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James Sharpe  says:

Cameras to no longer be used as ‘cash-cow’

New Transport Minister Mike Penning has told MPs that the government will stop handing millions of pounds in grants to local authorities for new speed cameras. The number of speed cameras has trebled over the last 10 years, and raise around £110million a year. However Mr. Penning has warned the local authorities to use other effective means of road safety measures. Local authorities...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (18 June 2010 09:53)

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Aug 02

Posts: 20

knowlep says:

It's all about the Wonga

10% of speed cameras are in the right place e.g. outside schools etc and are worth every penny.

The rest are just an authorities way of using the "SAFETY" slogan as a means of revenue generation.

How many of us know of speed cameras in the middle of nowhere that serve no purpose other than to generate income.

This is what happens when the Police are taken off the road and technology used instead.

How about some "Drunken Arsehole Uninsured Crap Driver" cameras ???????

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Mar 03

Posts: 58

Grimbeard says:

Bad camera placement equals bad driving

On the road I live on there are four Gatso speed cameras (two in each direction, about half a mile apart) in a little over one mile of road. The road has a 40mph limit. Every single time I go out I see people who are doing 40mph brake sharply down to 30mph as they pass the cameras. They are clearly driving without due care and attention (they either don't know what the limit is, what speed they're doing, or both) but that's not my point - after all, their thought is probably 'better safe than sorry'. My point is that I'll bet you a pound to a pinch of shit that whilst they're braking they are watching their speedometers, not the road ahead. I'll bet you another pound that as they pass through the painted lines area they are watching their rear view mirror, not the road ahead. That's a fair chunk of not-looking-where-you-are-going. One of the cameras is by a zebra crossing. One of them is by a side-turning into a heavily used parking area. One of them is by a traffic light controlled junction with a side road. The fourth is between a pelican crossing and my driveway. At all of these places (especially the last!) I want drivers watching the road ahead for hazards: pedestrians, emerging vehicles, me coming out of or going into my driveway. I don't want them fixating on their speedometer and mirrors. Even if you believe that speed cameras do serve a useful purpose, and can be used appropriately (personally I believe neither of those things), such camera placement is surely inappropriate.

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Mar 03

Posts: 58

Grimbeard says:

P.S. Cameras don't prevent bad driving

Just as a brief post-script to my previous comment: coming home from work today I spotted three drivers talking on their hand-held mobile 'phones just on my road. You know, the road that has all those 'safety' cameras there for my protection. That's in less than three minutes, to put it into some sort of context.

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Jun 10

Posts: 2

250NinjaR says:

Slow down, speed up again..

Thats really the case ^

Your in a 30 limit doing 36-/+ you see a speed camera, so for 50 yards or so you slow down and then speed up again strait after.. that £110million can go to such a better cause

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