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Gary Pinchin  says:

June 7 TT Blog: Guy Martin

Today’s post race press conference was a surreal affair. We had Michael Dunlop talking about going home because he’s let everyone down by finishing third - and second placed Guy Martin acting out a petulant protest over Saturday’s 30s penalty for exceeding the pit lane speed limit by 0.122kph. And, between  the pair of them, sat a very patient and...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (08 June 2010 14:32)

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May 05

Posts: 144

cardiology says:

It's not often I read all the comments and am broadly in agreement with all of them, but both sides of the argument are right. Yes, 0.12kph north of 60 is petty in the extreme, but if that's the rule why not set the pit limiter to 57kph?

Smacks of a lack of planning. Guy is always the 1st one to demonstrate how idiosyncratic his approach to preparation is (building his bikes, sleeping in the van etc etc) and we love him for it. But the flip side of that approach is the reality that that approach will inevitably lead to mistakes and errors. This was a mistake. Pure and simple - the organisers didn't tell him to ride at >60kph, he did it himself.

So... there's 2 ways of dealing with this. Either go the Padgetts/Hutchinson direction, be utterly professional and prepare meticulously, or keep the current approach but don't make a twat of yourself and disrespect the winner when it all goes tits (as it more than likely will). Cause you can't have it both ways.

The 'prize money lost' argument doesn't hold water, either. Guy is the second highest paid rider in British biking (according to MCN). So he doesn't need the money like Farquhar needs the money, for instance.

I mean no disrespect to Guy, and I think he's a top guy, the proper genuine article. But that doesn't mean he's always in the right. His bike and kit look the best, immaculate, but this year especially he looks like a rider who's there to sell leathers for Dainese rather than a rider who has done everything in his power to prepare for winning.

Hutchinson's 3 wins are no fluke. Guy would do well to heed Gary Player's maxim - "the more I practice, the luckier I get".

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Jan 09

Posts: 99


All i can say on this is, from precission engineering to public road speed limits there is a tolerence value. Surely there has to be the same in this case to cover equipment callibration. Guy exceeded the speed limit by the approximent walking speed of a tortoise. Bit harsh in my veiw.

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Dec 08

Posts: 1982

thestig08 says:

right or wrong

Opinions will be divided and of course I can fully understand Guy's emotions but he should put it behind him.If he is still in this frame of mind should he be racing this week at such a dangerous event ? Also while the isle of man needs riders like Guy Martin and Dunlop remember that they need the isle of man ,rules are always annoying but if Guy had been second and the winner had broken the speed restriction by the same margin would he have the same view ? These riders are brave talented and under pressure. but the island in return provides the stage and the opportunity for them to display their skills and to earn their living as they are road specialists who pin there whole careers on these events,Breakdowns infringing rules bad weather or just bad luck is part and parcel of the sport no matter how great or goodthey are it has to be taken in their stride.Express their feelings or frustrations by all means but show em in the next one has to be the best way of sticking up the fingers ? not this

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May 07

Posts: 31

Cayf says:

I'm sorry Cardiology, but do you really believe that Guy Martin is paid more then short circuit racers such as Hill, Kyonari, Andrews, Brookes, Hodgson (before his retirement) etc...? MCN have become 'The Sun' of the motorcycling world in a lot of respects, I'd like to know how they found out wage figures of all the top boys in BSB for them to come to that conclusion..

As for the way Martin and his bikes are turned out, that'll be the sponsors supplying him with the kit, not Martin going out to George Whites and spending the massive amounts of cash he apparently earns on the latest lids/leathers etc. Sponsors want to be associated with Guy; he's a young, fresh, outspoken, genuine character who's constantly in the public eye, they'd be mad not to put their name on him. That's what a bit of character can do when mixed in with undeniable talent.

Further more, I'm not sure how you've come to your own conclusion of Martin disrespecting the winner either; did you not see him applauding Hutchinson in the press conference with everyone else..? This has nothing to do with 'the winner', let alone disrespecting him.

If you've been to the TT and seen first hand what these guys put themselves through then I'm surprised you've come to the conclusion that Martin was acting like a 'twat'. There's a difference between being a twat and being passionate, you appear to have failed to notice that. Some people are obviously incapable of putting themselves in his shoes, risking life and limb to compete in the TT gives him the right to be pissed at such a decision, regardless of how black and white the rules are.


Mistakes happen, but there should always be a tolerance to work between when new rules and technology are introduced. Milder penalties initially (5 seconds for example) followed by harsher penalties the following year would've made perfect sense. Enforcing the new rules to the letter of the law as if they'd been in place for the history of the event is a complete joke. I would've understood the penalty if the limit had been broken by a substantial margin, but 0.12 of a second.......

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Apr 06

Posts: 1217

CosherB says:

cayf - i think farquar was more gutted at coming second having blown a reasonable lead on the last lap of the SS race, but still had the good grace to thank everyone for supporting him.

yes, i understand the reaction of martin, the penalty was harsh and the organisers should have explained the infringement better to him and the team, but it still remains the responsibility of martin and the team to dial in the tolerance to the speed limit and not the organisers.  everyone else has managed it.

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Mar 10

Posts: 46

fabCB says:


I think they were both wrong!!

The officials for such an unprofessional approach by being so harsh over such a small margin of error to new rules!!

Guy for such an unprofessional attitude by a top sportsman!!

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Dec 09

Posts: 2492

supermario says:

I think thats

the fairest comment on here

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Oct 07

Posts: 754

windy12 says:

Martin is quite right

It was disgraceful not explaining tolerences of the equipment to the crews when they were setting up their bikes, it is sheer luck that the others did not get caught out too.

Clearly the only way to be sure is to set the bike at 59.5 miles per hour and take a small loss of time in the pit area.  Even then a team could be caught out.

The equipment is not accurate enough to measure those amounts of speed, they cant say he was going over 60mph at that small fraction as the equipment is incapable of measuring those amounts to that accuracy. 

The bike should have been impounded at the end of the race and then Guy should have been told to ride through the trap three times to see what speed it registered with the limiter on and with no one allowed to touch the bike.

What were his results the first time they checked his speeds?  they didnt tell him he was a bit slow and should adjust it up a little??  What were those results?  Or was he spot on straight away?

I think he was absolutely right to be in the mood he was in, it was a sham and let the organisers down in a big way.


I also agree with others about Ryan, what a superb ride for second place, he cried because he was so pleased for second place, I almost cried because a combination of pit problems and back markers just stole first from his grasp, he won it on the road, lost it in the pits.

Loads of superb riders in the TT this year.  Mc Guiness needs to work on fitness he needs to lose weight build strength and come back next year lean and mean or this will all start slipping from him, these new lads are as fit as whippets, Hutchy, Plater (absent) and co.

Michael Dunlop the same, also he needs to chill with what the fans think about him, we all rate him as a good rider so chill, get super fit, tidy up for self discipline and it will happen.

The bar has been raised at the TT and everyone has to try and go with it.

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Aug 02

Posts: 191

mike27 says:


You guys are right:

1 there should be absolute clarity on the speed limit equipment and testing - what about doing dummy runs during practice week to get everybody used to the set up and iron out any bugs

2 Guy Martin aint going to get a different result by moping about.  Great guy that he is, he needs to move on and go back to being the ambassador for road racing that he usually is.  Can't imagine being wound up like this can help his riding, either.

3 McGuinness does look to be carrying a bit of timber and he is not getting any younger.  Young Dunlop is quite solidly built as well - bit of gym work might help em out for next year.

Finishing on a positive note - think the ITV coverage has been great.  Congratulations to all involved.


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May 09

Posts: 113

colvill1 says:

windy i like the idea of riding through the pit three times excellent.     one thing i would say though is dont judge a book by its cover.mcginley might look like a pie eater but in all fairness so do most of the tt greats.jefferies was a proper heffer and dunlop looked ill. i want hutchy to win all five but i think its brave to right mcginely off yet.with him i think its more a case of whether he wants it enough because, being real blunt ,he is still alive and as he has nothing to prove  and that must play on his mind.

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