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MCN  says:

Video: Honda VFR1200F - DCT vs standard

In a world first comparison test we pit the standard Honda VFR1200F against the auto gearbox version.  Find a Honda VFR1200F for sale The auto (or DCT) version is £1100 more than standard. Is it worth the extra? Read the full test in the June 23 issue of MCN. // By use of this code snippet, I agree to the...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (22 June 2010 13:20)

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Mar 10

Posts: 115

MudDoctor says:

Wrong action

If we are going to use the car analogy, not all DCT boxes use a paddle shift, so why don't Honda forget the shift buttons, and leave a traditional gear lever in place. It can perform exactly the same function in Manual Mode or Sport Mode, and most bikers would be more comfortable with it. It would also allow you to chop and change between two bikes without having to rearrange your brain every time!

Full auto has it's place on this bike, especially for filtering and heavy traffic or city use. If you're redlining a bike in those situations, your head needs looking at.

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Dec 08

Posts: 13

jimbob46 says:

Today I was out riding an Aprilia Mana 850GT, this bike has a very similar gearbox (inc a standard foot change lever) to the Honda, does everything you've seen in the video for around £6000 LESS.

Granted it is a different engine in that it's a v-twin and not a v-four, it's a different style of bike where it's not covered in plastic, it has a half fairing and luggage is available.  It's not as fast as the VFR and has a sit up riding position, better for some than others.

I'm not an Aprilia salesman or work for the company but there is an alternative out there, why not try it for yourself?

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Jan 08

Posts: 274

aphmitchell says:

Audi DSG

I can only comment on the Audi A3 I have with a DSG (dual clutch gears) and paddles shifters. The car is now very easy to use in town and is actually faster at accelerating than a manual gearbox. This does not make me a lazy driver. This does not make my car any less than a manual. People don't like change . Im sure there were many people unhappy when seat belts were introduced in cars... Lets just leave it for the people as an option. An option that is really rather clever if your into this kind of thing...

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Sep 06

Posts: 32

technology can be better???

i like the it!!  but wont buy it.... but that said its new technology and on a bike isnt a sports bike....but once all the tweeks are done i can imagine a system like this on my fireblade..... be damn good!!  and the smoothness will mean less head butts from my pillion!!!!!   the only thing i would think about is what the hell do with my left hand and leg on a long run?????   maybe put the rear brake on the left lever??????   after 16 years tapdancing round the roads i think my foot and hand will divorce me!!     lol 

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Sep 08

Posts: 498

Surely this sort of system will be good for riders with disabilities? Please correct me if im wrong

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Apr 03

Posts: 14

Lindt says:

Most of the bike mags seem to think it's not that great. Just as they said, "Who needs a gear indicator" a few years ago. No they moan when a bike doesn't have it.

Farrari drivers were once horrified to hear the open gate gearlever would be replaced by padels near the wheel....

The concept is better. Period. Top race bikes have it (okay not DCT, but quick shifters for up AND downshifts nowadays). 

Then again maybe we should lobby to get the fuel tap's back on bikes.

Ohh yes and when it is standard for most mid to top end modern bikes, don't worry. Triumph, and Ducati will certainly offer you a retro model with manual gear change!

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May 09

Posts: 10

DrZed says: that THE ugliest bike to ever wear a Honda badge hmm?

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Mar 10

Posts: 8

VFR1200F vs FJR1300AE

I've been carefully studying the new Honda VFR DCT against my older 2006 Yamaha FJR electric shift as a possible trade-up candidate. Although the Yamaha electric shift has been around 4 years now, mine has proven to be virtually bulletproof after 22,000 miles.

The DCT technology is probably an improvement to my AE, but I've not been dissatisfied with it. It does have some advantages: 1) No parking brake is required, because you put the gear in 1st, shut off the engine, and the transmission is locked in gear. It cannot be rolled away, and you don't have to worry about trying to ride away with the parking brake on. 2) In addition to the paddle shifter up and down like the DCT, it has an electric foot shift that can perform the same way. I prefer to use the paddle to up-shift, and the foot to down-shift. It seems more natural and quicker, and it gives my left foot something to do in place of the clutch.

Overall, the new VFR does not seem to be competitive - other than performance - with other sport touring machines from Kawasaki, BMW, or even their own the ST1300. Negatives: No adjustable windscreen, heated grips (optional), panniers (optional), 12V power outlet (optional), center stand (optional), small short-range fuel tank, sport bike ergonomics, and higher price.  Looks like I will be keeping my FJR because it has no faults or weaknesses in my experience.

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Aug 05

Posts: 20

mcnandbiked says:


I tested the DCT at my South London local dealer and it is a superb bike with a superb execution of a new system; faultless. I love my manula gears but because I commute 100 miles round trip and half of that through Lonodn  my left hand is suffering from the cconstant clutching through filtering in London or through motorway jams. I can now concentrate on enjoying my ride to work; no simultaneously clutch pointing, dragiing my rear brakes, life savers and watching for bloody bad road bumps and holes. I can concentrate on driving. A manual bike is fun for a more straightforward ride but not for heavy commutes. I have bought one and my left hand is feeling happier already!! Thank you  Honda.

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Jun 10

Posts: 13

toecutter007 says:

Fuck em Trav, are we all getting old or are ya just......windswept...looks bloodu cold..!

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