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Sep 09

Posts: 256

twicky999 says:

Drink Driving Limit?

Govt Proposes halving the drink drive limit. I personally think its a good idea, especially on a bike. I wouldnt even go near alcohol if im on my bike- (even in the morning after a night out) 

I would go so far as saying that a complete ban on having alcohol in your system - like in the aviation world.
What about you guys and gals?? 

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  • Posted 5 years ago (16 June 2010 14:32)

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Apr 10

Posts: 140

ktfcmatt says:


dont think a total ban is a good idea, it may well kill off even more pubs.  But I do think bikers should never drink. I usually have 1 and a half if im driving and even when i got stopped by the police last week, I was well under.

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Jul 08

Posts: 589

pete369 says:

i think

total ban would be better and easier to police!! sorry swearing again!! i dont drive after a drink but i wont say i never have,

but do think it would be a good idea

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Aug 09

Posts: 6896

stevedeejay says:


no drink at all,ffs the fukkers are crap enuff at it :shock:

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Aug 02

Posts: 2737

spondonste says:

Do we have all the info?

I'm deffo not a supporter of drink driving but I think people aren't considering all situations. At the moment in the UK we already have drink driving laws, the only differences is the amount being suggested. I was under the impression that the current limit equates to about a pint of medium strength beer. If they're talking about lowering it further than that does it mean you'll be over the limit with a glass of shandy?? I would also like to know the truth behind why the current limit is supposedly not effective.


A total ban means you loose your licence for using some mouth washes or being on some medications rather than having drank. 

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Mar 07

Posts: 3182

weasel64 says:


well said spon ..

ppl aint thinking straight , so heres a lesson on a TOTAL 0% tolerance >>> , go to the pub & have 2 pints ( norm strength beer / lager ) , the night BEFORE!!!!  , go home , have yer tea , early night ( cos yer up at 05.30 ) , get pulled at say ????? , 06.30 am & guess what ?? ya got a minute trace of alcohol in yer blood ( yer BANNED ) , load of fuggin shite , yer stone cold , with 00000.01 % in yer system , yer ' tarnished forever ' , btw .. we got one of the most harsh d&d laws ALREADY  in place ( defo in europe ) , & yes have been done for d&d , in 2000 , ( never on a bike tho ) cos it just SSOOOOOOOO dont mix , leave it as it is ( if it aint broke dont fix it ) , the laws ALREADY in place ( p.s , get OUT of new labours way of thinking ) , tis why the country's fugged  , COMMON SENSE  rules ok ??

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Mar 10

Posts: 653

bazablue says:


have to agree with  a zero limit...Bikes and booze dont mix and certainly not cars etc......I recall in the old days when I got home in half the usual time on the bike but didnt remember the run at all!!!!!!!Itried to replicate the time for that run on many occasions but never got near it,,,,,idiot!

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Apr 09

Posts: 2733

BUSA666 says:


and riding a bike is crazy and i never do it (much). but if you have had 15 to 20 pints the night before it can make riding the next morning more therapeutic.

but i think driving a car with 8 to 10 pints should be acceptable, and bring back the country pubs to life, as they are dying off terribly.

and to have a total ban is craziness .:mad:

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Jan 10

Posts: 3417

Beelady says:

None for me, thank you.

I am almost under the table by the time I reach the legal limit Then I think I'm a brilliant driver! This means no drink at all for me.

Could have it's bright side though. I'd be a really cheap date!

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Apr 09

Posts: 2733

BUSA666 says:


so you drank and rode a bike :shock: and you a ex copper :shock:

should you not hand yourself in, and admit your crimes?

no wonder you want zero limit, as it makes it another easy nick for the police..

one rule for the police another for everyone else springs to mind.

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Mar 07

Posts: 1464

joeslow says:

Zero limit is not possible

Your body always has a degree of alcohol in it depending on what you eat and your metabolic rate.

Reducing the limit will not make any difference, the 5+ pint dickheads will still drink 5+ pints and try & get away with it.

Target the dickheads if you want to stop drink drive accidents and target the drug users who've been taking the piss for years.

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