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Steve Farrell  says:

Lone protestor blocks parking demo

A lone protestor took matters into his own hands to block a demo ride over motorcycle parking charges.   The unnamed man stood in front of a bike to halt a slow-ride around Trafalgar Square. Campaign group No to the Bike Parking Tax (NBPT) has organised a series of ‘motorcycle flash mobs’ in the city centre over Westminster Council’s £1-a-day charge to...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (11 June 2010 16:00)

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Oct 05

Posts: 100

for your interest

he can be charged for

disobeying the public order act,

being a public nuisance

and obstruction under the traffic act.

You should have rang the police and demanded that the man was charged
or made a formal official compliant to the police if they refused to move the man or charge him

The law can sometimes work for you

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Mar 10

Posts: 6

GrumpyNick says:

I was there on the demo and I fully support his rite to show his disagreement with us.
I think what was not acceptable was he was his remarks to riders that looked foreign
Telling these people to go home was narrow minded, they are Londoners the same me and probably him. That said I am glad he was able to make his stand.

Be at the Ace café before 12;00 on the 19th June to be part of the biggest ride around the M25 ever

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Apr 08

Posts: 295

forklift says:

Oi fatty...

He is obviously a 'Salad dodger'  and should concentrate more on his health than 'one man demos'.

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Jan 10

Posts: 17

DeucharsMc says:


What a looser. He looks more like a holiday maker from the states and certainly needs to loose some of the flab. Perhaps if he turns up again he could be led away with a burger king. Maybe he can stand in the middle of the M25!

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May 10

Posts: 114

coxyjm says:


just ride around him, i know it means possibly going out of your way by a few feet. someone throw a chocolate bar for him to eat

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Mar 10

Posts: 32

cetdac says:

Just stand around him!

Next time this tw*t tries this just get a few lads to stand round him peacefully while the bikes leave - if he then tries to land one on you call the police!

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May 10

Posts: 25

two faced

I see, so it's alright for bikers to protest against the charge, but not for someone to object to our protest. We as bikers do ourselves no favours with this 2 faced attitude.

Farrell - did you attempt to find this guy and ask him was his objections were? Or is this just another piece of piss porr stirring the pot writing?

Also, the campaign is now a bit flawed. Reason is that on the Today programme a week or so ago, the leader of the protest was being interveiwed. He was questioned about a comment he had made "We would be happy to pay for parking if Westminister Council provided more parking spaces". Westminster  council claim they have. When pushed by the presenter, the campaign guy said "Well, yes I made the comment, but only because i didn't think the Council would do it". I disagree with chraging for bike parking, but the campaign has lost some credibility because of this and will come back to bite us...

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Dec 03

Posts: 317

hairyMuppet says:

Good on him

Nice to see it's not just bikers who can exercises the democratic rights. I don't agree with the chap, but I completely support his right to do what he did. Although I don't see why the organisers simply couldn't have use a few bikes/bodies to keep him in one place and allow the others to move around him, or ask the police to move him as he was blocking traffic. But I'm no lawyer/copper.

As for the the other commentators who only seem capable of poorly written ad hominems and invective; grow up.

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Jul 09

Posts: 81

Road Traffic

It looks to me like he's contravening the Road Traffic Act - causing an obstruction to the public highway?  Yes, he has a right to protest but not by blocking a road.  Slow rides are exactly that, and they slow, but don't stop, traffic.  A single lone person in the middle of the road however...

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Apr 10

Posts: 32

SpartanMart says:

Fat Muppet.

Give it to him though, he's took time out from kiddy fidling to do it.

Jeez! look at those jacked up trousers!

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