with the indicator still on, before cancelling it out to turn right!

for the love of god! how can you drive all that while with the effing tick tocky noise! surely he could hear it?:wacko:

and what's with driving in the middle of the road when they see a bike behind them to try and stop you overtaking them?:mad:

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Sep 09

Posts: 256

twicky999 says:

car drivers ...

I recently failed my car test. (got my bike which is much more fun). I failed over a silly little thing. I believe im a really good young driver because i have been riding bikes for a while. 

But a girl i know passed her car test first time and when she was on a dark road she thought she had to turn her lights off when every car when past!!!!!!!!!! 

And they pass people like this!!!! 

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May 09

Posts: 535

thehossdog says:


yeah the whole slamming on brakes on bends had me screaming blue murder at the weekend, it was constant and on every bend as this c1 negotiated the road coming back from tarbet.

its brutal at times.

no indicators especially at roundabouts is another that does my head in.

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Feb 09

Posts: 119

mattdaytona says:

My pet hate

Drivers who sit on 40 on national limit roads and then when they get to a village and a 30 sign keep doing 40.  As though 40 is the maximum and minimum limit everywhere.

I do not speed through villages.  Open road with no potential for children I have no probem but with these f***ers going through a village at 40 I cannot overtake then when village ends I am stuck behind again!


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Feb 10

Posts: 151

davejp84 says:


I was riding to work today and happened to ahve a rather impatient Lorry/truck driver sitting behind me, about 1 foot at most revving his engine at me.

Obviously slightly off put by the huge thing that could squish me with no trouble, i stalled.

At this point the driver beeped, then swung over to the right lane and forced his way through the traffic - his 3 foot high wheels coming within 2 feet of me.

That i wont forget in a hurry

what a wanker, should not have the licence IMHO.

Before i started riding, i was forewarned about the car drivers (being one myself, i see th odd thing now and then) but didnt think much of it, since on the road riding, i realised how blatantly stupid and arrogant some car drivers can be.

All part of the fun of being on a bike i suppose :upset:

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Oct 09

Posts: 681

robbie7334 says:

nissan micra drivers

Ratty yor ded right there fella my mrs drives one of them doodle bugs.And she drives ded slow jus come out of the village shop one day saw a silver micra hedin twards me with about ten cars behind it (yep my Mrs):lol::lol: Ibet they were so pissed off dont no if u no the wye valley road from monmouth to chepstow but there are very lil oppertunities to pass if yor in a car but great on a bike :biggrin: rgds Robbie


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Dec 09

Posts: 8

car drivers

wooo time for a rant.....

today all i wanted to do was nip into town to pick a few pieces for the gf up as she was working i was playing anyway only out 2 mins and old man in front decides he wants to try his brakes for what reason i dont know...

i pass him give the finger and plod along 10 minutes later in town and heading to get parked a woman at junction looks left then pulls out looking right at me with a gentle wave.

i get parked up do my shop come out only to find the twat parked next to me picking my bike up (thanks for the dent) a couldnt b arsed arguing called it 50 quid got on me sorry looking 125 and pissed off home.

the journey home was just as bad tho a grandad driving at 15mph scared of the speed humps he pulls off i think am home and dry boy was a wrong 2nd to last roundabout hopes are high then bang twat on outside lane clips kerb bounces over taking me out luck enuff driver on left noticed what happened and let me cut him up i pull in as mirror is lying in road thinking he wud stop...

old guy had another idea left scence driving over me mirror

all that in 20 minutes damn am going out for day tomoz whats gonna happen then.:winkie:

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Jul 08

Posts: 452

carbonni says:

Another hate

I also hate when you're stuck in traffic and can't filter and the car in front of you always seems to be the one that can't keep moving at a slow walking speed so they keep stopping (quite suddenly) each time the brake lights come on from the car in front of them rather than controlling their speed. Wouldn't mind but when they do it with a good car's distance between them and the next car along, it just pi$$es me off - especially when it's pi$$ing down and there's loads of puddles around.

I like to keep my distance and keep rolling when I know the chances are the traffic will move on but these people make it impossible and it's stop/start all the way to the junction, then I get past em!

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Aug 02

Posts: 14

toastie15 says:

car driving smokers

I hate the idiots who like to throw their fag ends out the window. Years ago while filtering through greenwich one way system one landed on my lap, you should have seen the twats face when I threw it back in his window:biggrin: I think everyone should have to spend some time on two wheels before driving a car. Will give them some idea what it is like on a bike and what to look out for.

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