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MCN  says:

Video: Yamaha Super Tenere v BMW GS v Multistrada v KTM 990

Who needs to go abroad on an adventure biking holiday when the roads, weather and people of the UK can be this good? These adventure bikes made every bit of our 2-day 640-mile road trip to the Scottish Borders a blast.      Find an adventure bike for sale Watch the video to see if the new Yamaha Super Tenere has what it...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (09 June 2010 08:41)

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Aug 02

Posts: 438

snave says:


... in the final assessment, the Super Ten hardly gets a look in. Have Yamaha misjudged the market? The dynamics? Or the price point? For me I'd have to look at a mighty number of options before I'd get to the Super Ten. For offroad touring, as opposed to touring with an offroad-styled machine, I think all these machines (with the possible exception of the KTM) are out ofthe picture, and the F800GS or XT660R Tenere would be a better bet. But what use are all the gadgets and gizmos if they don't add functionality to the machine? Do mode selectors actually make any difference in the real world, or are they an electronic marketing toy?

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Jun 10

Posts: 2

perilla says:

Not much of an adventure, is it?

Pardon me mates, but this here test is not much of an adventure. Wouldn´t you say? I mean, great 2 day ride indeed....  I wish I could be one of the 3 chosen mates, but... adventure?? Didn´t even step into a gravel road!

I am no enduro-freak or anything... inf fact, I ride 100% asfalt all day long... but when are we going to see a REAL adventure ride test?? The Ducati is probably the best all-round bike for everyday use IF you like a little fun mixed up with your commuting, but certainly NOT the best adventure bike of this bunch!!

Why are we not doing this testing in the right context? Why are all bike-magazines in Europe falling for the same kind of mistake? How much behind-the-scene work is doing Ducati for all you press-people to rave so much in their favor?  Take a Ducati outside Europe or US for a ride if you really want an adventure! Try finding a spare part!  

Thank god for people who can read between the lines!

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Apr 04

Posts: 89

sj_edinburgh says:

Have to agree with the other two comments. These might be brilliant bikes in their own right, but they are essentially restyled touring machines. Great for taller riders and probably better on the occasional untarmaced road, but I don't think many are fooled by the marketing used to sell these bikes. I'd rather ride a CG125 off road than any of these machines.

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Dec 09

Posts: 2490

supermario says:

off road ability?

I think the word adventure, is now replacing the word tourer.  Some of the bikes here (KTM in particular) are fairly capable of doing some off roading, but in reality 99% of the people who buy these bikes are never gonna take them anywhere near the rough stuff.

Given that the test was on tarmac, surely the KTM SMT would have been a better choice.

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Jun 10

Posts: 4

LeBigmac says:

the meaning of ADVENTURE

sorry MCN, but it feels like Ducati is stakeholder in your magazin. If you label it "all-rounder" ok, but not adventure. here are some ideas from Wiki: very poor test....

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Jul 09

Posts: 48

DrAtsab says:


I ride those sorts of roads on my way to work. Does that make it an adventure? Guess I'd better get a Ducati MS for my commute.

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Mar 06

Posts: 253

stu_sp2 says:


First of all, can we actually define "adventure" and what it is? to one man it will mean something completely different to the next man, why does an adventure have to involve off road riding?

would riding to Australia via asphalt and hard packed roads not be an adventure?

Most of the guys who chirp in and slag these things off probably ride to their local weekend meet about 50 mile away and stand there suppin tea all day, and are scared to death to try anything else in fear that they might just actually enjoy it, and therefore selling their gixxer would instantly lose them 3 inch off their penis...

As for jumping on the band wagon, are all us sports bike riders not on a very long band wagon with our our "one piece race suits" "knee sliders" "dark visors" "full race systems" i could go on, do we need all them ? no we dont, so lets not knock others for wanting and tryoing summat different!!

Basically, we're all sports bike snobs over here and if you aint riding the latest, fastest superbike then you're a nobody, Ive just come back from a 2500 mile round trip to Switzerland via the black forest in southern Germany with ten mates, and to be honest we probably only seen a handful of thou superbikes, all the rest were either GS style bikes or tourers..


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Sep 09

Posts: 712

Off Road?

Smaller and lighter, the better. None of those bikes are truely off road and its just a ply in all fairness to market something that can go off road when 99.99% wont even touch mud once. However... 99% of sportsbike riders havnt got their kneedown more than once... I suppose you spend money on the bike as at the end, all a motorcycle is to many is a "style icon/ lifestyle choice". If I was going to do some genuine off roading, and from one of these guys id go for a 660 KTM or a 650 BMW (forgot the names sorry)... simply because their cheap, repairable, no stupid electronics to fail on you and actually "light". not one of those bikes weighs less than 200KG wet. (some dont dry!)

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Feb 06

Posts: 1

mcncy says:

The myth of GS

The myth of GS been the best touring bike has ended since TENERE re-appeared in the market. People were buying GS cos they never had any alternative. KTM is off road focused but has a bad reputation of breakdown any time. Ducati is road oriented and in my opinion the designer was confused what to design, a touring bike a supermottard or a on off road! BMW was well presented as solid and strong bikes do it all, but remember how many recall this bike has the last few years. Gearbox, tire pressure sensors electrical problems, brake lines and so on. The strong BMW promotion campaign was so good organised that they reversed the problematic shaky oil burner engine as a big success. I can go for long but this is not my space. Yamaha has long history of successful bikes reliable with almost no faults at all. Tenere will definitely over throne BMW in the long run for the simple reson it will run forever and do its job with minimal cost.

Your Video test confirms what i set above. you choose the ducati as the best bike though there is no off roar ability on that bike it is just another SM with several modes for road use, but then why not having an RT or a GT-R or an FJR?

what is acutially the reason for an emergency start button on Ducati? Is there any issue with Ducati electronics failures? those who owned a Ducati knows. 

Michael Anastasiou


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Jun 10

Posts: 1

fflex says:

riding in Northern Ontario, Canada on a daily basis can be an adventure. We have two seasons here, winter and road re-construction. I would go with the bemmer if i was hitting gravel roads a lot, or taking a trip to Alaska. I'm sure all these bike are great on the twisty roads I remember in Scotland, however, I could do all of the same things on my DL650 V-Strom and still have lots of change in my pocket for a real off roader.

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