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MCN  says:

Video: Yamaha FZ8 v Monster 796 v Shiver v Street Triple v Z750

The middleweight class has expanded in all senses this year, with the appearance of three new larger-capacity bikes: The Yamaha FZ8, Ducati Monster 796 and the revised Aprilia Shiver 750.  They're all hoping to beat the class-leading Triumph Street Triple and good-value Kawasaki Z750, but are they up to the task? Watch the video to find out. // By...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (02 June 2010 10:40)

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May 09

Posts: 508

speedo007 says:

I like the FZ8 but...

at that price it should be ahead of the bunch. Yamaha will have a hard time growing their market unless they adjust their prices.

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May 10

Posts: 16

marktt04 says:


It seems to amaze me how you keep getting away with it,you keep saying,some bikers ( the minority) give us all a bad name,yet the pictures show you guys doing wheelies on public roads ! Where these closed public roads?would the police have said"of course he was in control of his bike" and sent you on your merry way? i think not,lets not forget your publication represents bikers and as such so do you.....please think about what you are doing and the perception you give to the public of bikers in general.We need no more bad publicity and showing control of your bikes an public roads can only enhance the publics perception of bikers

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May 10

Posts: 15

mb4807 says:

Same thoughts

I totally agree marktt04. I watched the video and thought "are these boys trying to make a promo video for the manufacturers". Well, yes, of course they are. They need to keep the advertisers happy and I do understand the challenge in trying not to produce boring content. But there is a fine line and I think images on your home page like this one probably are the wrong side of it.

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Jun 10

Posts: 4

ChingoBling says:


i honestly dont see the big problem.  everybody knows that when you are on your bike and nobody is looking that you go faster than the speed limit.  everybody knows you will probably pull a few wheelies when you think you can get away with it and everybody knows most guys that ride sport bikes think this way.  how stupid is the general public to look at a motorcycle and think "i had no idea someone would want to get on this thing that looks like a rocket on two wheels and go fast."  i mean really guys?  are we really worried that people might think motorcycle owners are doing what their bikes are meant to do?  that would be like looking at a city bus and thinking "what in the world would they want all those extra seats for???"  These bikes are meant to go fast.  so that what people do with them.  would a guy go out and buy an R1 and only ride it 2 miles to work while keeping it below 6,000 rpm?  no.  the guy is going to go out there and make her scream every now and again.  that just what we do on motorcycles and if the public is shocked to hear this news then i say they are all just ignorant.

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Nov 05

Posts: 99

kiwikeith says:

MCN give us a fair go Please

What a load of tripe you lot at MCN come out with at times. You give us a 2 minute clip and tell the world that the Brit bikes come out on top. That is a load of fukn crap the New Ducti monster as well as the Aprilia would eat the Triumph Street Triple. I for one have ridden both bikes and know what I am writing about. So come on MCN give us a fair go and tell us the truth for a change, I guess the guys at Hinckley and Bloor  the owner of the Marque look after MCN. more so than the other bike builders (If you get my drift.)  But believe you me the Ducati wiuld come out way ahead this load of scrap Iron.

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Dec 07

Posts: 237

merv007 says:


bit harsh on MCN below, the Triumph has a much better power to weight ratio than the other bikes in the class, and is the only bike here with a genuine supersports bike based frame and engine, plus its pretty cheap. objectively its the best bike there, i think any mag test would have to reach the same conclusion. the Ducati and Aprilia are both great bikes too though

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Jun 10

Posts: 4

ChingoBling says:


and one more thing it would be fantastic if we could have a comparison with the street triple involved where you dont automaticlly declair it the winner.   seriously you guys have a boner for this bike just based on the fact that its british.  i swear if triumph made a bike with square wheels powered by a 12cc weed whacker motor you would go out and say its the best of the best. 

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Aug 02

Posts: 8

monkeymagic says:

What are you on about?  Just because its Triumph it automatically wins?  You are a moron.  I remember my old Daytona 600 (which I loved) was never anywhere near the top of the reviews.  Maybe the Street wins because it is the best bike overall?  Who'd have thought that could be the reason?  Its funny nearly every mag chooses it as the best cheap middleweight naked.  Oh, they must all be Triumph fans too. 

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Jun 06

Posts: 335

Triumph bias? Er, no

kiwikeith and ChingoBling - if you think we've got some sort of bias towards Triumph, you're quite wrong. We don't have a better relationship with Triumph than any other manufacturer on the test - they certainly don't look after us in any way. We weren't even able to use their press demonstrator - this is a dealer-supplied bike. We had five riders on the test (including an MCN reader), and all agreed the Triumph was by far the best bike. National pride doesn't come in to it. It's nice that a British bike is best, but it doesn't come in to the verdict. The fact is the Triumph is the best package. The Ducati kiwikeith mentions is good - but lacks the Triumph's high-rpm power, is a touch unstable at speed and is snatchy at low revs. The Aprilia feels strangled. You get the picture. Feel free to call me on my direct line (01733 468026) if you have an issue with the verdict. Chris Newbigging, Senior Reporter

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Sep 04

Posts: 54

nc30nutter says:

Chris Newbigging is right you know!!

Kiwikeith and Chingobling I really have to agree with Chris Newbigging. 


I don't usually believe everything MCN writes but I know exactly where they are coming from.  I have owned dozens of bikes in the past, amongst them a Kwacker Z750 and most recently I had a GSXR 750 K7.  I say "had" a GSXR is sold it on the back of a test ride of the Street Triple and I now have a brand new one in my garage that I picked up yesterday!!


Yes, there are a couple of little niggles about the Stripple, ie some of the components like the switchgear looks and feels a tad budget  and the seat isn't massively comfortable - but this bike is all about fun on a budget and believe you me, there simply isnt another bike on the market at the moment that delivers the same bang for your buck.  The bike handles like it's on rails, has the same great chassis lifted from the Daytona 675, has awesome low down power (which in real world biking is where you need it) and it looks superb!  You cannot ride one without coming back grinning like a Cheshire Cat!


I have never owned a British bike before but all the time Triumph keep churning out bikes like this - I will be back for more.  And yes, I am proud to be patriotic and have a British bike for a change!!

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