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MCN  says:

Poll: Is the auto gearbox VFR1200 the future?

Honda’s radical new automatic transmission VFR1200F DCT has already impressed in isolation – but how good is it back-to-back with the conventional version? In next week's MCN we're going to find out. The questions we wanted to answer were: what benefits or disadvantages does DCT offer compared to a tradtional gearbox? and does motorcycling need this car-derived system?  To find out we're testing both...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (18 June 2010 09:36)

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Oct 05

Posts: 514

evilamnesiac says:


Actually, forget it, your a berk.

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Nov 09

Posts: 31

bullpizzle says:

Auto box

Evil-bloke is right. The system is sweet. Anyone who rides one is impressed. But like everyone I have spoken to who has demo ridden the bike says the same thing: they always revert back from the auto transmission to the handlebar/jukebox flippy paddles. And most agreed it is preferable to the normal shift operation on this style of bike. Rumours are BMW are going to bring out an 18-speed version on their horizontally opposed 8-cylinder fork-less custom Gruppen Panzer cruiser... (this is a joke. But BMW being BMW will try to out do anything and anyone else). 

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Jan 06

Posts: 2

pr5x says:

You got to try it...

After 30 years of saying I would never have an automatic, my wife bought an Audi TTS with the paddle shifters and dual clutch... it's fantastic, I'm a convert. Think quick shifter but better and it works up and down. It's ironic that in the car world it's seen as a performance aid and there is a fifth gear video showing that its faster (in a car) round a circuit.

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May 10

Posts: 114

coxyjm says:

Value for money?

Joking aside, i have actually test ridden one of these, the bike handled well. but i was bored of it after getting used to it. nice concept, bit of a novalty, poor aplication. stick it on a Gold Wing and enjoy. Honda have already had re-calls on this VFR due to, i think filings in the engine, this is just one more thing to go wrong. 

which is why i bought a fully loaded Sprint, with a paint job with change to spare compared to the standard Jap varient.

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Apr 10

Posts: 3

After experiencing learner leagal automatic scooters, and owning a 'conventional' manual motorcycle, I can say without a doubt that I would not be tempted by an automatic machine. Surely the enjoyment or riding a motorcycle comes from the control you have over it, and in my opinion, an automatic gearbox would take away from this experience. Also, I would get very easily bored without using gears!

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May 10

Posts: 427

X2Glider says:

Qualified to Comment?

I don't think you have to ride it to be qualified to comment.  Most of us on here have driven manual and automatic cars or trucks.  To me, that's good enough to make a decision on wether a system like this is desireable or not.

One of the things that appeals to me about bikes is it being "interactive."  For me, sitting in a car that does all the work except steering, going and stopping, bores me to tears.  My mind drifts from the task at hand, I become fidgety and I become sleepy.  I long to do anything but drive a car.  I can ride for 16 hours/day on a bike and not get sleepy or have my mind wander to where I can't recall what happened the past hour.

This is a system that nobody asked for.  It may be a good one, and I don't doubt anyone's opinion of it, but I truly believe that after a while of owning it, you'll find yourself becoming "bored" with the motorcycling experience.  The upside is you'll have a free hand to text messsage while you ride.

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Dec 09

Posts: 2490

supermario says:


I find there are times when I might want to over rev briefly before knocking it down through the box, or short shift to gain max traction through a set of bends, or when I'm stringing a series of corners and straights together and overtaking cars I'm doing all kinds of crazy stuff with the clutch and gbox to keep the bike smooth and fast and under control. For an auto box to do that its gonna need to be incredibly fast, very complex and even intuitive. Until then I'll stick with the box of tricks god gave me, which if used correctly is more than enough.

Anybody wanting a touring bike where they cover huge distance with minimal effort is gonna want a system like this.

Anyone who desires greater control over their machine and rides in an enthusiastic manner over shorter distances isn't gonna want one. Simples

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Jun 09

Posts: 210

darren636 says:

ooh la la

quick! everyone agree with evilamnesiac or suffer abuse...

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Sep 09

Posts: 397


Disinfected motorcycling?

Nice, safe, smashing, super, clinically clean, sanitised and disinfected motorycling.

Hmmmm........ nice......lolol


Gizmo`s never make up for lack of riding talent and shouldnt be used to replace them either. The only logical conclusion for this kind of unecessary technology will be roadside speed control  for your bike, which is where this is heading. Maybe bikers are getting too weak to use a gearchange lever? Bring back kick starts and centre stands !

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Apr 05

Posts: 29

mpt600 says:

I'm sure it's a very interesting...

...technical accomplishment, but will it sell? I'm not that bothered either way, but can't help thinking that the milliseconds saved on gear changes will be more than negated by the time spent filling up at the nearest petrol station.

Instead of spending millions on R&D, Honda could've made this a quicker A-B bike simply by giving it a bigger fuel tank.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones.

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