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Matthew Birt  says:

Mugello MotoGP: Dani Pedrosa celebrates 'unbelievable' win

Just a few weeks after being written off as a MotoGP title no-hoper, Dani Pedrosa stormed to a commanding victory in the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello yesterday.Pedrosa produced one of his trademark wins, blasting away off the line before opening up an unassailable lead with a series of quality fast laps in the early stages. It was a masterful performance...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (07 June 2010 10:05)

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Apr 09

Posts: 478

1986vfr750 says:

go dani

As a diehard rossi fan my allegience now shifts to pedrosa for this season.  He deserves a title and as the class of 06 i hope he gets it before lorenzo.  Im sure rossi would rather have dani take his crown this year than jorge

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Jun 10

Posts: 21

shuggiemac63 says:

Please not Pedrosa

I can't agree about wanting Pedrosa to win the championship. There is no doubt he is a great bike racer but then again all of the riders in the class are. Just some better than others. The thing about Dani is that he has the charisma and presence of a haddock and in an event that, as much as it saddens me to say it, has become dull like F1 then we need some characters in there. Moto GP is so popular today because of Valentino and it is his presence that has seen it stay so much in focus since Dorna got the formula wrong and turned it into a precesion. These riders need to realise that they have a duty to the fans not just to be automaton great racers but on a Sunday afternoon at least give something more back to the race followers. They deserve that and it is people like Rossi and to a slightly lesser extent Lorenzo, who realise that.

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Mar 09

Posts: 5211

Nostrodamus says:

You cannot manufacture personality

How much Dani does or does not have is a moot point. You, I and virtually every person on this forum will never know. There are extroverts and introverts in the world. Dani's T.V persona would suggest he's the later, that's not to say he's not a fun guy to be around. I've heard a couple of very droll quips come from him, so he's far from the 'Petrobot' the haters make him out to be. Not every body can be like Rossi and his clone Lorenzo. Dani's job is first and foremost to race. He fulfills his contractual media & P.R requirements, you cannot ask for more than that. Or do you simply think 'funny' guys only should be allowed to graduate to the head of the class? 

Rossi is not MotoGP. Yes his loss will be mourned as and went he does decide to go to pastured anew, but the show will go on as it always has. Who knows we might get a period of Lorenzo dominance. So no change there whatsoever in my books. No rider is greater than the show.

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Feb 09

Posts: 188

Commando828 says:

A winner

When you chat to fellow bike fans at the track, they all seem reasonable and appreciate what the racers are doing.

I can’t believe some of the commentators and many MCN bloggers if Stoner or Pedrosa win.

Pedrosa so dominated that race that even if Vale was around it is unlikely he would be seven seconds ahead of Lorenzo.

Toby Moody, or he is really kawasakibiker, TWICE mentioned Pedrosa may bin it ‘cos he came off TWO years ago in a very wet race and he doesn’t like banging fairings. He won by miles – end of story. His demeanour on the podium was as anybody else ex Rossi and Lorenzo.

Sadly the low numbers* on the grid and the lack of Rossi will mean the sheep won’t come. Just look at the ‘excitement’ of F1 and the money it generates from hype &/or bul/sh#t.

*Honda and Dorna screwed the 990 formula; and if it had been retained there could have been 'cheap' ex factory 990s to swell the grid by now.

So st#ff Honda, but I will always support the underdog (alien)


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Jun 09

Posts: 28

bolland27 says:

Mugello MotoGP

Really enjoyed 125 and Moto2 races... fantastic....

Didnt bother to watch MotoGP race ... nothing to do with Rossi being out ... just find the whole scenario bloody boring...

Found WSB, Irish Road Racing and TT totally enthralling....

Been watching the 'Classic MotoGP 500 races' on ESPN ... when GPs were exciting... You can keep MotoGP... wont be sorry if it disappears altogether...



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Jun 10

Posts: 1

Jodiew93 says:

Pedrosa deserved his win!

Dani Pedrosa deserved to win that race no doubt about it and to do it on a bike that isn't as good as the yamaha's is nothing short of amazing! The fact that people "care" about Pedrosa's personality off the bike is quite sad as they'll try to take the shine off of an "impecable win" as Steve Parrish or Charlie Cox said. (Ok I know they talk nonsense at time, but then they weren't). Pedrosa simply focuses on making that bike work from the friday through to the sunday.

And just to draw people's attention away from Lorenzo and  Rossi for split second, not a lot of other people are all laughing and joking. It's mainly Ewdards, Rossi and Lorenzo. The other riders like Dovizioso, Hayden and Stoner are similar to Dani in that respect as they just want to focus on making their bikes right. 

Quite frankly the commentators brown nose Rossi because of the amazing things he has credited to the sport (yeah I get that he's done some incredable things but come on) and it makes some of the viewers start to dislike Rossi because the commentators (toby moody, julian ryder, charlie cox, steve parrish) just don't stop talking about him. It was gutting to see Rossi badly injured at his home race but now it'll give the other riders a chance to mix it up and I think the season will get interesting because riders won't have the nagging fear that Rossi is gonna overtake them.

Going back to Dani Pedrosa...I think he's rode some great races with a rubbish bike, people say that Pedrosa only wins when he's leaving the rest for dead is a lie. THAT'S HOW HE PREFERS TO WIN! But when it comes to it Pedrosa can over take...cast your minds back to Indy last year, He crashed in the race and was 19 but he finished 10th yep that's right he overtook other riders. Also Le Mans last year, he swapped his bike early and was dead last and then Robbed Dovizioso for the Podium. 17th -3rd. Bbut of course you guys are right Dani doens't over take.



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Jul 08

Posts: 264

stevyamy says:

Yes he did deserve that win, his crew helped him achieve lightning pace. However, I'm afraid I have to disagree Jodiew93, this "IS" the only way Dani can win motogp races.

He faded last year when rossi caught him at Jerez, this year couldn't resist Lorenzo's attentions and lost out to Dovi and hayden on the last laps at Le Mans, although Honda do try take the blame with reliability issues..

He's fast and on occasion can show some spirit, but the kid can't deal with the cat and mouse.

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Dec 07

Posts: 61

tackyaccy says:

I think that

most of us Sunday morning road bikers would shit ourselves just sittin on the start line with a motogp racing bike throbbing between our legs,never mind having to race at full chat for twenty odd laps I say bloody well done Dani and stuff everyone that tries to Knock you .Keep up the good work lad, your a pleasure to watch.

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Oct 09

Posts: 198

ThePornstar says:


Pedrosa likes to win from the front, so what? When he used to ride 250's (and was champ...) if there was a battle he'd just tag on the back and watch and wait. 2 laps from the end he would pounce, pass the lot and win. Now his deal is head down and go, if he can. Again, so what? i'm not his biggest fan but the boy can ride and the rules say first to the flag wins - whichever way you do it.  Regardless of what anyone says about any of these riders, to win at this level you have to be exceptional.

As for the Rossi brown nosing, people still bleat on about Ago and Hailwood..... Like it it not Rossi took over from Sheene as the global face of biking. If you don'tlike it, watch some premiership football and enjoy more self inflated overpaid idiots per square metre, or go to a match where tickets are twice the price of MotoGP tickets...

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Jun 08

Posts: 96

motogprulez says:


Despite a lot of people saying how motogp has become 'boring' in my opinion and i think some others will agree, but this season has been a gooden so far. From the first 4 races we've had 3 winners, and the races hav been a lot closer than the last couple of years. Also the 'big 4' has appeared to have diminished slightly with dovi, hayden, de puniet and melandri all getting up there. Also we've had a lot of contraversy, stoner having his crashes, lorenzo being a lot more consistent, rossi missing his first race ever at home breaking his leg, and both pedrosa and dovi having a clash of leadership within honda and similar with stoner and hayden slightly. I think we're due for a great season still, and despite rossi's departure I for sure are still going to enjoy motogp and cannot wait for silverstone, despite loving donington park.

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