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Feb 04

Posts: 10

evbloke says:

Racing OK - everything else crap

My first visit to MotoGP after 15 years of following BSB and I've got to say, a day out at BSB knocks spots off GP.
The racing was OKish but with such small fields there wasn't much happening through the field to keep your interest as you waited 2 minutes for each circuit to come around - the most exciting thing all day was the aerial display by the Eurofighter.

Don't get me started on the rest though - 5 quid for a burger, 2 quid a cuppa tea, 4 quid a pint - pants.

2 hours to get out of the car park - (all marshalls standing around doing absolutely sod-all) and another 1 1/2 hours to the motorway. (first time I've gone in the car for 5 years - never again, broken wrist or not).

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  • Posted 5 years ago (21 June 2010 10:32)

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Aug 02

Posts: 7

k100rs says:

Racing OK (ish)

I paid £116 for 2 general admission tickets, naively thinking I would be able to actually see the racing.  Wrong. Despite my height, I found it extremely hard to see the bikes, whilst standing at the back of a crowd up to ten deep, peering through either 7 foot high or even 20 foot high wire fencing. My wife couldn't see anything, and she went thinking she might get some great action shots on her new camera. Thank goodness for the big TV screen. Might as well have stayed at home and watched it on the telly. The only good bits? - great parking and toilets.  Silverstone is geared to towards viewing from the grandstands. People at track level haven't a hope of seeing anything - unless they are directly at the fencing - and you need to be there at 6am for that.  We arrived at 9am and the best viewing had gone. Absoultely rammed full.   We left straight after the MotoGP - thankfully on a bike, so no prbs getting out. We would have stayed longer, but what's the point when you can't see anything. Will we go again? - no, not to Silverstone. It's all a big rip off.

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Nov 09

Posts: 3

Racing OK

Having been to silverstone before,i new this would be the case.Its just to flat to see anything from anywhere but the stands! I agree on the stewards also as i had nothing but big bad attitudes the last time i was there.Donnington may have poor facilities but its still an ace circuit and maybe this will be addressed soon with the new lease holders.As for the racing it was the 125 lads that did it for me.There just aint enough on the moto gp grid!!!!

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Jun 10

Posts: 6

hazi1512 says:

total rip off

hi there, i was there for the whole weekend from the day of champions to the race day it`s self the track it`s great nice and fast but what a rip off everything else ,food ,drink ,extra to upgrade to just see the races i and my friends were lucky got there early to get on the luffield corner but by 10 oclock you was like sardines in a tin marshalls more into watching the races than helping  trade stand all over the place no gas gas there the main sponser for honda in moto gp but not there for the uk round ,all silverstone want is your money and the f1 because thats where the fans dont mind being turned over and having their pants pulled down and getting spanked for all their worth i dont think i`ll be going next year and the same for a few hundered i spoke to over the weeked




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Aug 02

Posts: 1557

superbol says:

Well push for a Brands return

then.It was THE best place for racing full stop !

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Jan 04

Posts: 45

snailblazer says:

Thanks all

you have all just confirmed I was right in deciding to watch it on the TV.
Went to Cadwell for BSB - £29 for weekend ticket
great view and setting - bargain.

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Jan 06

Posts: 24

rsvian says:

More for your money,,,,

BSB is better all round value, but you still can't beat Olivers Mount for a cracking weekend of action (but don't tell anyone):lol: 

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Jan 04

Posts: 14

2ellett says:

Here we go again.......

What the jeff are you people on about....

For £100 each ( £50 for the kids) We got a pass including a grand stand seats, hardly a rip off, concidering I got to see not only MotoGP, but Supercross, Motocross, Supermoto, Superstock, Craig Jones stunt show, Red Bull Freestyle, Dougie Lampkin, Live bands, free fair rides for the kids, numerous buses to ferry me and my family round the circuit, MX bike riding for me and the kids etc etc.

As for food prices, have you people never been on a day out.  Wherever you go its going to be expensive be it motoGP, BSB or Alton Towers.  Self cater, go hungry or budget for it. And coffee was £1.80 at the Silversone Cafe.

As for leaving there will always be delays this is inevitable and expected.

All this for less than any of the other european rounds and 1/2 the price of F1

Donington let us down for years, Silverstone have done an infinitely better job.  Some people will never be happy even if Dorna staged the race in their garden.

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Jun 10

Posts: 6

hazi1512 says:

if people pay then fine

glad you had 100 to spend on a ticket each with the rest of your family what about all the ones that dont thats the point to pay 60 quid for a ticket and get no view then come on let be right thats a rip off you could always see plenty when at donington park but thats bye the bye they need better general viewing for the masses 

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Jun 10

Posts: 2

It isn,t club racing !!

I think what you have to take into account is the fact that it is a premier class  event ,the pinnacle of motorcycle racing . Therefore it will be more expensive as is FI compared to touring cars or club racing . You can't expect Caviar on fish and chip prices. There was a great deal going on for your money. Having Entertainment Saturday and Sunday evening was a welcome change to what Donnington offered which was er nothing.

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Mar 07

Posts: 27

isimmins says:

Better and improving...

Be realistic - BSB has been running round the country for years.  MotoGP has been running at Silverstone once, give them a chance.  Yes food and drink inside were very expensive.  They do need proper viewing areas, expecially on the Luffield side of the circuit.  There is a lot of work going on there, so next year will be better and the year after that will be better still. The shuttle buses need to keep running after 6pm.

To avoid queueing to get out, camp on Sunday night, get pissed and leave at your leisure on Monday morning.  The Bernie Marsden gig on Saturday night up at the campsite was fantastic!  Not the best idea to put the camping bike compound next to the very dusty motocross track though.

I hadn't been to a British GP for 19 years and Silverstone was a lot better than I remember Donnington being in 1991.  Yes Stewards were crap but the Security guys were great.  They patrolled the campsite all weekend and were very helpful.

I enjoyed myself anyway.

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