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Gary Pinchin  says:

June 7 TT Blog: Guy Martin

Today’s post race press conference was a surreal affair. We had Michael Dunlop talking about going home because he’s let everyone down by finishing third - and second placed Guy Martin acting out a petulant protest over Saturday’s 30s penalty for exceeding the pit lane speed limit by 0.122kph. And, between  the pair of them, sat a very patient and...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (08 June 2010 14:32)

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Feb 10

Posts: 159

ducatigav says:

sorry guy rules are rules

and if it was another rider infount of you bet you wouldnt say it dont matter about the time

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May 09

Posts: 113

colvill1 says:

totally disagree.     you hit the nail on the head when you said its all corporate bulls..t     these guys put their life on the line to win that trophy and to be that anal is a joke.     0.112kph is laughable.                              i am surprised he only acted like that because if that was me i would have lamped someone ,packed up and drove home.  the tt is nothing without thses guys and i agree rules are rules but that is total nonsense.

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Aug 09

Posts: 8

gazscar says:

rules are rules an where do you stop when you bend them for one rider! keep up the great riding but dont start with foggys paddys

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May 05

Posts: 144

cardiology says:

Got to agree with you on that one, Gary. Guy Martin needs to be sat down and someone needs to have a quiet word with him. Fair play that he was upset over the penalty, it was a bit pedantic, but to stomp off in a strop while Hutchy is celebrating his win made him look a bit of a tit (and I think Guy's a good lad, normally). The superbike race was done and dusted, the organisers stuck to their guns, and he needs to man-up.

That near overtake on Archibald was a f***in' close call. He needs to get his head right, forget about the past and keep pushing for the win.

Hutchinson looks the business, though. Seriously impressive.

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May 08

Posts: 111

1batfink says:

Get over it Guy

you're a top bloke and top rider but it's right... rules are rules. end of.

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Jun 09

Posts: 5

notfastenuff says:

Guys right to feel badly done to, but his childish approach to the press conference was a joke, i like guy got his pic as a bagkground on me pc wear guy martin t shirts was really hoping he would get a win this year. But i think he,s lost more fans than he,s gained this week. they say what goes round comes round so maybe thats why hutchys got 3 wins this week, nice bloke with a nice attitude to his fellow racers and fans.  Well ridden guy you are a star but grow up.

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Jun 10

Posts: 30

Guy Martin

colvill1 is right. Gary Pinchin needs to make up his mind. Either he wants to see real characters in the sport or corporate dullards. Guys a very passionate person and you can sense his utter frustration in that press conference. 30 secs penalty for 0.1 kph is not right for a new experimental rule at the TT. Remember when they first introduced the stop box system? As long as a rider made a decent effort to stop in it he wasn't penalised. I remember Jim Moodie stooping at virtually his own pit once! Anything from 61kph and over maybe but 0.1 is ridiculous. As for Mike Hailwood, I'm sure he would have had plenty to say if such petty minded officialdom had affected his results so badly. Free spirits like Guy are all too rare and when they come we soon find ways to curb that spirit. Watch the post race BSB interviews to gauge how corporate motorcycle racing has become, they sound like F1 drivers! The TT and road racers are all heros, men apart, and have an attitude thats become rare in todays society. I will miss the michael Dunlops and Guy Martins when they go. Well done Hutchy by the way, he's the man!

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Sep 09

Posts: 74

cjenkins says:


How dull it would be if everyone was so unemotional about everything. I'd be more suprised if he wasn't bothered by it. I think he wants the TT win that badly that he's lost the plot. I dont think its a bad thing that he cares so much.

However, You can't blame the organisers for doing there job. He broke the speed limit - he takes the penalty. Just don't moan when he's pissed off thats all.

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Jun 10

Posts: 1

GixxerGB says:

Cardboard Cutouts

The last thing this sport needs is cardboard cutouts instead of real people. Remember James Hunt and later Eddie Irvine, the last great party animals of the F1 world. Compare them to the corperate created cutouts you have now. If you want bike racing to go the same way this is the start of a slippery slope. What would you prefer, someone with an actual opinion or a yes sir/ no sir clone. Anyway rant over and congrats to Ian, and Michael mate its not over yet so keep it going you have loads of support :) ,o and in comment to Mr Pinchin, anyone penalising someone for going 0.122kph over the limit is more than a little petty..

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Feb 10

Posts: 48

thegogg says:

guy martin

Guy you can rise above this ,stomping around with dunlop like like two spoilt brats is heart breaking to see, I've got enormous respect for you and your talent, the tolerance level is F**kin stupid your right it should be raised to some decent level you were robbed ,but take a deep breath and dig just a little bit deeper and win your first superbike TT, there is no questioning your ability this should put fire in your belly to p*ss off the powers that be and hit the top step..

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